Wang Chong: how to do TikTok Live Streaming?
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For nearly a year , Jitter develops tiktok , Not only from short video to live E-commerce , And bought the rights to several films , Tiktok is visible in the future. , Full of ambition .

Tiktok development at every step , All depend on users , Users need content , Content needs traffic , Traffic needs support . Many people still have no traffic after doing short video and live broadcast for a period of time , At this point, I would be very worried , What's wrong with it , Can't find the source , It can't be solved , You can't get tiktok flow. , Can't be popular , Unable to realize .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

Tiktok ,0 Fans can start live broadcasting , If you want to bring goods live, you have to have them 1000 Fans , Whether it's Zombie powder or real powder , No choice of platform .

The number of fans decides whether or not to bring goods , The quality of fans determines the liquidity ( Including live broadcast reward ). It's what determines the anchor's ability , It's not just quantity and quality , And traffic .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

Private traffic

Some we media and enterprises have private domain traffic , It is big in itself IP, They do not need to tiktok public domain traffic to expand account influence. , As long as we can keep the private domain traffic spreading , Good content and quality , It will absorb powder naturally .

On the other hand , We media and corporate brands have also gained credibility , Whether it is to do with goods or publicity , The cost is doubled , The results are multiplied .

Of course , Want to have a higher impact on the tiktok. , Convert platform traffic into account traffic 、 Direct conversion of private traffic , Create tiktok head IP, It takes time to ferment and high quality content , This is something that traffic itself does not bring to the account , We need to work hard .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

How to import private domain traffic ? All the tools of wechat ecology can be used , There are also such e-commerce channels as tmall Jingdong , More likely to generate live room sales , in addition , Communities and offline users can also be converted into online traffic .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

Large Lianmai

There is a premise for even wheat to absorb flour : Novice anchor not even wheat , Because the novice anchor's skills are not mature enough , There's no one in Lianmai , Even if there are people, it doesn't work .

The best time for continuous wheat flour absorption , It's when your account has reached a certain number of fans , Find more fans than you 、 The same type of account to Lianmai , It's better to be on the opposite side when it's about to go down , This will allow the fans on the opposite side to switch to their own studio , And then through content and interaction , Let them be their fans .

Contrary , Even wheat when you want to sow , Their fans may also become fans of the opposite account .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

Zhanbang powder absorption

The right place to absorb powder , To go with your own content 、 Live broadcasting rooms with similar styles occupy the list , Easier to absorb powder .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

What is zhanbang ? It doesn't have to be on the list 1, But the list 1 There is more exposure and the possibility of absorbing powder . The list actually includes the list 1 To the list 5 Even the list 10, To account for the situation and the performance of the other live room to occupy the list .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

Short video drainage

1、 In short video description, we should be fine and vertical , Guide the user to finish likes 、 Comment and forward , Improve work quality and account number index .

2、“ Make sure to see the last ” These words not only enable users to have a higher degree of concern and curiosity about the account , It can also improve the completion rate of the account , Help to increase weight .

3、 Set up some interactive questions in the video description , for example : Find a few small details in the video , Er ha, it's very nice today, etc , Guide user interest , Participation topics .

4、 Reply to short video comments , Enhance the stickiness of fans .

5、 Prepare God's comments in advance , Create more topics for accounts , Let fans feel that attention is valuable .

6、 Input in 55 character copy # topic of conversation #, and @ Tiktok assistant , Actively participate in challenges and tiktok activities , It's easier to be popular .

7、 Integrating anchor's location and human settings into short video , Fine processing of content copy , Before the live broadcast 2 Push within hours , If you can buy it again Dou+, Double drainage effect .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

Buy Dou+

Dou+ It's the official tiktok heating tool. , Used it. , Tiktok will put your short video to more potential customers. , Increase exposure and impact , The effect of powder absorption depends on the quality of the content .

Dou+ Can the drainage , But not necessarily easy to use . The higher the quality level of short video , The better the effect is ; On the contrary , If the content is not good, spending money may not have a good effect .

therefore , When will it be launched , What is the intensity of investment , It's up to you , And what you want to achieve .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

Channel outside the station

Microblogging 、 official account 、 We-Media 、 Friends circle advertising and major APP Open screen advertising and other ways to obtain traffic , It is possible to increase the flow , such Matrix marketing needs a comprehensive plan in the early stage , Will get better results .

 Wang Zhong : Tiktok live broadcast , What if there's no traffic

Said than done , be-all “ methodology ” It's only after practice that we know whether it works or not , If there is time for discussion and interaction , The stable growth of account number can be realized .

Tiktok platform “ Mr. Wang Chong ” studio , Make a little progress every day .

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