Li Xiaojia, chief executive officer of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange: from the suspension of listing of ant group, we can see that regulation really participates in reshaping traditional finance
Liu Yufan 2020-11-25 06:13:57

 Li Xiaojia, chief executive of the Hong Kong stock exchange : Suspend listing from ant group , To see regulation really participate in reshaping traditional finance

Economic observer network The reporter Keen 11 month 17 Japan , Li Xiaojia, chief executive of the Hong Kong stock exchange, is in “2020 CNBC Global Conference on science and Technology - Nansha ” Online interviews say , Ant group suspended listing , In the short term, it may have a little impact on your investment schedule , But in the long run , Regulation can help regulate transactions in the whole capital market .

He said , Although some people question , There are so many regulatory changes , Why didn't you intervene in the whole listing plan ahead of time , It's about waiting until the end to intervene ,“ This is the behavior of China's entire regulatory body , I believe their actions and regulatory decisions have been in the pipeline for some time .”

Li Xiaojia said , Ant group suspended listing , Let him see that regulation is really involved , Reshaping the whole traditional finance , Including the development of new formats driven by technology , And the interaction between traditional finance and new finance .“ If we wait , Wait until the regulatory review of the risks brought about by listing before going public , It could be good for all of us .”

“ Having clear regulation is good for the market .” Li Xiaojia said ,“ We need to really understand the risks of the company's format , Until we really clarify and clear the regulatory uncertainty , Let's go public again , Instead of rushing into the market when the regulation is still unclear .”

He also called , China is becoming more and more digital , The whole market uses AI、 Blockchain, including big data, is more powerful than any other market . On the application side , Including the application of technology in various industries , China is very competitive , Especially considering the breadth of the Chinese market , And traditional industries and financial services 、 Retail services are inadequate .“ From this point of view , The application side can be said to be one of China's largest assets . There is also a strong willingness to change in this market .”

Li Xiaojia said , The process of China's digitization has given China a greater voice , Reshaping the order of the whole economy , Including the structure of its own economy . In this way , China's financial industry can really serve the real economy , Faster digital revitalization .

meanwhile , He thinks that , In terms of traditional basic research and basic breakthroughs , The United States may still be the world's largest country . From basic research , From the perspective of scientific and technological breakthroughs , Only original innovation and scientific research can promote the original breakthrough . For China , To really compete in original innovation and globally , It may take some time .

“ China needs to invest more in basic research , It's not just the investment of money , More investment in talent governance is needed , Including investment in government policies .” Li Xiaojia said , Including the government , We must open up the academic field , Create a free environment . thus , Only in this way can we see the opening up of China's original research and basic science and technology , And it can really promote the development of China's application side .
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