How can I be fired dramatically?
Chencang River Valley 2020-11-25 06:38:20
I suddenly recruited new people for my position , I realized I was replaced . Review carefully whether you have made a big mistake , I can't help thinking about it , Finally, I learned the truth from the boss's mother's letter .

This has to start from this year 5 In January, the boss secretary began to talk about . First of all, let's introduce the relationship between the characters :1. I —— The head of the Department ;2. Boss —— Chairman of the board of directors , A successful research expert , bad-tempered , The kind of swearing at any time ;3. landlady —— The boss's former assistant , Now the boss's third wife ;4. Boss secretary —— The boss's nephew's ex-wife .

Secretary's first day in office , The boss came to me and said the secretary was in my department , Let me take her more , My nephew and ex-wife , He wants to get in touch with his nephew to remarry . This is my first listen , good heavens , Family relations , Although we are more disgusted with the family relationship in the company, we can't offend them , So I made up my mind , Work according to principles , I don't usually go back and forth .

The Secretary has been on the job for more than a month , Performance is conscientious and conscientious , Very hard , He is also a low-key person , The boss is very satisfied with her . But just then , The boss's wife is going to fire her secretary , But the boss won't let , So the boss and his wife started the cold war that the whole company knew ! Personnel manager ( Standing in line, landlady ) I was asked to comment on the Secretary's work , To put it bluntly, it is to say from my mouth that the work is unqualified , The probationary period is not allowed to become a regular , And then just fire . So I was put on the stove …… as it cannot be helped , I gave what I thought was a very objective assessment , There are good and bad , The final decision is still in the hands of the boss .

The cold war between the boss and his wife lasted more than four months ( In the year to 9 month )…… At this point, the company's top management leaves , The boss's wife successfully sat in the position of general manager , The boss has suddenly become super obedient to his wife , Fired the Secretary , I can see you , In this silent war, the landlady won , As for how to win , I don't know .

The Secretary said a word to me when he left , Maybe the next one to go is me . I didn't think much about it , It just has something to do with me ? The landlady always treats me the same as before , I can't see the meaning of dissatisfaction with me , So I didn't take the Secretary's words seriously . Until these two days, the newcomer enters the job , I realized that I really had to pack up and leave …… The reason is that when the boss's wife was about to dismiss her secretary , Didn't get the evaluation she wanted from me , She was born as a research assistant , Afraid that the boss and secretary will be in charge , Three views that shocked me .

If something like this happens to you , What would have been done then ? What will be done now ? I don't know , Seeking support !

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