Teachers work overtime free of charge, and the boss says, "it should be!".
Xiao Li 2020-11-25 07:15:08

This morning, 7:30 I am late , I work in a private kindergarten , For several years. , Because it's a high-end Park , Rich in activities 、 Quality required , There have been countless shifts in recent years , Through countless nights , I've never been paid overtime , Not to mention winter and summer vacation , The boss said :“ Whether a person is excellent or not , It's not about your salary , It's about what you're doing after work .” So this sentence makes us work hard , Become a “ good ” People who .

 Teachers work overtime free of charge , The boss said :“ It should be !”.

In fact, I just graduated, I don't know anything , I think it's good to be in such a high-end park , Colleagues are also very friendly , It's rare to have “ GongDou ”, After all, parents have to pay four or five thousand tuition a month , At least a family like me can't afford it , I also keep telling myself , I'm still young in my twenties , We should put down everything to fight , Make your own way , The first two years I was really desperate , Even if the journey home by bus is only half an hour , I also stay in kindergarten every day , Working like hell , I seldom go back on weekends , Work overtime until three o'clock in the middle of the night , The other interns began to complain, but I told them in a fair way that :“ It should be ! There is always a reward for giving !”, Yes, in exchange for a weekend break , But I have to get up early in the morning to prepare lessons 、 Write Observations 、 Growth record ······

later , I've been used to it for a long time , Hard work , It's true that there are achievements , Three months after graduation, I became a head teacher , Sure enough, the first day of school was a mess , It's hard to do it , The first week was framed by parents for beating their children , Children have separation anxiety, blame teacher , Parents read books about education and begin to refute your education with things they don't understand , It's like kindergarten teachers should be bullied , But I always believe that young people have to meet ups and downs to become great. I have persisted to this day , One by one, do the work of parents , Let parents trust , Finally, the class problems were solved one by one , Our class has also become the most cooperative group in the whole garden , The children are also very cooperative 、 Clever , But I began to doubt myself , Is this really the best choice ?

I moved out of the school dormitory around September , Because I can't stand living without privacy , Even where you go at night 、 There's someone in charge of everything , But they always tell you like angels :“ We care about you , It's too dangerous for a girl to go out at night .” Then the next day, the meeting began to say , Some teachers don't go out at night , I'd like to ask the master to open the door for you , How nice to be in the bedroom ! Yeah , Two at a time , every time , Finally, the teacher is required to report where to go , All for safety , I admit it's for everyone's safety , The school is really very responsible for the teachers , But I can't breathe because of this weird operation , I'm an adult, after all .

Escape from a life without privacy , I'm also about to face new challenges , It's more than ten kilometers to go home every day , Come early, the school is not open , In this cold day, the cold wind can only be blowing at the door , I was stuck on the road when I went out late , There was a traffic jam , If you are late, you will be deducted , None of them will make you , I didn't know I could make 200 yuan a day if it wasn't for being late , Remember when I was sick for three days , More than 500 yuan was deducted from the salary , When talking to others, everyone thinks that my salary must be very high , Actually, I got it, but it was just that , After subsidizing the family, it will be enough to pay for the journey , In fact, I feel that if I work happily , There's nothing wrong with more money than little money , But being late this morning broke me down , Five minutes late in exchange for public blame , What is the purpose of working overtime day and night ?

Is it to help the boss expand his family property ?

 Teachers work overtime free of charge , The boss said :“ It should be !”.

A teacher's job , I never regret , Teachers are noble , Is worthy of respect , I don't know how many teachers are suffering from the same grievances as me , But how many people on this road can continue , How many people are still working overtime day and night in the moral kidnapping of their boss ? Come on, then 17 Let's test the teacher and the establishment , People in a country are no longer angry with the boss !

Now I can sit quietly in front of the computer and write this answer , Remember the past , Thank you “ Test teachers together ” And 17 teacher , By the confused little white , Become a teacher , The footprints of my study are left in 17. How many times have I attended the class , How many questions have been written , How many lessons did you have , That's true. ,17 know , thank 17 The company of .
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