How to open a supermarket? How to add powder in supermarket
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How to open a supermarket ? How to increase the flow of customers to the supermarket is a problem that supermarket owners are very concerned about every day . Now fans 、 Members are the guarantee of store performance . Especially in social networking, e-commerce has become a trend
Under the circumstances , As long as it can be added to wechat friends , You can develop into paying customers . How to add powder in the shop , It's a process , Here are a few practical procedures .

 How to open a supermarket ? How to add powder in supermarket ( On )

In the powder shop
One 、 The cash register is powdered
Powder addition requirements :
When the customer pays the bill , The cashier must alert the customer to , Scan and forward ( Applet code 、 Current activities link 、 Or activity pictures ) Gift giving .
Powder scene :
When the customer pays the bill , The cashier prompts the customer ,“ Are you a member of us ? Scan the QR code , Become our member , Get a piece of fruit or a bottle of washing liquid for free . Sweep these two , One is
The boss's wechat , One is the small program code ”. We will bring you into our welfare group , You can grab the red envelope , The new model has priority .”
After customers scan the code , The cashier helps customers share the activities in the store schedule to the circle of friends .“ Just forward this message to your circle of friends ”
PS: Scan the store welfare number , Be friends , And into the welfare group ; Sweep the official account , Become a fan . Scan the applet code , Add user
Material and personnel preparation
1. A3 The cards and gifts are placed in a prominent position at the cash register , There are two QR codes on the card , And the benefits of code scanning .
2. Set up the gifts
3. Two at the cashier's desk , One cashier , One person helps customers scan code or share store activities .
Old member
Already an old member of fans , Just forward the activity to your circle of friends , You can get one of the gifts .
“ You are already our member , Then just forward the message to the circle of friends ”
Two 、 Add powder to the sales area
Powder addition requirements :
Inform the customer of , Adding powder has benefits .
Powder scene :
Inform the customer of , There will be new ones in the future , Which brands will be visited , As a wechat friend , I'll let you know in advance , Buy first .
When the customer tries on or disagrees with the price , Tell the customer ,
“ Scan the code to become a member , We will give you a gift , Either socks or laundry detergent .”
or “ Scan the code to become a member , You can enjoy the membership price , full 100 Yuan can give you a member exclusive 10 Yuan coupon ”
Material and personnel preparation :
1. Put... On the shelf KT edition , The official account is two-dimensional code
2. The shop chooses part of the Membership , The original price is on the shelf 、 Membership price ; Scan the code and forward to enjoy the membership price
3. The QR code on the work clothes , For customers to sweep
4. Shopping guide choose the right time ( When you try it on 、 When you disagree with the price 、 When indecisive ), Inform customers of code scanning activities
After watching the powder adding process above , Is it easy to feel ? If you haven't powdered it yet , You can try the above process , In the next issue, we will talk about how to add powder to the customers who have not bought in the store and the promotion link .

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