Several factors needing attention in website construction
Li Xuepeng 2020-11-25 08:58:33
Most companies build their own websites , Most of them will cooperate by looking for some local outsourcing companies , At the same time, in addition to website construction , Including some website maintenance and other work also outsourcing . But some technology companies have been running for a while and then suddenly they're gone , This also caused our website to appear to be unable to open , Caton and so on , Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points when choosing the website construction company :

One 、 Observe the service provider's operation market

In the current market , Many software service companies are made up of 8 to 10 Composed of , A small part of the scale can reach dozens of people or even hundreds of people , Generally, a company of this size has a wide range of business , It covers a large area . When choosing an Internet company , We want to observe the company's operations and business development , Not a big service company must be reliable , Some small companies are more humane in their services , So when choosing a software service company , We must know more and communicate more , Service providers who can really solve our problems , That's the first element of our choice .

Two 、 Understand whether the website construction company marketing is in place

We need to know something about the marketing situation of software service companies , The quality of a company can be seen from the marketing situation , To see if they have we media 、 official account 、 Website, etc. , If a network construction company doesn't even have these or does not operate well , How to build and operate other people's websites ?

3、 ... and 、 Website source code and database source code

Although the demander will not modify the source code of the website itself , But for safety's sake , It's better to ask for source code . If the company's development language is php+mysql, Then you need to ask the website database for documentation . Generally speaking , The company that set up the site does not recommend that customers keep the program , Because website programs and data often increase . for example , When the demander's company has new activities or articles to add to the website , The database will change , The image library in the program will also change . The demand side cannot update the program in real time , Can't get it in time after entering the program . If they can't get in touch with the company , They can only return to their original state . Of course , It's better than being unable to find a website program and being helpless .

 Website construction needs to pay attention to several elements

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