Key points of short video shooting
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 Key points of short video shooting

as everyone knows , Tiktok has developed rapidly in recent years. , stay 2020 year , It has become a mature system of rules APP. With more and more competition , How to seize the opportunity on the tiktok , To stand out is a question worth studying .

Key points of video shooting

One Video content requirements

1 Video content should pursue originality , Non original video will be approved and offline , The price of stealing video is still quite serious .

2 The video content is clear , Express clearly . It has meaning , It has the nature of watching , Avoid too long to increase the completion rate , The best picture in the first few seconds is eye-catching , Create a character or line with memory 、 action .

 Key points of short video shooting

3 Innovative things are always popular with many people , Try a variety of video games , Continuous innovation , In this way, it will not be eliminated by the new media .

4 Dubbing music should match with pictures , Don't just talk , Have feelings , Match the picture .

5 Using video of tiktok map to enhance video interest .

6 Catch the hot spots , Learn to rub heat .

Two Copywriting

Try to be concise , Every sentence is best controlled in 20 Within words , Facilitate memory and dissemination .

Opening with a topic that is convenient for interaction , It's good to interact with the audience , Achieve the effect of heat increase , One video can trigger a discussion among many people , So it's successful , Of course , The interaction tiktok should be within the range of the flick rules. , Don't involve too much sensitive content .

3、 ... and Music selection

 Key points of short video shooting

Music style should match video , Avoid conflict with the screen .

You can choose popular songs or funny songs , It can increase the interest of video , draw audiences , Increase playback , You can also choose some music with a strong sense of rhythm , Arouse the audience's emotion , Achieve interactive effect .

If you have the ability to create music , You can use your own music , On the one hand, it increases the explosive point for the characters , On the other hand, it gives the audience a sense of novelty .

Professional equipment is recommended for dubbing , Ordinary radio props may easily form the sound in the video can not be heard clearly or the sound quality is bad 、 Spray wheat 、 Noise .

Four Video release time

Generally speaking , The video was released in the morning 11-13 spot , Afternoon 18-20 It's best to order , The amount of watching is high at this time .

 Key points of short video shooting

The cover should have impact or beauty , Make the audience more willing to click to watch , Add positioning to your video content , Add quality topic integration , Attract traffic .

Release videos about three times a week , This frequency can make the audience not easily annoyed , Not to wait .

Learn to interact with audience comments after releasing videos , Try to satisfy the fans .

5、 ... and Video shooting

Try to avoid hard advertising , First, it will cause the audience to be disgusted , Reduce viewing , On the other hand, it will be reduced by the tiktok platform. , Advertising should not last too long .

Avoid illegal behavior or language in the video , Tiktok sensitive words .

The content should be vertical , Because it can resonate with the audience .

That's all for today ! What questions do you want to know , Or any good ideas and suggestions can be put forward ~

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