How to create short video copywriting
YXP calm 2020-11-25 09:38:19
In today's rapid development of the Internet 、 The era of information media proliferation and rise , More and more people begin to pay attention to we media , And began to publish their own short video works on some famous video platforms , From letting more people and users pay attention to themselves .

And want to shoot a good video , Short video script creation is an indispensable and most important link in this industry chain . So how to create a good play ? Let's have a look .

 How to create a short video copywriter

1、 Define outline

Determine the outline of the copy , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , You need to list the relationships and situations in advance , How many people are required to perform a story in what kind of scene . It's like drawing a picture , Let's start with a contour painting .

2、 Identify the main line

After establishing the outline , Then it is to determine the main line of copywriting , The main line is the chain of the story , In what form does your story develop , What kind of central idea to express .

 How to create a short video copywriter

3、 Set the scene

Determine the scene , It's also a very important part , It needs to be clear from the beginning that , It's the same scene for a long time , Or the scene changes every time , It can avoid a lot of trouble in the later stage when the early stage is confirmed .

4、 Content compilation

Since it's a script , So the content is the most important thing , But here's the thing , The short video story with conflict and reversal can attract people to continue to watch , Instead of just taking a look and rowing away .

We should also pay attention to the compilation of , proper “ control ” Live on your own , Inspiration, after all, is always coming , Sometimes because the content is too long, the video is a little delayed , As a short video platform ,“ short ” That's the essence .

The audience's freshness and attention to a short video is probably 15 About seconds , If you can't be in 15 Second grabs the audience's attention , The video will scratch away . and , Too long video can cause visual fatigue , Feel boring , Can't keep users .

 How to create a short video copywriter

At the end of the day , Tiktok script is the core framework of copywriting : Opening picture , The core theme , The plot frame , The plot is exciting , Conflict between characters in the plot , Accept the task , echo , Guide interaction .

But to write a good play , It's more than that , There's also a lot of twigs and end leaves . So , To create a good play , Make a hit video , Mastering skills is just the foundation , Enough patience and discipline is the hot step for you .
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