With 200 million traffic in front of us, how can the video Number operate?
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2 Billion traffic in front of us , How to operate the video number can make it more popular ?

Now? , The flow direction changes to “ The content is looking for people ”, Every platform is based on an understanding of the content , Trying to please users and satisfy their needs for content . The core of video number operation , It's about serving the audience well , Here's what , Maybe it's not interesting anymore , It is 「 Have a material 」, Useful content .

“ Heavy news , Heavy news , Did you hear that ?”

“ What do you hear ?”

“ Video number , Wechat launched a video Number .”

“ Video Number , Isn't it almost a year since they were launched , What does it have to do with me ?”

“ Who said it doesn't matter , Video numbers can make money .”


What is a video Number ?

Just like the wechat public platform slog equally :“ No matter how small , They also have their own brand “. For individuals , The video number is ip Tools to build .

From the perspective of SMEs , Video is a big killer of drainage transaction .

Access to public domain traffic is becoming more and more difficult , A brand new undeveloped fish pond can feed a group of people who go fishing first .

The Internet enlarges the power of individuals .

In an era of scarcity of content , The direction of flow is “ People look for content ”, Baidu meets the demand of content search , Taobao meets the needs of content search , They are both the windbreak and the profiteer of the times , It is also the promoter of tuyere .

Now? , Content is less scarce , Facing the huge amount of content , Users even suffer from “ Information anxiety ”—— Only brush can be satisfied , Once you stop collecting information, you start to worry .

The flow direction changes to “ The content is looking for people ”, Every platform is based on an understanding of the content , Trying to please users and satisfy their needs for content .

When there is no shortage of users “ consumption ” When , The high quality content is the oasis in the desert , Is the first love goddess of love at first sight , Who can quickly produce scarce high-quality content , Who will win the favor of users .

The scholar thinks that , This is an era when individual power is magnified .

actually , This view is not new , The commercial liquidity of individuals has been changed from batch to batch KOL Proved , This year's double eleven , Weia brought the goods 35 Billion , Li Jiaqi brings goods 33 Billion , If the annual sales volume of a small company is 1000 If Wan Lai calculates , Double for two 11 The carrying capacity is almost equal to 700 Annual sales of small companies .

Scholar dare to assert : In the future , There will only be more and more of them , Most of a company's performance will be created by a small number of people , These people will be the unique soul of the team , Leave these people , The team broke up .

How does individual strength become stronger ?

In essence , This is a question of the deviation of discourse power . Infrastructure construction and voice channel construction , It's the construction of the stage .

Now? , The stage is set up , The rest are the people who sing on stage , The singers have great influence on the audience , This is self-evident .

personal ip This word has been very popular in recent years , The reason for the fire is not who is hyping the concept , We can also see a phenomenon from the content of the circle of friends in the past two years , Whether it's big business or small business , It's all seed All of you 「 Micro business 」 The feeling of .

High traffic today , Whose transaction cost can be reduced to the lowest , Who can survive in the market . Left is king , That's probably what it means .

How to reduce it ?

Put out one person to do it ip, As long as this person is accepted by the user , It means that the product is also accepted by users .

So you see , Starting this year , More and more bosses are showing up live , This is not an accident , It will only become an Internet normal .

Video Number , It's a do ip The opportunity of .

We all have a consensus , Create private traffic , External traffic flows to wechat , WeChat official account for friends circle , Because the circle of friends is the closest place to users .

The circle of friends is private traffic , The official account is also private domain traffic. , What is the video number ?

Video number is a circle of friends to subscribe to , yes Public domain + Private domain The combination of .

What is a circle of friends ?

The circle of friends is a state of life , When a person is used to the state of your life , Get used to opening your video number every day to see your updated content , Is it on behalf of the person you are 「 Coil powder 」 了 ?

The video number is the same as the official account. , Strong personal style , He recognized your number , It's like identifying with you .

So the scholar said , Video numbers are for individuals ip The incubator , For businesses , It's a big killer for drainage transactions .


When did the video number come out ?

Wechat team official wechat 1 month 21 Announced on the evening of , Video short content coming : Wechat video officially opened internal test .

The beginning of video Number launch , Has been in the internal test state , Only a small number of lucky people who have received the invitation are allowed to open it .

By June this year , The video number greatly opens the user's use and creation rights .

9 In the beginning , Video number begins internal test Live Room , And get through the small shops 、 to open up 30 Video in minutes , A series of movements means , The commercial realization of video number is becoming clear .

A few short months , Video number from a spark to a prairie fire , have 2 Daily activity of 100 million users , The growth rate is so fast that many people can't help but sigh “ Sure enough, it's good to enjoy the cool by leaning back on the big tree ”.

What does the popularity of video numbers have to do with us ?

After all, it's the Internet , There is an underlying logic that must be clear ” Where are the users , Where is the traffic , Where is the money “, Next, let's talk about how to operate the video number well .

All non goal oriented behavior is playing rogue ,《 Chinese shirt tells Sun Tzu's art of war 》 In the said , It's not a good thing to win a hundred battles , If we fight a hundred battles, we can't solve the problem , That shows that fighting can't solve the problem at all .

No matter which platform you do , We should all have this logic , Target before battle , Strategy before tactics .
  • If the purpose of the operation is to sell goods , The product knowledge , The conversion rate of video shooting with scene combination is higher ;
  • If the purpose of operation is to guide the official account. , From the official account content, we will make more accurate guides for fans. ;
  • If the purpose of the operation is individual ip make , You can grow grass , Skills sharing , Video production of vertical content in industry ;

Target orientation is the orientation of content orientation , At the same time, it is also the positioning on the way of realization .

On the we media platform , We can see some more alternative accounts , They have a large number of fans on their account , Content exposure is particularly high , But it's low returns , There is no way to realize it .

The essence , Or is it that there is no good liquidation strategy in the early stage , Making content by feeling brain , Even if the account is broken , But the profits are not booming , Generated by flow , Die of liquidation .


What content types of video numbers are popular ?

1、 Plot

Main interest , With funny emotion as the trigger point , Meet the user's spiritual entertainment needs , The liquidity is relatively weak , There is a big chance of selling out , The quality of the script mainly depends on the quality of the script .

2、 Life records

Focus on emotional resonance , personal ip The style is quite strong , Meet the individual growth needs of the public , High user viscosity , Future liquidity .

3、 Chicken soup

Mainly secondary creation , soul soother , Netease cloud jokes , Focus on emotional resonance and motivation , Large market , At the same time, there is a lot of competition , Content homogenization is serious , Weak liquidity .

4、 Skills

The main theme is simple and practical , A video tells a point of knowledge , Most of them are training courses , Strong profitability .

5、 Food

In fact, it should be classified into cooking , Similar to skills , Key cooking skills , Strong ability to suck female powder , Long recording cycle , Considerable liquidity in the later period .

6、 Beauty

It's mainly self portraits of handsome men and women , Meet the entertainment needs of the public , Simple and interesting , It can be realized in terms of clothing and cosmetics .

7、 The popular science

Hard core knowledge popularization , Practical and interesting , Need professional ability as background , Of course , Students with strong internalization ability can also do this , Strong liquidity in later period , Mainly with goods .

8、 Fitness

The content is mainly about popular science and fitness knowledge , It's practical skills , Strong liquidity in the later period , There is money for both community and training .

9、 Stand up comedy

Be quick to talk , Ordinary people really can't play , Meet the entertainment needs of the public , Moat with content , If you really have the skills in this area, suggest the operation .

10、 Dialogue from the first perspective

The main theme is practical materials , Mainly scene shooting .

11、 Animation

This mainly depends on the later copyright provisions , Mainly editing , It's difficult to collect materials , A lot of people have used what you can , It's hard for you to find something that nobody uses .

12、 Film editing

The same is true of the above , There are still some copyright violations , But it's also great if you can write your own copy with a magnetic voice , Weak liquidity in later period .

13、 High quality music

Everyone is familiar with this , If you can find a library of how ears will get pregnant , It's no problem to make a blockbuster , At present, it is a better way to realize cash , Do car U Does the liquidation count ? Keep it small , If all the folk songs are uploaded, how about the realization of minority groups ?

14、 Street pat

In fact, it's the same as beauty , You need to choose a good shooting scene , Appearance standard , I don't know much about cash flow , Understand can leave a message to exchange a look .

The types listed above are just the tip of the iceberg , Video numbers have more video types and styles , If you're interested , You can dig deep into the video , see 1000 Video numbers , There are always a few types that are suitable for you to play .

The blue ocean project is hidden in this fish pond , Every time you dig out a different video type , It might mean finding a way to dig for gold , So called blue ocean project , It's all dug up in this way .


Algorithm mechanism of video Number

The scholar thought that many people's nine-year compulsory education had been in vain , Believe to give popular video like can increase weight , I believe that we should pay attention to the recommended methods of large size in the same field .

The method of controlling variables and the mathematical formulas memorized by high numbers were all lost , Non discipline study metaphysics , Don't ask the people, ask the ghosts and gods .

The scholar can definitely guarantee you : At present, there is no one way to make you 100% pop money .

If there is , It can't be a single factor , Even very good content , It takes a certain amount of luck to explode , Survivor bias : People often can only see the surface of the blockbuster , But you can't see that the back of the popular model is buried 99 Regular videos .

Do you want to study algorithms ? need , If you don't study the platform, you will become a lucky rising powder , But the research should also follow the objective law .

To study video number algorithm, we must return to the original intention of wechat .

What does wechat do ?

—— Social networking . This is the basic principle that wechat cannot deviate from .

What does social networking mean ?

—— It is a decentralized traffic allocation method and diversification of content .

In the last year 12 month , Xiao-long zhang said “ Represented by articles “ Long content ” Always the main form of official account. , Relative to the official account , Wechat also lacks a carrier that everyone can create ”

Focus on , Everyone can create , This means that the traffic of video number will depend more on the social relationship between friends , So that each user in the video number has its own survival space .

It's weak relationships that are central to social interaction , Strong social relationships are decentralized , Like tiktok fans. , The tiktok has hardly talked to a few fans. .

What does decentralized social networking look like ?

—— The circle of friends is .

Video numbers will evolve into a circle of friends , Want to be social , The content needs to be diversified .

If the video numbers are all little sister dancing or old fellow iron 666 Video style of , It's full of nipple music , Then we don't have to study it , Products that deviate from the original intention of wechat are doomed to die out in the wechat ecosystem .

in summary , Video number is a propagation algorithm based on acquaintances first and then system recommendation , And system recommendation is only a small part , Even you can almost ignore the amount of public domain startup , First of all, high-quality content spread across the social chain , It was judged as high quality , Will give the recommended traffic .

Internet , More than the law of content being king , And channel is king , The passive traffic distributed to friends is your own private domain traffic .

besides , You also need to intervene on your own initiative , Find someone to like , Find someone to comment on , Share with friends , Share to official account , Even try to find a way to divert video signals from external platforms .

This is the current operation strategy of video signals , Using private domain to drive public domain , Finally realize the content exposure .

At present, there are several mainstream channels of increasing the price of video number :

1、 Circle of friends

Some time ago, the video number has opened the right to share with friends .

2、 Join the peer community

Huddle for warmth , On the one hand, they can exchange shooting skills and video operation experience , On the other hand, people who run video numbers can be overwhelmed by your content .

3、 official account

The creator can recommend his video number to conduct diversion in public official account. .

4、 Vertical community

Enter the vertical domain community with the previous group changing method , In it, the content is sucked with the attitude of a sharer .

5、 You know

Don't be surprised , Some people share skills in video number operation on Zhihu , And then leave a video Number ad .

6、 Mutual push

The video signals in the vertical domain can also be pushed to each other .

7、 Tencent video

Your home product will not be blocked , Some people post the video to Tencent video to reverse the direction of their own video number .

in addition to , There are still more channels not developed , There is no invincible routine , There are only invincible details , Same channel operation , By different people , Will produce different results .

Don't be superstitious about metaphysics , Data is king , Facts are king , Behind any popular model , It's all about hundreds of videos , It's not because the design of the pop up makes it a big one , It is 【 Every video is going for the big bang 】 That's why it's hot money .


The video number is not a short video

Short video is not VLOG,vlog It's not a short video , This is a well understood concept .

The contents of tiktok can be fire. , It's probably impossible to transport it to the video number ; What's hot on the video number , The same way tiktok can not be carried to the sound. .

The short video we talk about a lot , It's an instant eye-catching video , Like a thorn bird that sings once in a lifetime , Once in a lifetime is for the sounds of nature , Short video is short in length , Short available time , Must let the user's emotion explode in an instant , This is the beauty of show .

This show can sometimes be translated into refinement 、 fantasy 、[ break with convention 」.

Short video is show , and vlog It's sharing , Show is eye-catching , Make an impression , And sharing is a deeper insight , That's why it was touched .

If the short video is to tell a story heard from afar , Introducing yearning , and vlog It's more like recording an interesting soul , It's more real , Closer to life , And closer to fans , Social attributes are also stronger .

therefore The core of video number is people , Because people are interesting, so videos are interesting .

The video number has more fireworks , Also more real close to life , Although entertainment will still have a place in video numbers , After all, entertainment is what most people just need .

But more of the protagonists in the video numbers may be sharp thinkers , In depth industry experts , Daily master of serious life .

It's very social , The nature of social interaction , It's value supply , It's value exchange . Interesting souls are bound to be sought after ; A man of great insight , No matter where it is, it will be the core of the circle .

The core of video number operation , It's about serving the audience well , Here's what , Maybe it's not interesting anymore , It is 「 Have a material 」, Useful content .

Instead of trying to figure out what's hot , It's better to study how to make one 「 Useful 」 People who .
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