Baidu acquisition YY live: giant investment logic is not as simple as you think
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Baidu acquisition y y Live broadcast of this case is very educational , Why do you get different information from the same news , What is the acquisition logic of the giants , How should we look at the acquisition ?

Most of the time, it's easy to be misled by intuition when we judge whether a thing makes money or not . On the one hand, marketing distorts some facts , For example, online stores hire people to line up , XX coffee super subsidy , On the other hand, Chinese business has always been in the habit of making a big fortune with a dull voice , So now it seems that there has been little noise in recent years y y , It seems that it's not as good as the betta and tiger teeth who have anchor job hopping and high price digging news every day ,yy Do you make money , Is it still a live broadcast platform ?

The answer is yes . according to mob research institute 《2020 Insight into the situation of China's live broadcasting industry 》 Show , From the overall pan entertainment live broadcast products ,yy Whether in the market share or user growth has always maintained the lead . If you put aside the game live, subdivide to the entertainment live track , Even more 40% Market share . Even Kwai tiktok compared with the present moon king. , although yy Users are only Kwai tiktok's 1/10. , But its revenue can reach a third or more of each other's .

 Baidu acquisition YY live broadcast : The investment logic of giants is not as simple as you think

Because their paying customers are really exaggerated , Baidu acquisition yy live broadcast , First of all, live broadcast of several ontology business can bring huge cash flow to it . Secondly, the combination of two guns can produce a lot of interesting chemical reactions , This is also easy to be ignored . Tencent acquired tiger tooth before , Combination of fighting fish and tiger teeth , Some media reported that the door of China's live broadcasting market has been closed since then .

But you need to know before Tencent's acquisition , Get together 2019 year Q4 Results show that yy In the same period, the revenue was more than that of Huya 9 $ . According to this logic ,2020 Tencent just closed the door at the beginning of the year , By the end of the year, a kick was kicked by Baidu . Not only yy Revenue capability , More lies in Baidu and yy The two complement each other .

yy What is tiktok Kwai? , Why do you think it's live on the track yy They may not be able to do it , Because they have a huge front-end traffic pool , This thing is called short video . therefore yy Good , I don't think so , These players who lack access to traffic on the live track are not favored , It's normal .

Acquisition in Baidu y y After live broadcast , Let's talk about the flow entrance , Baidu may think you have a little humor . Baidu —— The king of flow entrance , Early in the preparation of the live broadcast of this project , Including Baidu app 、 Baidu post bar 、 The core products of mobile ecology such as good-looking video have already entered the live broadcast entrance , And will guide traffic into the live room .

 Baidu acquisition YY live broadcast : The investment logic of giants is not as simple as you think

Live video can be recommended in Baidu mobile terminal display , And can appear in Baidu mobile search results page , It's solved directly y y The biggest headache of live broadcasting . But the chemical reaction between them is more than that . up to now , There are two routes for capital recognition in the live broadcasting industry , A decentralized centralization algorithm for tiktok. , Relying on algorithm recommendation to consolidate user stickiness advantage lies in the explosive growth of user scale . The other is Kwai Fu community operations. , Use time to precipitate the inherent community tonality , In contrast, it is more stable .

That's a coincidence , Baidu that is to rely on algorithm to start . meanwhile yy As one of the earliest live broadcasting platforms in China , Have rich operation experience , This can be confirmed by the user payment rate far higher than the average market level , The management mode of guild is also consistent with the concept of community operation . The new products produced by the combination of the two are very imaginative .

Finally, don't think of an acquisition as simply a purchase of another company , The logic of giant acquisition is actually a logic of self completion . In my ecosystem , It's in my business map , What do I need , Instead of spending time taking risks to cultivate , It's better to buy a mature team and project directly , This is the thinking of giants .

 Baidu acquisition YY live broadcast : The investment logic of giants is not as simple as you think

So Baidu has been thinking about a problem these years , How to further expand the functional boundaries beyond the search environment , How to increase user's stickiness and usage environment for Baidu products . To say people's words is to respect users and friends , Can you use me to search things , Can we have more warmth between us , I'll give you what you want directly .

And in the 5g Under the times , The mainstream carrier of future content presentation is video , In fact, Baidu has always attached great importance to the field of video . From long video iqiyi , To the horizontal screen video products good-looking video , Book review video products , All people's small videos have been polishing and making efforts . But now the common way to play video ecology is to play short and long , Live E-commerce .

Short video drives long video to build ecological live broadcast , Improve social attributes , Gather a lot of traffic at the same time , Act as an e-commerce fan interaction 、 Cultural exchange is the intermediate link of many businesses . What Baidu lacks now is such a live platform , But there are few platforms that can meet this requirement . Tiger tooth 、 Betta belongs to Tencent , The other orders of magnitude are tough .

In this respect , Baidu even if the acquisition is not y y live broadcast , Sooner or later, they will find a platform of the same type to complement their own ecological development . and yy Entertainment of the show , It can also complement the knowledge of Baidu live positioning , That's why I'm more optimistic about this acquisition .

To sum up , Baidu acquisition y y Live broadcast of the deal itself is not a loss , The capabilities of the two teams can also complement each other , Finally, it can complete the puzzle of Baidu's lack of ecology . No matter the layout of e-commerce, improve the layout of video field , Or expand the search environment , Optimize revenue structure . For Baidu , This is all 2020 One of the most promising moves at the end of the year .
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