"Golden one second" technology of e-commerce live broadcasting room
Flower less reverence 2020-11-25 09:38:18
2020 Annual double 11 period , exceed 200 Ten thousand people are online at the same time in Taobao live broadcast room , This means that the anchor's voice and picture can be in 1 It's distributed to all over the country in seconds 200 Million people watching the live broadcast .

 In the live broadcasting room of e-commerce “ gold 1 second ” technology

It's not just the pursuit of technological limits , It's more about the success or failure of content e-commerce represented by live broadcast , Especially just heard the anchor say start second kill , Other people have already robbed all the goods .

therefore , Live broadcasting platform needs to be in 1 Seconds will be the host voice 、 Pictures and product information are synchronized to millions of consumers across the country , At the same time, ensure that all consumers have a unified 、 In real time 、 High quality sound 、 Video experience , And commodity trading ( Especially the second kill ) Credibility of .

Every... In the studio 1 Second is the pride of the technical people

Hancong e-commerce learned that , In order to reduce the impact of delay , Further optimize the consumer experience , Taoxi technology attaches great importance to the development and investment in the field of audio and video technology , This includes audio and video calls 、 Low latency live 、S265 codecs 、 Real time intelligent scheduling 、 Self learning participation system and other aspects , Especially in this year's double 11 period , For the first time GRTN The new generation of multimedia transmission network is applied to live e-commerce .

GRTN It is jointly built by Taoxi technology and several technical teams in Alibaba economy such as Alibaba cloud , It aims to reduce the delay of live broadcast by optimizing the transmission network layer . At present, you can delay the live broadcast from the previous 3-5 Seconds down to 1 Within seconds , Therefore, the live content and interactive experience have been improved qualitatively , Better interaction results between consumers and presenters .

“ In the construction of the underlying audio and video technology foundation at the same time , Taoxi technology is also creating an extremely important intelligent engine in the field of content e-commerce , That is, through big data algorithms for consumers 、 merchants 、 Accurate analysis of products and anchor construction 、 The quadrilateral relationship of intelligent pairing .”

In the past, e-commerce algorithms only considered goods and consumers 、 The relationship between businesses and consumers , And cut apart from each other , But this time, the intelligent engine built by Taoxi technology team , Including consumers and content matching 、 The content matches the product 、 Commodity and business understand 、 The host ( Talent show" ) The multi-dimensional relationship with the product matching ,“ To improve the matching efficiency between the people's yard and the anchor , Improved content e-marketplace , Especially the efficiency of live e-commerce delivery , Also let consumers buy the most exciting products .”

 In the live broadcasting room of e-commerce “ gold 1 second ” technology

Experience 、 intelligence 、 Interaction 、 Quality is the main development direction of content e-commerce

Hancong e-commerce thinks , Double 11 for businesses and consumers is the global super large-scale content of the full outbreak of electronic shopping malls , And for technical people , It's a fusion of shopping guides 、 transaction 、 Content 、 Interactive integrated technology field , The real time 、 complexity 、 The superposition of high peak value drives it to become the technical peak of the global content e-marketplace at the same time , Technicians for every 1 Every second can provide a quality experience and be proud of .

We have reason to believe that , In the next five years , Contextualization and business will merge with each other . Taoxi technology is using supporting graphics and text 、 video 、 Live broadcast and other business content , Support the trend of Alibaba economy to content-based development .
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