Charli d'amelio became the first tiktok fan to surpass 100 million
Night star 2020-11-25 07:27:21
According to foreign media reports , Super Internet Celebrities and teenage blockbusters Charli D'Amelio Will be the first in TikTok Owned on 1 One hundred million fans , And it's only a year and a half since she joined the platform . the 16 The 18-year-old girl will surpass the world's biggest celebrities as well as Youtube、Instagram and and Vine The number of online celebrities reaching this milestone .

Charli D'Amelio Become TikTok The first person with more than 100 million fans

TikTok Mainly in the Z Among a generation of users ( super 60% In the U.S., most users are in their teens and 20s ), Due to the byte jitter of its Chinese parent company, attention has been paid to it ,TikTok This year, more and more media attention has been paid to it . although TikTok It met with a lot of resistance from the trump Administration , But even so , The Internet celebrities on the platform are still booming , and D'Amelio The undisputed queen among them .

Although this year has been tough for most people , But no matter by what standard ,D'Amelio I also spent an extraordinary 2020 year -- Not to mention the teenage girl who shot dance videos in her bedroom more than a year ago . A year ago. , She is in TikTok The only fans are 100 ten thousand , Now her profile on the app is growing exponentially , Besides , She is in TikTok There has been an explosion in other businesses .

In her honor , This year, D'Amelio Made her first feature film 、 Nail polish with all brands 、 cosmetics 、 Fashion Cooperation 、 In the Super Bowl ad 、 There is one Dunkin' Donuts The drink was named after her 、 With your idol J-Lo Together in a music video . Her first book 《Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping It Real》 It will be published next month .《 Forbes 》 8 A report released in June showed , In the past year ,D'Amelio Made money through all kinds of deals 400 Thousands of dollars .

D'Amelio Not only for themselves to create an unexpected new business , And she started a career for her entire family . Her sister Dixie I started my own music career , Her parents also have fans of their own , They're all in their families and YouTube Post content on the channel and follow United Talent Signed a contract . Even though they all look good , but D'Amelio It's the absolute star . Without her TikTok Fame pulled them out of obscurity , without doubt , They will also live a peaceful life in their home state of Connecticut .
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