A quick examination of the annual ceremony of the live broadcast of Kwai tat, changing the pattern of anchor
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Interpretation of the value officer of culture and entertainment :


Today's live broadcast of Kwai Chung annual ceremony. , After the announcement of the competition system and award rules , With unprecedented multi ecology 、 The supporting policy of playing games and 10 billion traffic , Cause industry shock . Kwai Chi as the world's largest live platform , What signals will be released from this event ? What impact and change will it bring to the industry ? Before the big test that can change the anchor pattern , Value officer reporter interviewed the director of Kwai live broadcast business. .

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

The whole nation is in a frenzy ! The host's entrance examination

2020 The annual live broadcast of Kwai live broadcast will be held at 11 month 20 Day online , This online annual event is divided into annual guild competition 、 Division championship 、 Regional Championship 、 Four schedules of the annual finals , All entertainment associations and anchors can participate in the competition , Fight for annual glory and grand gifts .

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

Let's look at the details first :

  • Annual guild competition : After all participating clubs enter the designated track , Ranking will be based on the sum of the peak values obtained by the guild's anchors , Association of Kings 6 strong , Diamond and Platinum Guild 3 strong , Get online luxury rewards , And attended the red carpet show and award ceremony .

  • Division championship : All entertainment anchors can be qualified for the division championship by completing the task in the qualification competition , Qualified anchor , You can choose your own track to enter ( total 16 Track (s) ), Every day during the promotion TOP10 The anchor will be awarded the top 100 anchor customized Medal of the year ( common 480 A host ); Each division top4-top5 Win the trophy and attend the red carpet show ( common 32 A host ); Each division 3 Strong general gets online luxury Award , And attended the red carpet show and award ceremony ( common 48 A host ).

  • Regional Championship : Division championship track top30 Anchor and resurrection top120 's anchor can participate in the regional championship , The presenters will be randomly divided into 4 Track (s) , Each division top4 as well as top5 Win the trophy and attend the red carpet show ( common 8 A host ); Each division 3 Strong general gets online luxury Award , And attended the red carpet show and award ceremony ( common 12 A host );

  • Annual finals : Each track of the regional Championship top10 The anchor will be eligible for the annual finals , year TOP4-10 The anchor won the trophy and attended the offline red carpet show and awards ceremony , year TOP3 The anchor will get a million bonus Gift Pack , Attend the offline ceremony , There are also mysterious awards such as star assisted performance .

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

At the end of the year , Every major live broadcasting platform will open an annual ceremony , Show the results of the year in the form of selection , And issued a series of incentive policies , Give the maximum feedback to the host and users . This year, Kwai Chung is the first to participate in such a grand event. , From the announcement of detailed rules, the strength is unprecedented , The reward publicized by other platforms is not in the same order of magnitude .

For the reason why we want to release 600 The feat of multiple awards , Chou Chi Kwai, head of live broadcast business , yes We hope to make the annual event a national participation 、 A national Carnival , It's not just the head anchor's arena , And this is in the Kwai rush development process. , The inclusive values are consistent throughout .

“ As a whole, we hope that as many anchors as possible can participate , Whether it's the head anchor , Or middle waist anchor , It's a potential new anchor , It's a guild anchor , still UGC The host , Anchors of different growth stages can show themselves on the matching track , Get matching grades and rankings . The head is a point , But it's not the only track .”

And join the guild track , It is also a feature of Kwai Chung annual celebration. . With the platform UGC Stability of content ecology , Kwai Chung last year 12 The introduction of guild system , This can also be seen as Kwai Fu after the content diversity is saturated. , An important strategy of upgrading to high quality content .

Wei Yulong, the head of Kwai live broadcast revenue, gave this supplement. ,“ The number of Kwai active hosts is the total sum of the whole network. , It's a huge broadcast , This involves the service ability of the host , A lot of UGC The way for the anchor to improve the service ability is to think about it by himself , Self iteration in the process of continuous live broadcast , The whole still belongs to the state of relative groping . The guild has a set of very standard and valuable programs and means for the growth of the host . Introduce Kwai into the guild , It is expected that it can give more power to the existing anchors of the platform .

Open up guild track , In fact, it is also released to the outside world , Kwai Tai actively promotes the signal of guild business. . in fact , By fully opening the door , Increase the income of guild , Let's benefit the guild and other strategies , In less than a year , The guild business has been developing rapidly , But from Kwai's whole ecosystem chain , The guild volume is still relatively low , And that also means , The guild business will have a very big growth space , This blue ocean , Waiting for more gold diggers to come .

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

Borrow the east wind , Go up to Qingyun !

From the competition and awards of the Kwai Chung annual event , This is really going to be a big test to change the anchor pattern ! When the reporter of value officer looks at the rules carefully , We found several match points worthy of attention :

firstly , The annual event passes the user tasks set in the event , To include iPhone12 And user luxury privilege reward , Guide users to pay attention to quality anchors , And in the process , Collection and distribution of traffic , Will create a huge traffic window , So as to provide a strong upward channel for the anchor , Kwai's anchor will enter shuffle mode. .

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

For the anchor , Super traffic blessing of the opening ceremony , It's really unprecedented , Kwai Fu is only open to Spring Festival Gala in history. 、 parade 、 Zhou Jielun's flow inlet —— Sidebar position 1 , It's also completely open to the host . The popularity and super flow support gained from this , It means that as long as you stick to the top of the track every day , The amount of the champion anchor , Have a chance to achieve 2 Ten million —3 Ten million , It only takes a month , You can grow into a head anchor . For the industry , This can be regarded as a new way to play the nuclear bomb level .

second , This activity obviously highlights the content orientation . before , Most of Kwai's impressions are mostly on head anchors and social anchors. , Talent and skill 、 Level of appearance 、 Talk show 、 There is a lack of more representative characters in the field of games , And this time it's dedicated to them , The size of the team is different , So it can be foreseen that , Mass participation in anchor , Under the support of the platform's resources and accurate support , More quality content will be seen , Kwai entertainment entertainment live on the subdivision track , It's likely that a black horse will stand out .

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

New entertainment live broadcasting to rise

in fact , The value officer reporter also felt the interview with the director of Kwai live broadcasting business. , Kwai takes content as a foundation for video platform. . In the last ten years , Kwai tau has been pursuing the long tail mode. , Each content distribution strategy has a constraint assessment of Gini coefficient , So as to avoid the resource distribution between producers and the gap between the rich and the poor , Is to give more ordinary people the chance to be seen . It's by encouraging ordinary people to produce content , And set up a low threshold 、 On a large scale 、 Diversified content supply capacity , To drive the social relationship chain and live broadcasting business , Grow up to have 3.02 Yirihuo and the industry leader with the strongest user stickiness .

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

2020 The year is a year of rapid development of Kwai Kong's live broadcast of e-commerce. . Kwai Fu prospectus data display ,2020 year 1 month -6 month , Total amount of platform e-commerce transactions 1096 One hundred million yuan , a 2018 Year of 9660 Ten thousand yuan growth 1000 times , Many anchors transform into e-commerce anchors . But Kwai knows. , Rich and diverse content and warm community ecology , That is the foundation for Kwai Chung users to cash in. . In content , Build a richer ecology around social interaction ; On revenue , Bring more benefits to creators of non e-commerce live broadcasting , Kwai Chi is the next step's strategic focus. .

Zhou Chi says frankly , It is in this context that the annual event came into being ,“ We hope to adopt such a mechanism as the annual ceremony , Can better convey , Kwai hope platform hopes the common prosperity of live broadcast and entertainment live. , We hope that e-commerce live broadcasting can give the value of live broadcasting to users who like it , I also hope that entertainment anchors can have more volume , There are more anchors , It can better meet everyone's entertainment demands . Kwai Tai pays great attention to entertainment. 、 Social anchor , This is a very important starting point for us to do the annual ceremony .”

For fast Kwai ,2020 The annual live broadcast ceremony in is just the beginning , In the future, I hope that the annual live broadcast ceremony will be regarded as a IP Carry out normal operation . By trying to iterate the game mode 、 Content form 、 Track Designer 、 User play , Bring more excellent content creators to the market .

Zhou Chi further added ,“ As we do more guild work this year , There are a lot of them on the platform UGC The content of the anchor is improved , After that, we'll have more grippers , Make entertainment anchors more large-scale and systematic . Besides , Next year, the whole platform will also have relevant planning , For example, some activities on the operation content side , Including anchors and guilds have the opportunity to participate in offline activities , We will try more , Give the anchor and guild more growth channels .”


From Kwai Fu's abundant live broadcast ecosystem , Kwai to fine operation of entertainment live broadcast . We can see , Kwai Tai, a new live entertainment player. , It will lead the industry into a new era .

 Live broadcast of Kwai live , A big test to change the pattern of anchor

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