Taobao shop: 14000 words, experience summary of blood and tears, you must read it
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 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

Dry goods are coming , Please note that , Let's start with Taobao :

Let's talk about the first step of opening a shop , First of all, you have to register for an online store , Each person can only register one , If it's blocked because of violations , You can transfer online stores and buy one , Not much here . And then it's on the shelves , If you have a supply , congratulations , It's easy again , If you don't , There are a lot of places to look for supplies .
When it comes to the shelves , The key is coming. , Be sure to purchase the corresponding intellectual property testing tools , There are a lot of people who have been reported for infringement , So in the service market , Looking for testing tools , Testing products that are already on the shelves , If there is infringement , Please remove as soon as possible . Taobao will not deduct your score for the first violation or infringement , It's just that there's a record of violations .
then , After the products have been put on the shelves , Start optimizing the title . Many people are confused about how to optimize .

Here I'll give you a brief explanation :
1. Open Taobao client , Search dropdown box for Related words , This is the most effective , It's also the highest index .
2. Search for Related words to come out of the product , Look at the title keywords of your peers .
3. After opening the store , Taobao has traffic support in the first three months , So we must seize the opportunity . At the bottom of Qianniu's homepage, there will be a hot word recommendation for your main industry , Some of them are competing words made by peers , Some are naturally formed hot search words , Combine , Move to your title .
4. The presentation of the title is general 7 Genius works , Don't worry too much , Optimization should not be too frequent .
5. The same title can not appear other people's trademark name , Otherwise, it will be judged as infringement .
The title was said yesterday , Now to the details page . I believe anyone who has opened a store knows , The frequency of the same product on Taobao is not low , But how to convince consumers , Sales are one thing , Detail page description is another thing .

For details page , To make a detailed division :

First of all 、 The main picture should be clear enough .
second 、 No matter what product , Please write the product specification clearly , Many people don't pay much attention to this , It's just a general description , But for clothing products , Adding more detailed size description to the specifications will enhance the consumer's sense of trust .

Third 、 Add content to the product . Emotional marketing is not just for we media and crowdfunding . If it's clothing , Add the designer's design concept and the story behind it , If the fruit is fresh , Packaging it as a place from poor mountainous areas to the outside world is more likely to resonate with everyone , If it's a digital product , The key is to highlight the core advantages , These contents can be presented in the details page in the form of pictures, pictures and videos .

Fourth 、 Set store purpose , Show on the details page . A lot of people ignore this , If you repeatedly emphasize this point in your external publicity , Consumers will have more trust in your store .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

The importance of store homepage display

Principles of choosing online shop names :

First of all 、 prosperous

Under the premise that Chinese traditional ideas are deeply rooted , It's a big taboo for business to name online stores . An ominous name , Will seriously affect the consumer's shopping psychology , Thus hindered the development of online shop business .
second 、 Simple and easy to understand
To make it easier for consumers to remember their online store names , So when we named it , Be clear and concise , Easy to understand . Don't try to show off your literary talent , Highlight the features and choose some catchy names . Try to avoid using polysyllabic words and obscure words as the names of online stores .
Third 、 Closely related
The choice of online shop name , Be sure to be closely related to the goods you are dealing with , Let consumers see the name , I know what you sell .

Some skills and methods of naming online stores :
1、 The method of making use of the name to create brilliance

This method is mainly through the help of people's names and place names to name their online stores . First, in the use of names , We always follow the tradition “ surname ( name )+ industry + surname ” To name it , Such as LaoShe Teahouse 、 Chateau Haut-Brion . As for the place names , They are usually named after local specialties , Such as Chongqing spicy snacks 、 Changbai Mountain tonic shop and so on .

2、 The method of getting rid of vulgarity by borrowing allusions

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Is the use of ancient poetry in the text of the shop named . Because of the high cultural and literary value contained in the ancient poetry , Therefore, choosing a word or a word from a poem to name an online store will be more interesting . Of course , Pay attention to the artistic conception of the selected words , It's better to make people think . for example , The name of a musical instrument is “ Extraterrestrial sound ”, By imitating poetry “ The moon is in the middle of the moon , The fragrance of heaven is floating in the clouds ” Think out .
3、 Features of borrowed goods
If the characteristics of the products sold are obvious , So the choice of product features as the choice of online shop name is the best choice , Not only can promote business for online stores , Can also clearly tell consumers what the market positioning of online stores is , It can attract the target audience more accurately .
4、 Borrowing from consumer psychology
Borrowing the psychology of consumers , hit on what one likes , Name the online store with popular or popular things . In general, you can consider naming through the following five psychological needs : Meet the needs of nostalgia 、 Catering to fashion psychology 、 Cater to the psychology of Xiyang 、 Cater to the psychology of seeking good fortune 、 Cater to the curiosity seeking psychology . for example , women's dress of Korean style 、man Chaoyi shop, etc .
5、 Borrow numbers
Using numbers to name is also a popular way of naming for sellers . Because number naming is not only easy to recognize , Impressive , The number on each side also represents a deeper meaning , So we use numbers to name them , Can also add a lot of color to the shop . Such as 1970 Fashion Pavilion 、62 Shop No 、 fashion insider 80 Later , All good names .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

Shop names generally have two characteristics :

1、 The name of the shop is very close to the main business , You can see what industry it is 、 brand 、 region 、 style ;

2、 Some names are creative 、 fashion , Many online clothing stores are suitable ; Some have simple names , Some food online stores apply ;

Store homepage style
First step , Create the overall style , What kind of people is suitable for your shop , You think about the style the audience likes , Then decorate the shop .
The second step , Step by step building of computer terminal and mobile terminal . In the previous Taobao agent operation process , We can find out , If the traffic distribution is divided into the proportion of computer terminal and mobile terminal , Mobile terminals may occupy 99%, Computer terminal only 1%, therefore , The focus of decoration shop should be on the mobile end .
The third step , The front page of the shop must be decorated with a section that guides attention , Whether it's about paying attention to the discount , Or to participate in pre-sale activities in advance , It's crucial to guide attention .

Now a lot of people do e-commerce , They are all preaching “ E-commerce is hard to do ”, What happened to those who actually did it , They don't know at all , I didn't think about it , I only know that people follow suit , Conformity with the masses ......

The creation of micro Taobao

Any product needs soft culture to promote , It's the same with e-commerce . therefore , Promote the content of micro Taobao , Let's publish a few articles every day , Taobao direct flow to your store , What can't be done ?
Because micro Taobao is the center of collecting traffic , It is also the facade of Taobao content operation , So when we released micro Taobao , Pay attention to the untouchable parts of micro scouring , You need to follow the rules of the platform .

1. Requirements of micro Taobao cover :
It can't be on the picture logo、

No psoriasis on the picture 、

The lighter the background, the better 、

The pixels are high enough to not blur on the phone
There must be no dividing lines in the picture , Don't use jigsaw puzzles
2. Requirements of micro Taobao broadcasting
Broadcast content must be graphic content
Readability strong, the recommendation reason is reasonable, cannot list the commodity
There is an inevitable relationship among the three
The typesetting is clean and can't have random code
Contact information cannot appear in the content , Except Wangwang
No other download links can appear
Link mobile products
Activity page modification or deletion requires the consent of the sophomore , Otherwise, the cooperation will be terminated

3. emphasis : Micro Taobao content is not random

The content must be related to our products or shops , No matter how the layout or layout, as long as it can bring visitors or interaction can be .
4. The posting time is fixed every day

Like you do in the morning at noon or in the afternoon , We should pay attention to other people's work or rest time control release , This is just like the prime time of TV programs. If you grasp the time, your traffic will increase greatly 、 It's better to send several articles every day
5. Post article

Can be hot or cold to do articles to attract the attention of tourists , The content of the article should be done at different levels and angles , Pictures should be inserted in proper order Typesetting : Baby picture selection best in the form of palace grid to show , The color is unified and the style is not messy ; Post cover to put high click rate chart , Simple, fresh and refreshing pictures ; Add interactive content or store activities at the end of the article
6. New frequency

Fixed time per week , Such as Monday or what time of the week and so on , When you're on the new page, you can cooperate with group chat or small activities , Words should express the new welfare , If there is a small video, add the small video to highlight the three-dimensional effect of the product .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

Micro Taobao offers :

1. Join the link 、 Discount

In the micro Taobao “ Buyer show ” It should be true and aesthetic 、 At the same time, we should show the selling points and details of the baby . Because this kind of Buyer show and news is more attractive to buyers , meanwhile , We can also show the buyer the link with the baby , And the announcement link of the new meeting , Let the buyer more fully understand the advantages of baby , Promote transformation .
2. Special offers
As a platform for buyers and sellers to communicate , Some can strengthen the interaction between the two sides of the small game for the seller is the best . It can not only increase user stickiness , And it is conducive to the promotion of store information . And the activities we usually use are “ Shake the lottery ”,“ Sign in points ”, as well as “ Building a building x Send coupons ” etc. .

3. Micro Taobao positioning

Operating micro Taobao , The first thing to know is where the direction is , To position your micro Taobao , Positioning can start from two aspects :

The first is store positioning

Like women's wear , Is the style of the shop European and American or Mori female , Is the crowd student party or office worker , To recognize their own shop style and shop crowd , Just know where the direction is .

The second is content orientation

Micro Taobao platform needs high-quality content , It needs these differences 、 More diversified content to meet the needs of users . This needs to do a good analysis of the shop crowd , Their age class 、 Hobby 、 Living habits and so on , Discover what they need , So as to provide relevant content .

Promotion outside Taobao station

In fact, in the partners of Taobao , There are many platforms for community promotion , If the drainage to Taobao , It's a good way .
Tiktok is a good channel for cash in , Short video is so popular today , If tiktok has a strong voice account , Can mobilize the enthusiasm of fans , Open up the road of e-commerce .
First step , Classification of short videos by product , Build Taobao again , It's important to segment video
The second step , You can watch what your peers do , And then imitate and surpass them .
The third step , Don't trample on the line for traffic , Note that the red line should be followed by all platforms .

Taobao commodity ranking rules revealed :

For many Taobao shopkeepers , Besides driving Taobao through train , It seems that there is no other way to make the product rank to the home page . There is , Let's see .
1. Optimization of title
2. Point in time
The on shelf time and off shelf time of products are affected by the ranking of store products , And Taobao's implicit current limit and release rules , It has been revealed before , In the morning 6 spot -8 Between points , Perhaps for Taobao new stores and small stores have flow release . secondly , Anyone who has done statistics knows that , Taobao's largest flow time is in the evening 20 spot -23 Between points , But this time the ranking competition is actually the biggest , Through trains are also the most expensive . therefore , It's better to card the product at a critical point in time .
3. Build your own hot words
Generally, when many words are used by too many big businesses , You can choose to create a new word , Make it a hot word , It's better for your family , Be able to get huge traffic in a short time .

How to make a hit

First , Novice sellers must be clear “ What is hot money ?”. Popular point , It's the high popularity in the store , Selling good baby . Creating popular money is the most common way to drain Taobao stores , Almost all Taobao merchants hope that their shops will have a popular model .

General Taobao c The number of popular stores is one , At the fourth level, you can push two , But I suggest you do one , Because if you make two , When your new model comes up , You'll find that your old models are falling , That is to say, you are actually giving the weight of your own shop to another one , So the shop is enough for a pop .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

1. Selection

As the saying goes, choice is greater than effort , Understand the market of choosing baby , Analyze whether there is a development prospect , Choose a popular baby according to the store collection rate . Selection is the most basic and important step to build a popular model , It's also a knock on brick to make a hit . Selection is to choose the right products that meet the market demand and may be popular , Or even if your baby's popularity is high enough to explode , Baby's quality is not good , Sold out , Ruined the store's reputation , Sales have also fallen . So before choosing to be a blockbuster , The preparatory work should be done well , The choice of baby must be consistent with the positioning of shop crowd . Then according to the crowd to do market analysis , Choose high quality baby .

2、 pricing

Pricing needs strategy . It depends on your product , Adjust the plan according to the pricing of the same type of other merchants .
3. Main picture 、 Detail page and title
These three points are what we often talk about , And the most important point . Think from the perspective of users , Understand what users want to see ? Clear statistics according to data , A large part of the traffic comes from Taobao natural search engine , And baby Title keyword is the main factor affecting the search .

And want baby to have sales 、 Popularity , First of all, there must be flow . How to get traffic ? Let's not consider the traffic outside the station , Take the flow in the station first . The main picture can increase the click rate of baby , Attracting visitors . The details page can improve the conversion rate , And the title can get Taobao free natural search traffic , The weight of this traffic is the highest , therefore , In the early stage, there was no foundation for the store , Compared with spending money to drive , Get free natural energy , It will certainly bring benefits to the store .
4. Through train 、 Taobao guest 、 Drill show

These three suggested shops will open after a certain amount of turnover . We all know , Pay attention to long-term investment in driving through train , Early may not be immediately effective , therefore , Watch the changes every day , Analyze daily data , Slowly optimize .

Test payment through through through train , Creative 4 individual , Which idea has a high click through rate , We can also find out which main graph is more attractive , Through the response of the market, we are making specific corresponding adjustments .
Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared , Only be prepared , Understand the relevant operation , Only when you meet problems can you know how to adapt . Those great gods can't become great gods in a day or two , It is also a method that has been summed up after repeated failures .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

Taobao live

How to open ? Is there an audience after the opening ? Many friends who want to do Taobao live , I'm worried that there is no traffic in the live broadcast room after it's just opened , There's no need to worry about this , Taobao has support for the live broadcast of new stores . The live broadcast of the store was opened , Keep broadcasting every day , Insist on Interaction , Advance notice , You can get the right to emerge . Even if you don't get the right to appear , As long as you send the announcement live every day , You'll be shown live at the bottom of the highlights .

What are the requirements for the opening of Taobao shop live broadcast ?
Official live Recruitment Information , Taobao merchants need to meet the following conditions to open the live broadcast function :
1、4 More than 10000 shop fans ;
2、 Upload 3-5 Micro Taobao video broadcast , Submit live broadcast registration for approval , monthly 1 Japan ~5 It will be opened every day ;
3、 Before submitting, confirm the industry or characteristic market submitted , If not satisfied or filled in wrongly , No live broadcast ;
4、 Live broadcast will enter Taobao live square page ‘ Shopkeeper ’ in , Businesses should strictly abide by it 《 Taobao micro Taobao platform management specification 》.
5、 After opening , Every month at least 1 Time 30 Live broadcast over minutes .
What are the necessary conditions for businesses to open shop live broadcasting
1、 Store reputation level : A drill ; Hard index , It's necessary , But it's just upgraded today , It will take a few days , The feedback speed of the system is not so fast .

2、 Number of fans : Different industries have different requirements , Minimum need 3 All the above . You need to log in to the home page of Taobao , The number in the upper right corner shows that
3、 Operation ability of old customers : Qianniu login “ Customer operation platform ” You can view the repeat purchase rate of regular customers , There is no data for specific requirements , Or not 、 The number of products corresponding to the main category of the store : Is it total quantity or proportion , Not published , Suggested franchise , Don't sell too much clutter .
4、 There is a certain sales volume . ready to accept either course . The last three indicators are not quantified , More sales , Be exclusive , Do more old customer operation , It can't be wrong

Production of e-commerce operation data report :

One 、 What is business data reporting
Stores can analyze which items are more likely to appear in an order , Then recommend these products to each other and drain each other , And in the store page close to the display ; The platform can analyze which categories are more uniformed , Such as women's clothing and shoes 、 Home furniture and household appliances have strong connectivity , We can consider combining the two categories to plan activities together , If the commodity side allows, you can also plan full reduction 、 Full package marketing , Deepen joint and several , Improve performance .
Calculation formula : The unity of women's clothing and shoes = The number of users who bought both women's wear and women's shoes / Total number of users who purchased women's wear .

Two 、 Common thinking of business data report

The above is the definition and simple example of business data reporting , So from what angle can we mine business data 、 How about optimizing the existing business ? Here are four common data analysis ideas .
1、 contrast

Comparative analysis is to put the data in a reasonable reference frame , Explain the problem by comparison . A business has total sales 、UV、 Conversion rate and other indicators , These indicators can show the progress of the business to some extent , But the individual indicators are too one-sided , Lack of practical guiding significance . For example, an e-commerce company banner What is the click through rate of the advertising map on one day 5%, We can't immediately judge the copy of the advertisement 、 Drain commodities 、 tonal 、 Is style successful , And if you can compare it with the advertising map of other times in the same location , We can find more problems .

besides , The dimensions that can be compared are gender 、 Age 、 region 、 Provinces, etc , Take regions as examples , We can count dresses in different areas ( The north China 、 Central China 、 south China 、 Huaxi 、 East China ) % of orders , It is concluded that the dress in the XX The region is more popular ( Especially in the changing season ) Conclusion , Go back to the business to adjust the exposure of dresses in different areas of users , Make traffic more efficient use of , Improve performance .

2、 conversion

Business is transformed from layer to layer , When we do business analysis, we should first sort out the whole business process , Make a clear list of each link , Then calculate and analyze the conversion rate of each link , Think about how to improve the conversion rate of each link . Take an e-commerce activity page as an example , The conversion process of this active page should be : Exposure UV→ Click on UV→( Shop Click UV)→ Business details UV→ Number of orders → Number of payers After sorting out the above processes , We need to calculate : Exposure click through rate 、 Detailed arrival rate 、 Order conversion rate 、 Payment conversion rate, etc , Then the conversion rate of each link is compared with that of other activity pages , Or compare it with the daily average conversion rate of the first three days on this activity page , Check whether the data is high or low .

If a page is exposed UV low , We can consider increasing the traffic outside the station and applying for more resources in the station . If the click through rate is low , It may be because the copy is too weak 、 Advertising map is not enough to attract users 、 Or the poor quality of resources . If the arrival rate of business details of a page is low , You should consider whether the page structure is appropriate 、 Whether the products meet the user's preferences , According to the data feedback, we can replace the products with poor click effect in time , If the arrival rate of business details shows a gradual weakening trend over time , You should find a certain rule to change the order of goods on the page regularly . If the purchase conversion rate of goods is low , We should consider whether there is room for optimization in the business detail page , For example, add a promotion atmosphere map below the main map on the business details page , Add promotion instructions in the product information position . And the rate of payment for the goods , If lower than normal , Suggest seller reminder .
3、 The formula

Business can be split according to the transformation process , We can also split the index from the angle of formula . We all know , Total sales = Customer unit price * The number of users . therefore , If we want growth , Need : Attract more users ; Get more money from every user . Taobao's value for money , Pinduoduo's group goods, etc , They are all ways to increase the number of users ; Full reduction 、 Buy and send 、 Full discount 、 After a certain amount of money can participate in the lottery , These are marketing methods that can increase the unit price of customers .
4、 Classification analysis

Classification analysis is a very important means , The classification of e-commerce is common . The total sales amount of the platform can be divided into the total sales amount of each level category , The first class is divided into the second class , The secondary category will be split into stores . If you want to achieve a business goal , The business objectives of each category can be calculated according to the proportion of daily output of various purposes of the platform , Then according to the shop ( Or commodities ) Average sales of ( To be tall ) To calculate how many stores your business objectives need from each category ( Or commodities ) To support the implementation . thus , The goal becomes clear and achievable , And if the final result deviates , It is also convenient to analyze the reasons .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

3、 ... and 、 Writing steps of business data report
1、 analytical framework

To analyze a project , First of all, we should be clear about the positioning and current situation of the business , What direction is expected to improve performance , To choose a business entry point , There is a clear line in the report , On this basis, the business analysis framework is sorted out .
2、 get data

According to the determined data analysis framework content , Purposeful collection 、 Integrate relevant data .
3、 Data cleaning

Process the collected data 、 Arrangement , In order to carry out data analysis , It's an essential stage before data analysis .
4、 Analyze the data

By means of analysis 、 Methods and techniques to explore the prepared data 、 analysis , Find causality from it 、 Internal relations and business rules , Provide decision reference for business purpose . The most important thing here is : Always think about your goal ? For example, understand the trading situation of a certain period of time , You have to do the same year-on-year basis 、 And so on .
5、 Data report

Through the analysis report , The purpose of data analysis 、 The process 、 The results and the scheme are presented completely , For commercial purposes to provide reference .
6、 Executive feedback

Implement reasonable recommendations from business analysis , And pay attention to good data feedback 、 Make a strategic review . Four 、 summary above , It's my thinking about business data analysis in e-commerce operation . Data has great guiding significance for business , But when there's no data , Or when the data does not have enough reference value at this stage , We should also use our innovative thinking , Don't be afraid of the head and the tail 、 Dare not judge .

Taobao operation segmentation

I. preparatory work
Choose the right product :

Do what you're good at , Quality assurance, price advantage, supply chain, after-sales is not ambiguous . The more concentrated the product category, the better , The more you can reflect your professionalism . Unless it's a very close category , Never sell vacuum cleaners at the same time , Selling lingerie , The result must be that the vacuum cleaner can't be sold , Women's underwear can't be sold .
Appropriately enrich your own commodity categories : One only 5 Stores with items are hard to own 30 To compete with stores ;

Establishment of service team :

A team of reasonable size must be established ( Match business requirements ), Ensure prime time service “ Wang Wang ID” They're all online , You can't be here for a while , No one was there for a while , The buyer's trust is built up bit by bit . The shorter the response time, the better . You need someone in charge of the art , Because it's a regular requirement . You also need someone to plan marketing , This is also a regular requirement .
Store template suitable for your own category :

To build a reasonable layout of their own template , Presents an atmosphere, simple, baby image gorgeous outstanding, reasonable layout of the shop homepage ;
Establish your main product :

One of the big differences between online and offline might be : Offline 10000 Yuan business ,10 Each product is sold separately 1000 element ; And in the online , about 8000 Yuan comes from you 2-3 A product . Don't believe it ! Prepare enough Product details 、 Life scene pictures 、 Pictures of scenes with people involved 、 Description of selling points 、 Product story 、 Brand story To enrich the store and baby details ;
Prepare suitable logistics partners , Isn't it unjust to lose the evaluation here ;
When the preparations are ready , Consider carefully the following four pieces of information :

Core buyers of Taobao system 85% Right and left are 18-35 One year old , The distribution area focuses on the coastal developed areas 、 Provincial capital, key cities, etc . Then you can think about the composition of these people, occupation 、 Income 、 Education level 、 Shopping habits 、 Price considerations 、 Shopping experience 、 Shopping habits 、 Demand preference and so on ;

Function of products
It's not just about meeting your own needs , You can also send your wife, husband, lover, father, mother, aunt, grandfather, grandparent, grandmother, teacher, child, new marriage, relocation, welfare prize, woman's birth, relative's birthday, etc , As long as you want to . Products can be shared , You can even show off ; Rendering of product benefits , The focus should be on the three gods . first place : A woman ; Second : The child ; Third : the elderly .

Conversion and flow
A、 Conversion rate is about reputation 、 influence 、 Depth of business ; Conversion rate reflects combat effectiveness 、 accuracy 、 Conquest index ; The conversion rate reflects the overall health of the store , be a life-and-death matter ;
B、 Traffic reflects marketing strategy 、 Promotion and business width ; Strong store traffic will not be too bad .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

The routine of e-commerce industry :

Potential rules of e-commerce 1— False statement of platform accounting period
Most platform vendors collect the sales of the settled businesses into their own platform accounts first , And then returned to the business after unified settlement , The accounting period varies from several days to several months . It is difficult for cash flow to enter the pocket of e-commerce directly , Inevitably, many suppliers are dissatisfied .
Potential rules of e-commerce 2— Bribe the superior brand “ Platform sophomore ”

A well-known online trading platform in China issued an announcement saying that it had handled the acceptance of some improper interests in online business . One reason for this is that a small number of young people “ waiter ” Failure to perform duties as required , Abuse of resources , But on the other hand , This also exposed a lot of network business hope to pass “ Hidden rules ” Realize one's own “ Host ”.
Potential rules of e-commerce 3— Domestic e-commerce must fight price war
Jingdong makes a store celebration , Other platforms also follow suit to stir up a price war , Tmall promotes Singles Day , Unexpectedly, it eventually became the duel field of the price war of the whole network merchants . For several leading e-commerce companies in the vertical field , If you want to survive, you have to rely on the price .
Potential rules of e-commerce 4— Express sellers cooperate with fake delivery
double 11 During this period, the sharp rise in the number of orders will inevitably lead to a lot of sellers selling positions , It is difficult to ensure the timely distribution of goods , If according to the regulations of the platform provider , The seller must be in 2 Maybe it's too late 7 Mid day delivery requirements , It is easy to bring a lot of punishment to the seller .
Potential rules of e-commerce 5— Make up the buyer's comments
Many businesses worry that the negative evaluation of the product by the buyer will affect the sales of this product , So shopkeepers often modify their bad comments by giving buyers some kind of subsidies or other small rebate bribes , But like this “ Hidden rules ” It also brings potential risks to businesses . Many malicious evaluators are active on the Internet , formation “ set the snipe and clam at each other and then take advantage of both ” Black industry chain .
Potential rules of e-commerce 6— There must be additional orders when the platform is greatly promoted
Often a platform online shopping promotion is about to start , The most nervous is waiting for the brand merchants and those responsible for the platform category . In the past many times platform promotion , We often find some brands “ Surprise attacks ” General sales order , Goods with a unit price of tens of thousands of yuan , Hundreds or even thousands of them were bought instantly . Even some people have reported on the Internet , How many tens of thousands of false orders have been paid for a certain business by oneself .

Cognition of store weight

The weight of Taobao shop is very important for sellers , Some Taobao sellers , Because I don't know the rules of Taobao , In the baby picture and other information changes or optimization found that the baby changes the weight is lower , If you're not careful, you'll be demoted , So modify baby information or pictures will be reduced right ?

Today, I'll give you a few misunderstandings , Please remember .
Mistake 1 : If I change the picture, I will be demoted ?
In fact, a lot of friends before and after changing the picture , Category properties changed , Or increased or decreased sku( It refers to the sales attribute of goods , Such as size / Color, etc. ) etc. , This led to the reduction of power . But businesses often think it's caused by optimizing pictures , In fact, the optimization of images and other operations is just an opportunity , It is more likely that the recent attribute change of this baby caused .
Mistake 2 : Why can't I change my baby at will ?
The accuracy and stability of the baby attribute is conducive to the baby's search ranking , Can carry on own this baby's optimization , However, it is not recommended to change it to other babies at will , Includes changes to category properties , Or increased or decreased sku etc. .
Mistake 3 : Why can't I put a gift in a normal baby ?
The gift itself is an unconventional commodity and category , It has its own category , stay “ other - Gift ” in , The gift itself does not count sales , Put it in the regular baby , That is to accumulate the sales of the gifts , Such a sales accumulation process is not allowed .
Here are some specific cases !
Case a : Next door Lao Wang changed the original commodity into another one and continued to sell .
A mask product , It used to be baby “ Cucumber and rose double effect whitening mask ”, After optimization and modification by Lao Wang , yes “ Porcelain white silk ribbon mask ”.
Mistakes show : Change the cucumber and rose double effect whitening mask to porcelain white color silk mask , Direct replacement of goods .
Correct release : Different facial mask should be released separately. , It can't be replaced directly on one product .
remind : Although they are all facial mask. , But different facial mask also belong to different products .
Case 2 : Sales mode of Laowang shop next door , Sales attributes , And the unit of measurement at the time of sale has changed .
Case description : The original price of a bag of noodles in Nanjie Village 3.3 element , After being modified by Lao Wang , Become a box of nanjiecun noodles price 37 element .
Mistakes show : The goods are sold in one box instead of one , Sales model change .
Correct release : Choose a way to sell when publishing ( Single or full box ), There will be no change of sale mode after release .
remind : Whether it's a single sale , Is it for sale in a full box or a full box 10 Bundle sale , What kind of sales method was released in the beginning , Don't change it later .
Case three : There is a change in Lao Wang's shop next door 、 Add and delete the original title of baby 、 Price 、sku, The act of selling a part of a commodity .
Case description : Rosary hand String Bracelet , Lao Wang added a separate color classification (sku attribute ) One semi-finished product .
Mistakes show : The color classification is added to the products of Buddha beads hand string bracelet : One semi-finished product has been sold , After changing the baby, we sell many finished products , It's a baby change sku Violation also belongs to the violation of changing the way of sale .
Correct release : Semi finished products are the same as defective products , And finished products are commodities of different nature , Cannot be sold in one link , It is suggested that semi-finished products and finished products should be released separately , Try to get the title from baby 、 Price 、 picture 、 The description reflects the difference of goods .
remind : Don't put the single one with the whole string , Complete products and accessories should not be released in one link .
A final reminder : The sold goods should be removed from the shelves in time , Don't change it into another baby , meanwhile , Don't change the right sales method that has been released , for example : Don't sell suits and items together , Don't add accessories at will ; Add gifts 、 Color classification of compensation price, etc , And the previous sales 500g, Don't change to sales now 1000g; Before 1 Piece sale , Now? 10 Piece sale, etc , remember , No way .

Popularize it : The goods whose rights have been reduced need to be modified correctly 30 Days or baby delete and re publish .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

Basic knowledge of store operation , Key words and title details

Basic knowledge
1、 What is Taobao seo?
Traditional Taobao seo Taobao Search engine optimization , By optimizing the store title , category , On and off the shelf time and so on to get a better ranking , In order to obtain Taobao search traffic of a new technology . Taobao in broad sense seo It refers to in addition to Taobao Search engine optimization , It also includes search optimization of Yitao , Category optimization , Taobao activity optimization and so on , We also call it Taobao station free traffic development , That is to maximize the absorption of Taobao station free traffic , A technique for selling babies .
2、 What do you mean PV,UV, Show quantity , Jump loss rate ?

PV Call page views , Also called refresh times , It is one of the important indicators to measure the shop , Whether it's the same or not IP, As long as a valid visit to the target page is 1 individual pv.UV It refers to people who browse the target page differently , In short, it is UV It refers to each individual visitor , I.e. same ip Browse the target page several times 1UV. The reference significance of these two concepts is that , If PV/UV The proportion is too low , It shows that our online shop browsing depth is too shallow , Normally speaking ,PV/UV The ratio should be at least 2 To 3 It's normal ;
Show volume refers to the number of times the baby is seen by the buyer , We want to transform , You have to have hits, that is, traffic , Want to visit , There has to be a display , So presentation is the first step , Whether or not someone clicks on your product , It's just a show . The jump loss rate refers to the number of times the keyword brings to the store , The percentage of visits that left after visiting only one page , The lower the jump rate, the better , The higher the bounce rate, the less attractive the product is to customers .
3、 What is baby SKU?
SKU Taobao refers to the sales attribute set of baby , For buyers to choose when placing an order , Such as “ specifications ”、“ Color classification ”、“ Size ” etc. .
4、 What is unsalable baby , How to deal with it ?
Definition : Baby is here 90 No one sold in days , And the key attributes of the baby are continuous 90 Days not modified ( Price included , title , Main graph, etc ), Maybe there are too many treasures in the store ; The baby in the shop is not optimized . We can go into baby management in turn , medical examination center ; Or check out quantum focus sales , Check the release time of baby for self inspection .
How to deal with it : No market demand baby directly off the shelf or delete ; Through Taobao series of activities to carry out anti season clearance sales : Such as limited time discount , Free at 100 , Related marketing , Promotion outside the station, etc .
5. TaoBao seo How many steps are there in screening , What are the differences ?
When the buyer searches for a keyword , Taobao Search Mechanism to carry out baby screening , Final choice seo Well done baby on the front ; This screening process is a total of six steps :

First of all , Relevance screening , Unrelated products Taobao will directly block out , For example, buyers search for dresses , You make jeans , Will be displayed directly ;

second , Illegal filtering , Babies who have violated the rules will be directly blocked ;

Third , High quality store screening , Taobao will give priority to stores with high weight ;

Fourth , Quality baby screening , Taobao will give priority to the baby with high weight ;

The fifth , On / off shelf screening , When Taobao screened out a lot of high-quality babies , For the sake of fairness , It will be sorted according to the off shelf time ,

The sixth , Gallery Featured , Taobao will give priority to the baby recommended in the window .
6、 Influence Taobao seo What are the relevant factors ?
The correlation
This is easy to understand , Your goods should belong to a category of Taobao , The title here emphasizes the importance , Like searching for jeans , And search for jeans , The results are quite different .
System mechanism
The system mechanism includes the baby off the shelf time , Consumption protection , And window recommendation , It's not a big problem to set all of these .
Service quality of sellers
measured 、 Baby, it's the description DSR、 Delivery speed DSR、 Refund time 、 Number of penalties 、 Customer service response speed 、 Customer rights protection, etc , These are the sum of the quality of your goods and your overall service , I think this is a very important factor in ranking .
Baby popularity
1、 sales ;2、 Conversion rate ;3、 Repeat customers . Actually doing Taobao SEO When optimizing, don't forget a lot of promotion means , For example, through train 、 Ali mother , Only the promotion of Taobao shop in many aspects can be done with Taobao SEO Ranking together to achieve the best effect for the store .
7、 What are the more important Taobao Search violations ?
The main common ones are 12 Kind of :1、 Ultra low price ;2、 Super high postage ;3、 Steal the baby ;4、 Title abuse ;5、 Baby doesn't match ;6、 Illegal commodities ;7、 Repeat distribution ;8、 Publicity products ;9、 Misplaced categories ;10、 The same product releases different categories ;11、SKU cheat ;12、 False transaction . We should pay attention to these violations .
8、 What is shop weight and baby weight ?
In short, it is Taobao's affection for your store and baby , In other words, Taobao thinks the importance of your store and baby , The higher your weight is , Taobao gives you the better ranking .
9、 What are the factors that affect the weight of stores ?
1. Department of consumer protection for example :7+ There is no reason 、 Freight insurance 、 Replacement of damaged goods 、 Quality assurance insurance and so on. Here's about consumer protection .

2. Baby Set Series for example :VIP discount price , Public welfare baby 、 Baby qualification 、 Boutique window, etc. about new products baby can optimize the project .

3. Store set series for example : Store profile , Store domain name , Shop name , shop with thriving business , Seller alliance and other projects that can be optimized by the store itself .

4. Store marketing series for example : Setting of drainage treasure , Shop red envelope , Shopping cart marketing , Taoshang , Marketing means such as member marketing .

5. Store drainage series for example : Gold rush marketing , Store treasure box , Add purchase and delivery flow and other benefits can attract buyers into the store .

6. other for example : Turnover rate of stores , Buyer preferences , Gold buyer , Shop personality degree and so on, do well these indicators can make the store weight greatly increased .
10、 What are the factors that affect baby's weight ?
There are mainly sustained and stable growth in sales + High quality click through + Search conversion rate + Useful collection + Dynamic score, etc
11、 The impact of on and off the shelf time on baby ranking ?
The closer you get off the shelf, the higher the search weight , The higher the ranking ; At the same time, what we want is , When the buyer visits a lot, just in time for our baby to be off the shelf , In this way, our baby will be displayed in front of the buyer as much as possible .
12、 How to lay out the upper and lower shelves
For example, I have 30 Baby , First of all, I need to be evenly distributed every day ( For the time being, the competitive perspective is not taken into account , I'll talk about it later ), One cycle is 7 God , So it needs to be on the shelves every day 30/7=4 To 5 A baby , Suppose I find out that the peak time of the buyer's visit is in the afternoon 14:00 To 15:00, Afternoon 17:00 To 18:00, evening 20:00 To 23:00, Then I'll put it on the shelves every day 4 The distribution of babies to the end of each period is delayed a little bit , in other words 15:15,18:15,20:20,23:15, If you need to be on the shelf 5 individual , It's just 22:00 Intersperse one , In this way, I can make sure that every time the buyer comes to the peak, I can catch the baby off the shelf ; Here's an explanation , As for the delay , This one doesn't have to be tangled !

Excellent e-commerce copywriting , Rapid development 10 elements

1、 First of all, you have to digest the product and market information , Then you don't use more than 20-30 A word will describe the product , The twenty words should include the features of the product 、 function 、 Target consumer groups 、 Four aspects of spiritual enjoyment .
2、 And then you have to ask yourself : What should I promise my consumers ? This is important , If there is no commitment , No one will buy your stuff , The more specific the commitment, the better .“ Make you beautiful ” Is not as promising as “ Remove the stain on your face ” And “ Make skin white and shiny ” Powerful ,“ Save you money ” Not as good as “ Let you save 10 Yuan ” Powerful ! Don't write down promises that you can't believe , What is your promise guaranteed? Take it into consideration in the copywriting .
3、 With these two points , You can identify a core idea , It's also called big idea 、 Big idea . First, the core idea is very simple , Second, it can be extended into a series of advertisements , Third, it is very original , Can wake up a lot of indifference , Indifferent consumers . for example ,“ Afraid of getting angry , Drink Wang Laoji ”、“ Always use your brain , Drink six walnuts ” It's very attractive to wait for the advertisement words .
4、 The most important thing in every advertisement is the title , The title is well written , Advertising wins 70-90%, Please grasp three basic points in the creativity of the title :
a、 Story : The title has an attractive story, which will attract people to read the text carefully , Create a high reading rate . Such as :《 Two men behind a beautiful woman 》( Advertisement for an oral liquid )
b、 Novelty : An advertisement that can arouse people's curiosity will attract many readers .
c、 Journalistic : Everyone loves to watch the news , Headlines that look like news are going to get a lot of attention . For example, the creative advertisement of a beer in Hainan 《 Hainan will “ bucket ” Or expansion 》、《 Hainan may fall this summer “ temperature ”》. To write a good advertisement , Before you start writing the text , Please write more than 15 titles , Then choose the one that is satisfied .
5、 The above three characteristics of the title creativity , Here are some creative methods .


After personifying the product , Generally, there are good ideas . An advertisement for hair :《 Your hair is angry ?》、 Creative advertisement of a gas stove 《 Born with anger 》 wait , They all use personification , It's quite vivid .
Converse thinking

People always say they are the boss , If you admit you're a dick , It's extraordinary , Others say “ red ”, You say? “ black ” It's often unexpected . Creative taxi 《 In the taxi industry ,XXX It's second 》 It's shocking . Reverse thinking is used in many advertisements , Real estate likes to say that they are “ A prime location ”, A real estate ad says it's in “ Baiyin District ” Appeal to it “ Appreciation has potential ”.
Scenario imagination

Many advertisements need to imagine with the help of familiar scenes in life . for example 《 Home like an arrow 》 piece 、《 Sit up and take notice 》 piece .

 Taobao stores : The full text 14000 word , The experience of blood and tears , You must finish reading

With the help of hot topics 、 Journalism

stay 《 Water margin 》 The hottest time , A acne product creativity 《 Sun erniang 》 piece 、《 Deal with the fire 、 How can the heart be too soft ?》,“ Heart too soft ” It's a very popular song , Two of the most popular items in the ancient three snake gall advertisement , Advertising effect is extraordinary . In Shenzhen to carry out a vigorous anti drug campaign 、 During the campaign against pornography , The idea came out 《 Detoxification and sores elimination 》 The article's advertisement caused special attention . A bean curd brand was launched in Taiwan on Mother's day 《 Chinese motherly heart , Chinese bean curd heart 》 It's amazing , A drugstore launched in March 8th Festival 《 Men act in concert on March 8 》 All of them are very influential .
Using metaphor 、 Symbolize 、 Association, etc

To compare or associate a feature with an image or something else , Often there will be more amazing results . For example, a real estate masterpiece 、 Famous paintings are used to describe architectural masterpieces , It's precious , Cleanser acne is compared to “ Grinding flour with a mill is slow and tedious ” wait .
Use exclamatory tone to create

For example, use “ Sure enough ”、“ Abominable ”、“ dear ” It's very attractive .
Using layout creativity .
With the help of familiarity .
With pets 、 Beauty and baby .

6、 A good text , The most important thing is to tell the truth , Instead of putting on airs ; Give intimacy , Inject real feelings .
7、 A good copy can greet the target audience directly . If your target audience is women , It's better to have women in the copy 、 Words like "sister" , If it's the mother of the child , That's about to happen “ Mom ”, If it's a man , It just shows up “ Man ” The word .
8、 A good copy doesn't need to be too long , A good copy is not necessarily a short copy . Many people mistakenly believe that no one will read long copy , As a matter of fact , A long and attractive copy will also attract a lot of readers . If a product can be expressed clearly in a short text , That's short , If you write in a long copy, it will be more vivid and powerful , If the sales promotion is stronger, use long copy .
9、 If the lottery is arranged in the advertisement copy 、 Gift 、 Coupons will be more attractive , It's a refreshing experience to tell about these gifts or draw prizes .
10、 If an ad copy can be associated with an event 、 The combination of activities will make writing more vivid , At the same time, combined with the gift giving activities , The effect is extraordinary .
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