A new type of scam! Haikou a man's app "yunyangniu" invested 220000 yuan, unable to withdraw cash
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In recent days, , Haikou citizen Xu Wu ( alias ) Joined a rights group , All the people in the group are APP I was involved in “ Yunyang cattle ” investment , until APP Unable to login , They found out that they had been cheated . There are about 60 people , After they reported the case to the local public security organ , The police filed a case of fraud . According to the statistics of victims in the group , all “ Investment amount ” That adds up to about a million dollars .

 There's a new type of scam ! A man in Haikou APP On “ Yunyang cattle ”, input 22 You can't withdraw cash

Suspected of fraud APP Interface

Men brush short video found “ Business opportunities ”

This year, 7 month , Xu Wu saw a short video of “ Tianhe animal husbandry Internet animal husbandry cattle raising ” Advertisements , Some people in the video tell about themselves through APP“ Yunyang cattle ” The experience of investing and making money .

“ That section APP In the mobile app market, you can download , I download APP Then contact customer service , The documents and materials they provided at that time looked very formal .” Xu Wu said , This kind of APP The way to invest is to adopt cattle online 、 Off line special person raises , Investors just need to go through APP Invest a certain amount , Then commission the company to breed offline , You can pay dividends on a daily basis , Also can carry on one-time dividend according to long-term . Xu Wu said , At the beginning, he was still alert , Not too much investment .

At the beginning, Xu Wu adopted one “ Welfare cow ”, Cast 500 element ,2 Days. ,APP It shows the amount from 500 Yuan became 550 element . To determine the authenticity of the investment , Xu Wu made cash withdrawal , The result is not only a return , And the principal .“ So let's do that , No work at all , Just invest in this financial product , Just lie at home and make money .” Xu Wu said .

And then , Xu Wu put in 2 Ten thousand yuan , I bought a “ Normal cattle ”, only 5 Days time , His principal and income amount to 21000 element . Xu Wu withdraws cash again , Put forward the principal . Xu Wu was confused by the high income , He wants to play “ Big ”, Start borrowing money to invest ,“ This kind of profit , I'm sure I can pay you back in a short time .”

input 22 After all APP Unable to login

Xu Wu aimed at APP The new “ Qixi welfare cattle ”, He said :“ One end ‘ Qixi welfare cattle ’ The amount of adoption is 10000 element , It needs to be re cast 5 Copies and above , The feeding cycle is 5 God , Daily profits 357 element .” The propaganda page shows “ Fixed income and no risk ”.

Xu Wu found that ,APP More and more perfect interface , Investors can even click on a link , Watch yourself “ Adopted cattle ” Eating grass on the grass . Customer service said “ These are live videos ”.

Xu Wu adopted one “ Qixi welfare cattle ”, In the meantime, customer service said “ During the activity, we will send virtual lovers bracelets ”. But Xu Wu adopted one “ Qixi welfare cattle ”4 There is no profit in the day after , Xu Wu asked the customer service , Customer service said : Need to adopt 5 Above the head, there are benefits . Xu Wu immediately chased after 5 Ten thousand yuan . But adopted 5 head “ Qixi welfare cattle ” after , Xu Wu found that the income still hasn't arrived .

here , Customer service told Xu Wu , Because there was no one-time adoption before 5 head , There are data differences in the middle , Need to recharge 5 10000 yuan to call back the data . For the previous principal , Xu Wu did the same . But a day later, he found that the data was abnormal again , Customer service is also called “ If you recharge again , You can withdraw cash immediately , If you don't recharge in time , Data lost , There's no money ”. Eager to recover the loss of Xu Wu and recharge .

such , Xu Wu recharged one after another 15 Ten thousand yuan , Plus previous investments ,APP The principal in the account is 22 Ten thousand yuan , And the customer service is still asking him to continue to charge money for various reasons . until 9 month 3 Japan , Customer service no longer responds to any questions ,APP Can't log in , At this time, Xu Wu discovered that , He was cheated .

Haikou police have accepted the case

According to Xu Wu APP The screenshot page shows ,“ Tianhe animal husbandry ” The company belongs to Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein animal husbandry Co., Ltd .

but 9 month 4 Japan , Inner Mongolia Tianhe Holstein animal husbandry Co., Ltd. issued a statement saying , Some lawbreakers set up a website in the name of the company “ Tianhe animal husbandry ” Financial management platform of APP, Any company established in the name of a company APP Financial platform and through the website 、 WeChat official account 、 Micro blog and other forms of publicity and distribution “ Cattle raising on the Internet ” Financial products or any other form of financial products 、 The act of signing financial management agreement with others in the name of the company has nothing to do with the company . Engaging in the above acts in the name of a company constitutes an offence , It will be dealt with by the public security organs according to law .

After learning of the fraud , Xu Wu immediately reported the case to the public security organ . at present , Longhua Branch of Haikou Public Security Bureau has accepted the case , The case is under further investigation .( The reporter Chang Kai writing / chart )
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