If you only take one day off, why is the salary deducted so much?
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I believe that every month for migrant workers , What I'm looking forward to most is the day of salary . After all, I go out early and return late every day , It's all about making money . Salary as we work hard every month “ remuneration ”, How much money can you get , It's also what many people care about most .

 Just one day off , Why is the salary deducted so much ?

In the impression of most people , One month according to 30 Days to count , Except for four weekends , The working day should be at 22 God . If it is to catch up with 31 Day's month , Then the working day will naturally be one more day . However, when companies actually pay salaries , There are not enough pay days 22 Days , But according to “21.75” To calculate .

Many people don't understand this , The working day of every month is 22 God , Why pay according to 21.75 To calculate ? In this way, the employees are not “ A disadvantage ” 了 ? In response to this phenomenon , Experts have also debunked some of them “ tricks ”. Monthly salary calculation seems to be a very simple thing , In fact, in the calculation of salary, even if the old employees have worked for a long time , There will be mistakes .

 Just one day off , Why is the salary deducted so much ?

And for most wage earners , No salary days in a month 22 God or 23 God . As for the way in which , Let's have a look !

According to the legal holidays , The legal holidays of the year are on 11 God . You know, even on legal holidays , Also need to pay the normal salary . If we do this calculation , A total of 104 A rest day , Days other than rest days , It's a payday . Divide this number by 12, And you get 21.75 This payday .

21.75 Day use

Now that I know that the salary day of each month is 21.75 God , The next step is to understand 21.75 Mainly used in what aspects . In general, it's just taken as an average , It is mainly used in salary conversion during legal holidays , To put it bluntly, this also makes it clear that legal holidays are “ Equate to ” Attendance day .

It's just a difference in numbers , But the salary days in this month are still very important for office workers . If you don't know , I don't know if I take less money .

The number of days a month is related to the deduction of wages

 Just one day off , Why is the salary deducted so much ?

One of the most important aspects of a month's pay days , It is related to our salary deduction . According to the rules , If you take personal leave, you should pay according to the average number of days per month 21.75 To deduct wages . In a nutshell , Divide your monthly salary by 21.75, That is, the daily salary of employees . If you ask for leave , You have to multiply the daily wage by the number of days off . That's why many people say they only take one day off , The salary deducted is higher than the actual wage , In fact, it uses 21.75 The monthly salary algorithm .

Of course, this approach seems very reasonable , However, it is easy to encounter problems in practice . because 21.75 Monthly salary is also divided into positive algorithm and inverse algorithm , Different ways of calculation lead to different funds . Of course, the reason for this is not 21.75 As a result of , It's because the days of each month are different .

 Just one day off , Why is the salary deducted so much ?

According to the monthly salary this method although has certain flaw , But relatively speaking, the advantages are obvious , So at present, most companies still adopt the monthly salary system . There are also questions about this , since 21.75 There is something unreasonable in itself , Why not just follow 30 Days to calculate the salary ?

The answer to this question is also very simple , If according to 30 Day by day , In other words, weekends are also paid . Unless it's a company that requires employees to be on duty for a month , Otherwise, as long as it's a holiday , Enterprises will not follow 30 Days to calculate . After all, the boss is not “ Injustice ”, If according to 30 We have to pay more every month , At the same time, employees have to work all the time , It's not very reasonable for both sides .

 Just one day off , Why is the salary deducted so much ?

It is worth noting that , There are no rules that require companies to comply with 21.75 To calculate your monthly salary . In practice, different enterprises have different ways of calculation , If you find yourself taking a day off , The salary is higher than the actual salary , So it's according to 21.75 To calculate .

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