False platform "investment" but unable to cash, behind is a black net waiting for you to hook up
Xiao Li 2020-11-25 06:13:53
Zhongan online news According to the Jianghuai morning post ,7 month 30 Japan , The reporter learned from Chuzhou police that , The city's Laian police successfully cracked down on “6·05” The fraud case of cross provincial network investment platform , A total of suspects 23 people , Impound the SUV 1 car 、 mobile phone 72 Ministry 、 The computer 41 platform 、 RMB 11 More than ten thousand yuan , So far, the funds involved have been frozen 30 More than ten thousand yuan , The total amount involved is as high as 1000 More than ten thousand yuan . It also means this “ Pig killing dish ” The team is down .

The citizens are on the false platform “ investment ” There's always no way to withdraw

This year, 5 End of month , A telecom fraud case of network investment platform in the form of international currency exchange occurred in Laian county , Victim Xiao Zhang 8 The second is in the false platform “ Chinalco International ” Investing ,“ Account ” The amount of money in goes up and down , But we can't withdraw cash on our own , The total amount of money cheated is 1 More than RMB .

After receiving the newspaper , Lai An police set up “6·05” special investigation team . In the provinces, cities and counties, many police departments coordinate and cooperate with each other , The task force went to Henan for two times 、 Hebei garrison investigation , After in-depth study and judgment 、 Carefully identify , It was found that Wang was the leader of the gang , Liang Mou Wu 、 Wang and others are the backbone , Adopt the mode of company operation , Members are as high as 35 people .

The gang is well organized 、 Scattered dens , Very strong sense of anti reconnaissance , To fry foreign exchange 、 dollar 、 Bitcoin is used to defraud other people's money , The funds involved in the case were provided with illegal fund settlement business “ Underground ” Third party payment companies operate , Platform maintenance in Handan, Hebei Province , The agency is in Chongqing , The server is set up in Hong Kong , The dens are hidden in Kaifeng, Henan Province 、 Sanmenxia 、 Luohe and other places . Fraud gangs are on the alert , Slightly “ wind sways grass ”, Immediately “ Shut down ”, etc. “ In a calm ” Further development “ Business ”.

Multi provincial police joint efforts to destroy inter provincial network fraud gangs

This year, 7 month 25 Japan , The project team went to Zhengzhou, Henan Province overnight 、 kaifeng 、 Sanmenxia 、 Baoding, Hebei 、 handan 、 Chongqing and other places carried out control , And in 26 In Henan on the morning of May 、 With the cooperation of Hebei police , Group 9 to launch the net closing operation at the same time , Wang Xiaohua, etc 23 Core members were arrested and brought back overnight . All suspect confessed to the fraud fact. .

thus , The fraud case of trans provincial network investment platform has been successfully solved .

Preliminary trial revealed that , The gang was driven to commit crimes by huge profits , The age of gang suspects is about 20 or 30 years old , Lower education background . among , Take Liang as an example ,20 Head start , Junior high school degree , Timid in character , I didn't do any serious work . The day of arrest , After the police stormed into the room , Liang immediately wet his pants , But after interrogation, Liang's monthly salary is at least 2 Ten thousand yuan , This is high wages in many areas . High returns 、 Quick way to make money , Make a lot of young people who don't have the skills to take risks , scramble for .

The ultimate goal of the gang is “ Kill pigs ”

After the check ,“ Chinalco International ” It's artificially controllable 、 Up and down APP Software , And the victim is unable to withdraw cash on his own . Among the swindlers , The operation mode of fraud is called “ Pig killing dish ”, Usually with “ Successful pig killing ” For the ultimate goal .

According to the police , So-called “ Pig killing dish ”, namely “ salesman ” Invite the victims to enter the wechat group established by criminal gangs ;“ pig ” That is, in the wechat group, the suspect's own trumpet plays the operator 、 Administrators 、 Group leader 、 Different roles such as the masses , Constantly publish advertisements in the group 、 investment 、 profit 、 Withdrawal and other information 、 Screenshot , The victim is lured to believe that this is a new way of investment and financial management ;“ Kill pigs ” That is, the victim is in the “ Chinalco International ” After investment or additional investment of the platform , The suspect immediately transfers the money invested by the victim , And through the cross platform circulation of money laundering to escape the police attack , In order to achieve the ultimate goal of illegal profits .

according to the understanding of , By “ Pig killing dish ” People who are affected and injured , It is also the temptation of interests , Believe in strangers , Dream “ pennies from heaven ”, Get rich quickly , But eventually fall into the trap of being cheated .

at present , The case 23 A suspected criminal has been arrested by the police according to law. . The case is under further investigation . Morning news reporter Wang Gang

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