Internship 2 days were dismissed, how the company in just two days to see a person?
Xiaoyaolang 2020-11-25 06:50:36
Today's article stems from a question I saw in Zhihu :

 Internship 2 Day was dismissed , How companies see a person in just two days ?

In the problem description ta writes :

“ I started two days ago , I was fired two days later . It may set the fastest dismissal record in the whole network .

But up to now, I don't know . Just two days into the company , Don't talk about projects , I'm not familiar with every business yet , I also go to work on time and work diligently without making mistakes . Yesterday's meeting also said that I should be fully responsible for a project , Training in Shanghai on Saturday and so on .

Let me go home from work today , Without warning . Send wechat to want to know why no one answered .

I'm really confused , You can see a person in two days ?”

Can the company really see a person in just two days ?

You don't say , It's OK .


In the workplace , What are you look at? ?

Many people say they can't see through a person in just two days , It's measured by a lifetime of communication .

You find people to marry and make friends with , Of course, you can't see it in a day or two . Because you are looking at a person's character 、 Three views 、 habits and customs 、 Hobbies and so on .

You're going to spend your life with this person , It is necessary to completely remove the defense before facing the party , Of course, we have to choose carefully , Watch carefully .

But the company , Not need .

Not even now 90 After an average job less than two years will leave , The company recruits employees , It's simply spending money to buy labor .

again , Don't get emotional in the workplace , Don't be valuable in the workplace .

Spend money , Do business , It's that simple .

You can work , Smart enough , Or at least , No trouble , Can .

But a lot of people , It's really impossible to work , Not smart enough , And add to the trouble .

You don't even have to go up to professional competence , Just a lack of basic ability can be fatal .

It doesn't even take two days , You can see it in half a day .

 Internship 2 Day was dismissed , How companies see a person in just two days ?


for instance .

Under this question, someone wrote about the situation they encountered when recruiting new people :

A new employee , Go to... For the first time xx building .

Before she came ,HR The route and landmarks have been clearly informed . Results that afternoon , She made four or five phone calls all the way , Get off from the bus stop ( I've told you in advance ), How to cross the road ( There's only one road ), To which building , Even to which door to enter , How to get on 24 floor .

All kinds of work, no matter how big or trivial , A few minutes later a phone call to ask .

And then it was pass It fell off .

imagine , If this girl will go to Zhihu to ask questions , I guess her problem is “ I think I'm doing well , Maybe because of Lu Chi, I asked two more questions , As a result, the other party fired me directly , Can you see a person in a few minutes ?”

But the point of this question is not whether you are road crazy or not , It's about whether you've given people trouble .

There are 10000 ways to find the way , You can take a taxi. , You can check Baidu map , You can ask a passer-by , You can ask the security guard , You can go out early for fear of finding the wrong place .

But she chose the most disgusting 、 It is also one of the most revealing ones own shortcomings —— Through endless interruptions , To solve their own problems .

It doesn't take a day or two , This situation met with , Bye now .

Because it's not hard to imagine , In the future work , alike “ Asking directions ” How many times does this happen , How many times do you have to ask for help .

Put yourself in other people's shoes , If you are the boss , Or you're a colleague of someone like this , Being interrupted by such trivial things causes trouble , Will you keep her ?

For the company , It doesn't matter if you're a lunatic , Whatever you are can be , But you can't make trouble .

This is the most basic professional quality .

 Internship 2 Day was dismissed , How companies see a person in just two days ?


Than “ Don't give others trouble ” what's more , Can we maintain emotional stability .

I'm still at work , The company has a new intern , Wen Wen is quiet , Education is also good , I had work experience before , Everything is very ok.

Let her write a story on the first day in , In the morning 9 It's time to get off work , Finally finished .

Send it to the leader , in a complete mess .

The sample text is given , Also talked about what to write , Where is the point . But she had her own temperament , Leng is to write a business analysis into a literature and art sentimental prose .

Can't , I'll take her , I'll change it .

It took more than an hour to mark out the problems in each paragraph , I have sent many model articles in the past , When you think it's almost done, tell her , You can do it at home or tomorrow morning , Ask me if you don't understand .

The manuscript I got the next day , It's probably changed 10%.

Ask her what's going on , Have you read the model .

answer , I read one or two articles , But I don't know how to change it , Is it necessary to rewrite .

I didn't talk , But the heart is still running .

A manuscript marked red to be changed 80%, You changed 10%, Now I ask if I want to rewrite it ? Feelings I have worked so hard to write the revision opinions 、 All the model articles I found were moved by myself ?

She didn't think I looked very well , Start apologizing .

I can't say anything , Let's just say you change it quickly , Take a look at it , Your question is very serious , Hurry up to adjust .

After that, I put on my headphones to do my work .

After a while, I felt strange , The office atmosphere is quiet and depressing .

Go and see her again , Red eyes , Sniffling and typing into the screen , Cry with tears .

Colleagues are very silent , I'm embarrassed .

We don't know what to do .

In the end, it's just that I let go of what I'm doing , Call her outside , Explain and coax , With self reflection is not a good attitude , Is it not clear enough to tell people .

More than an hour passed by again .

Finally coaxed her , Back to the Office , After receiving her second revised manuscript, she did not dare to ask for revision again , Afraid of irritating her . Two simple words of encouragement , I decided to rewrite the manuscript myself .

Stay up late that night .

In the evening, the leader sent a message asking me how she felt , Can you use .

I can only say , She's not very suitable for .

Professional ability is only one aspect , What's more, the emotions are too fragile .

The first to cry is miserable , It's a moral law hidden in people's hearts . You cry , That means your people are wrong . This moral pressure can be breathless .

He has to put down his work and spend time coaxing you , You have to be patient with the analysis , I have to bear the eyes of the people around me . Because I know you're vulnerable , He dare not say that you , I dare not give you an important task .

Such a glass man , It's really hard to get along in a high-pressure workplace environment .

indeed , Everyone will have a time when their workplace emotions collapse , Toilet , corridor , No one's space , Even ask for leave to go home , Fine , Can understand .

But out of control in front of people , It does disturb other people , Create pressure .

If the expertise is strong enough or can be compensated for , But if the ability is mediocre, you cry when you touch it , The perspective-taking , If you are ta My co-worker boss , Would you like to spend a lot of time with people like this ? Willing to be careful at all times to prevent stabbing pain ta Well ?

Don't talk about colleagues , Even your family and friends can't stand it for long .

 Internship 2 Day was dismissed , How companies see a person in just two days ?


But these two examples illustrate the two girls above “ People can't ” Well ? Or were they just... In two days “ See clearly ”?

Not really .

The second girl , I've always been in touch with her . Looking at her circle of friends is also positive 、 A clean and simple girl , I love reading and traveling , I have a good boyfriend , Sometimes I would like to ask me to dinner .

people , That's all right. .

The company doesn't have 、 There's no need to see her clearly .

Just see that she's not suitable for the job 、 This workplace , That's enough .

Can pass the interview , It proves that your rigid conditions are appropriate .

Can't pass the internship , That's not appropriate .

It's possible, as they say , You have an internal adjustment , When the interview is wrong, and so on .

But the real probability is very small , It's too small to comfort myself .

Besides, it's not suitable , It doesn't mean you're bad .

Maybe your professional ability is not good ( For example, I met ), Maybe your comprehensive ability is not good ( Like the one at the beginning ), Maybe it's you ( Personality problems ), Maybe you can't see ( EQ questions ), It may be that you simply don't match the style of the employees the company wants ( Fashion companies want fashion , Start up companies should be practical , Advertising companies have to put on ).

Unsuitable doesn't mean bad , But not suitable is not suitable .

Don't fit , Think about the reason , Just change it . There's no need to get tangled up , There's no need to deny yourself .

The girl I met later went to college to be a counselor , It suits her well .


Last , All the bosses I've talked to, big and small , There's a consensus :

The first half to a year of new recruits , Finish the basic work , Familiar with industry and position , Just don't get into trouble .

No one really expects interns who have just graduated from university or even have not graduated to give advice , Optimize the industry , Adjustment structure , Upgrade the enterprise .

But it's strange , It seems that there are always young people who think that these leaders of the older generation 、 The boss is no good , The head is stiff , No, I can't , It's not as clear as I think , They are all sb, I should give them advice .

Don't do this , friends , Die fast .

I used to hire a part-time assistant when I was very busy .

The worst experience is to let the other person go after a day of cooperation .

I asked him to help me collect information , In fact, it's retrieval - Copy - Paste job , He in turn instructed me to say , I don't think you should do this or that , You should be able to attract attention , I majored in this , You can't do this at all .

Is he right ?

Maybe it is , Maybe not .

But I don't have time , There's no need to distinguish what's in these words , What's wrong .

I was in that moment , All I need is someone to help me solve problems quickly , Instead of asking me to spend more time distinguishing 、 reflection 、 Adjust the general direction 、 The man who overthrows the path he planned before .

There are a lot of young people ( Including my own ) I didn't realize , The boss who has worked in the same field for three or five years or even more than ten years knows the industry better than himself , I think I know better , Have more ideas ,“ Why didn't he do what I told him ”.

Because people really know better than you . I have suffered a lot in this respect , You have to believe me .


No dismissal for no reason , friends .

It's just that we're all adults , A lot of things don't 、 There's no need to put it on the table and say .

I've had a lot of interns at my previous company , In the beginning, we must communicate in private , How about the new Xiao Wang .

This “ What about? ” It's not about character or appearance , It's pure ——

“ Easy to use ? Can you work ?”

Easy to use people really can see in the first day or two .

smart , Take the initiative , Strong learning ability , It's time to ask , Everything you should do is solved quickly , Don't push the pot for others , Don't give others trouble , Apologize when you should , Absolutely not “ I'm a new man, I'm so wronged. You're tolerant and tolerant ” That set .

People who are not easy to use can see it very quickly .

Slow hands and feet , There's a problem holding back , If you do something wrong, let others change it , There's no work in my eyes , Be opinionated , I don't know what to say , Or one or two words jump out, you ask him nothing , Or a lot of delays , It's also very emotional .

Everyone comes out to work , A bad person can really bring down the whole team .

So if you want to stay in a company longer , Or have experienced the tragic experience of being quickly dismissed , It's unnecessary to suggest that you :

1、 Talk to your friends more , Do you have any bad daily habits ( Like being late 、 Rely too much on others 、 I love to make trouble for others 、 Too noisy 、 Too emotional and so on ). You may not notice these daily habits yourself , But it's obvious in the workplace .

2、 It's better to find someone older than you 、 People with work experience , A detailed review of my own experience , Let's see if there's something wrong that you didn't notice .

3、 If it's all right , Maybe it's really your bad luck to have an internal adjustment ; If there's a problem , Don't blame yourself too much ,[ adjustment ] perhaps [ To avoid the ] All good choices , It doesn't mean you have a problem .

4、 Professional ability is always a life preserver .

Last , If you have any small problems you don't understand in the workplace , You are welcome to leave a message in the comments section ~

I hope this article can help you . I want to be better with you , I hope you can accompany me to grow up slowly .