Is Taobao operation reliable? Agent operation has sealed my shop. Who should compensate for the loss?
Doctor Ni 2020-11-25 07:15:13
Taobao shop as an entrepreneurial project , Almost every day there are novices in , As a novice to Taobao , It can be said that a lot of Taobao knowledge is learning , How do you want to operate quickly ? That may be to go to the agent operating company !

As a novice Taobao seller , If someone tells you , It's free to operate for you , To provide you with a complete set of professional services , You just have to pay a certain service fee after the product is sold , Would you like to ?

 Is Taobao's acting operation reliable ? Agent operation has sealed my shop. Who should compensate for the loss ?

As an ordinary wage earner , If someone tells you , Just pay a franchise fee , You can get professional agent operation , Including the supply of goods , Shop decoration 、 Product promotion 、 You don't have to worry about anything , Just lie down and earn money , Would you like to ?

If you don't want to , There is only one thought in my mind , Namely “ willing ” perhaps “ Think about ”. that , You may have been cheated 80%. The swindler is in a big way , Unscrupulously defraud us of that tiny deposit . Some of the money is even a dream fund that our family has put together for us .

 Is Taobao's acting operation reliable ? Agent operation has sealed my shop. Who should compensate for the loss ?

There are also some Taobao acting operators claim , Free to help you do agent operation , Provide a series of professional services to help sellers expand the sales of online stores , Just pay a certain amount of service commission after the goods are sold . Is there such a good thing as pie falling in the sky ? Obviously , No .

Online store operation ” The telecom network swindle criminal gangs like scams , With “ Online store operation ” For bait , Professional fraud want to open an online shop, but have no experience “ rookie ”. The gang is well organized , Set up a customer service department 、 Online shop construction department 、 Training department 、 Personnel department and other departments , The division of labor between departments is clear, and they cooperate with each other , Routine design and operation are closely linked .

actually , The gang has neither the ability to operate online stores , Also did not open the goods source which the shop needs , The online store for the victims is a fictitious shell . The main means of such fraud cases are , The suspect made a false advertisement , Attract people who want to open an online store to browse, pay attention and leave contact information , Then recommend to the other party 1980 Meta Advanced Edition 、3980 Yuan fortune version 、5980 Meta flagship version “ Online store operation ” package , Pretending to be tailor-made for inexperienced customers who want to open online stores .

 Is Taobao's acting operation reliable ? Agent operation has sealed my shop. Who should compensate for the loss ?

After the victim gets hooked and pays , Taking advantage of the victim's eagerness to make money , Send some false high traffic and high performance pictures and success stories , Take the opportunity to recommend to the victims to enhance the reputation of the online shop version of the drill 4980 element 、9800 element 、19800 Yuan package , Make the victim believe that they can get higher income by buying more expensive packages , Decoy victim upgrade package version , Pay a higher fee , So as to achieve the purpose of further fraud .

Counterfeiting can be used for many purposes “ beauty ” Business

“ It's free to open a shop on Taobao . Regular Taobao agent operation , Never use opening a store as a reason to charge .” Yesterday Yichen told reporters , With the rapid development of e-commerce , The scam Gang is on Taobao , Come up with a fake Taobao official identity , In the name of helping to open a shop “ Service charge ” The criminal means of .

“ Lawbreakers , Through social software groups and search engine advertising promotion , With ‘ It broke out overnight ’、‘ fall in love ’ Wait for money 、 Feelings are bait , Lure young people who don't know the e-commerce industry to open a shop on Taobao . In Taobao and the police jointly cracked a number of fake Taobao operation fraud cases , These criminal gangs are using ‘ beauty ’ Cheat the male victim's trust in the name of love , Then let him open Taobao store , Then I asked to pay the service fee of opening a shop .” Yi Chen said , Once the victim has paid thousands of yuan or even up to 10000 yuan of service fee as required , these “ beauty ” And immediately disappeared , Only one left without any merchandise “ ghost ” The store .

“ In fact, these ‘ beauty ’ It's all male , Every time they get a single, they get as high as 40% Royalty , This is much higher than the normal generation business commission .” Yi Chen told reporters , The formal agent operation service includes “ Customer service ”、“ Extension ” Other business , Cost is very high , In general , The service charge is tens of thousands of yuan per month . This makes the customer group of formal generation operation more enterprise , Very few people .“ Online stores need to operate with heart , Even if it's a regular acting company , It's impossible to pull up sales immediately , So-called ‘ It soared overnight ’ It's totally deceptive . and , For Taobao's new sellers whose monthly turnover is less than 10000 yuan , There's no need to have a human operator .”

How to identify the true and false of the acting operating company ?

1、 It's not reliable to make harassing calls ;

2、 What industry dares to accept is not reliable ;

3、 It's not reliable to sell more than to operate ;

4、 It's not reliable to promise that you can get good results with very little service charge .

5、 All sorts of other unreliable behaviors , Can go to Baidu video search “ Taobao was cheated ” You can get more cases of various kinds of Taobao agent operation fraud that the police cracked .
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