Taobao live: take advantage of double 11, hold the anchors a little bit more
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2020 Years of double 11 coming , It has become the most important part of the annual e-commerce campaign “ Participants in the war ” Live broadcast of e-commerce anchor , In the busy day and night , It's obvious that something important is quietly changing .

“ This time, ( double 11) All of us realize that , How important it is to follow the rhythm of the platform .” Jijie introduces to pinplay . He was once known as a happy boy talent show player and Hunan TV variety host , Now he is a real live e-commerce anchor .

For the Giggs , The first obvious perceived rhythm change this year , It's the elongated pair 11 Duration .

This year's Taobao tmall double 11 On 10 month 21 Day opening , from 10 month 20 From to 11 month 11 End of the day , It's different from fighting just a few important nodes , This year, Giger and his team are going to be on the air 23 site .

In the days when we need to do live broadcasting , The team starts to prepare the live broadcast at 1:00 p.m 、 Selected products 、 Equipment commissioning , Jijie's live broadcast begins at eight o'clock , It usually lasts until midnight or later . After the broadcast , Team members can't rest yet , To the day's trading volume and other data analysis 、 replay , Maybe until two or three o'clock in the morning , The exhausted talents gradually dissipated .

Lisa It's a member of the team in charge of liquor investment promotion , She's in the circle of friends every day for this extended double 11 Doing the countdown .23,22,21...... She spent her days . And there are 13 When the field , Jijie's studio rushed to Taobao live “ Super cargo hour list ” First place of , The number of viewers in the studio has reached 43 ten thousand .

 Taobao live : Taking advantage of both 11, Squeeze the anchors a little bit more

The achievements of this time , Is that they “ Follow the rhythm of the platform ” Of “ reward ”: Compared with the elongated period , This year's platform is more important “ fine-tuning ” Is the importance of pre-sale . Jijie said , This year, double 11 period , Taobao live background system has also been adjusted , Take the pre-sale volume in the live broadcast room as an important factor to measure the anchor's ranking . And ranking is the most intuitive embodiment of anchor traffic and cargo capacity , At the same time, the anchor on the list is also easier to increase the exposure of ordinary users .

A fine tuning of the platform , The anchor should be busy adjusting the response immediately . In double 11 Before the formal start of pre-sale activities , Jijie and the team prepared the link is half pre-sale and half in stock . But in order to get a better place on the anchor list , They decided to temporarily adjust the live delivery strategy , Working overtime should also focus on pre-sale .

This kind of platform rules “ High coordination ”, Let Jijie's team rank rise to “ Super cargo list ” The forefront of the . As the maker of ranking rules , Taobao live platform also through this systematic guidance , Let the anchor all unify to its double 11 Advance sale in pace .

Follow the platform , Have meat to eat

With the popularity of live e-commerce , The relationship between the anchor and the platform has become an inseparable topic . Both are important players in the live e-commerce ecosystem , The relationship between them can be said to be complementary —— The platform can provide channels 、 resources 、 data , In turn, the anchor promotes the order volume and GMV.

For all that , When looking at the relationship between the two , It is also necessary to discuss the right of discourse of both sides . The right relationship between the host and the platform is dynamic , If the anchor is highly dependent on the platform , So the platform has the ability to make rules through 、 High cooperation from the anchor is required ; On the contrary, if the anchor is relatively strong , You may try to get rid of the platform constraints or even exert influence on the platform .

The most typical example is Kwai Tai platform and people. “ Kwai brother ” Xin Youzhi ( Net name : Simba ) Between the opening and closing . Simba runs away from threats , A short time to leave and return to the Kwai Chung, and still take the fast track of the main cargo. , Behind it is between the platform and the anchor , The game of who holds the flow .

And Kwai 、 Tiktok and other platforms are built after short video content and then put into live broadcast business , Taobao live broadcast is Taobao from the beginning 、 E-commerce live broadcasting platform built by tmall to sell goods , Early live broadcast is also one of the main ways to bring goods . There are signs , Taobao live also began to take advantage of this double 11, To change the relationship between the anchor and yourself as you expect .

Kwai Fu 、 Comparing tiktok platforms , At present, it seems that Taobao live broadcasting platform is in the relationship with the anchor , It has relatively strong discourse power . Behind this , The most important of all, of course, is the anchor's extreme dependence on the resources and data held by the platform . meanwhile , Taoxi e-commerce has always been good at guiding and restricting players on the platform by making rules , Related skills have been mature and systematic .

such as , In terms of supporting the anchor , Taobao live MCN Li Ming, head of operation ( flower : Xinchuan ) Introduction to Xiangpin game , Different stages of development based on anchor , The platform will provide some targeted help to the medium and small anchors .

A new anchor may not be able to start at first , Taobao live platform will provide them with some guidance and suggestions on trend data . for instance , If the recent men's and women's shoes in the live room search transaction or content recommendation transaction data rise very gratifying , It shows that consumers have this demand recently , Then the platform will recommend small and medium-sized anchors to do this category , Help them grow fast . meanwhile , For the new anchor , The platform will provide traffic coverage in the first 14 days .

“ For CUHK anchor , We matched the needs of their fans in the studio with the commodity categories in the studio , In order to adjust the structure of goods . For example, a Taobao anchor's live room is hung up 30% Food category , But in fact, the proportion of his fans buying food on the whole website is only 7-8%, This means that there are too many food categories in his studio , Consumers don't have that much demand . But, in turn, , There are fewer links for women's wear in the studio , Among his fans are 16% They're all buying women's wear , But he did 7-8% Link to .”

This kind of precise analysis 、 Matching the live room supply and fan demand is based on the whole Taobao 、 Based on the master of tmall consumer data , There may be some cost and difficulty in operation , Therefore, the scope of implementation is limited . Fans who follow a certain anchor may not have thought of it , The platform will analyze the data to this extent , Their personal preferences and consumption habits will become an important basis for the anchor to adjust the carrying strategy .

In addition to data analysis , Another dependence of anchor on platform , It lies in the promotion of business resources .

From the operation system of the whole live broadcast E-commerce , Most of the presenters are through their own team or their own MCN Organizations come in direct contact with businesses 、 cooperation , This is also the industry situation observed by Li Lin, President of worry free media .

But Taobao is better than Taobao 、 Tmall , It can be said that we are born with rich business and commodity resources , The platform has the ability to select a batch of goods to assign to MCN Organizations and their anchors .

“MCN Take the traffic of ten anchors to talk about the business offer, And the platform with a hundred 、 Talk about the traffic of 1000 anchors offer, Which is more important , The business will have a judgment .” Xinchuan believes that Taobao live broadcast can maximize efficiency through scale-up .

It can also be seen from this , Taobao live broadcast is based on its own resources and value , Obtained in “ platform - The host ” Relatively large influence and discourse power in the relationship . Intuitively speaking , Naturally “ Cooperation and obedience ” Can get the resource tilt of the platform , However, the anchor who is not in step with the platform needs to be self reliant .

Go further , The strong platform has the right to make the rules of the game , Let the anchors develop in a given framework . You can see , Under the platform's emphasis on pre-sale , At this stage, most of Taobao's live broadcasting rooms are hung with pre-sale links , It is proved that the adjustment of the rules has achieved the expected effect .

Downplay the talent , Support businesses

The presence of head anchor and star anchor is very distinct , When it comes to live delivery, people seem to think of Li Jiaqi 、 Weia et al , But in fact , At present, the proportion and trading volume of self broadcast in Taobao live broadcasting platform have been greatly improved . According to the data provided by Xinchuan , At present, Taobao live broadcast platform 70% The deal came from the shop live room .

For businesses who want to do their own shop broadcast , The platform will provide support , On the other hand ,MCN Agencies and other broadcasting service providers can operate live broadcasting rooms based on brand requirements , Compared with the live broadcast of talent , Shop self broadcast and service provider agent broadcast can ensure that brand businesses have absolute control over live content , Build a brand image , At the same time for the store account to accumulate fan traffic .

Worry free media is located in Taobao live broadcast platform MCN Institutions , Li Lin, the president of the company, summarized to pinplay , Generally speaking , Some budgets are adequate 、 The brand image of the commercial agency tends to value domestic and foreign brands , What they like most is MCN Professionalism and efficiency of institutions .

11 month 5 Japan , Alibaba group released a new quarter of results , It disclosed that 2019 year 9 Month to 2020 year 9 During the month of Taobao live GMV More than the 3500 Billion . On the same day , Display of prospectus submitted by Kwai to HKEx ,2020 In the first half of , E-commerce of the platform GMV achieve 1096 Billion . from GMV Look at , Kwai is still behind Taobao live. , But as a content platform with short video as the core , This data shows the potential of it .

2019 year , The scale of domestic live e-commerce market has reached 4338 Billion , Among them, Taobao is the leader in the industry , Proportion of users 68.5%. But it doesn't mean that Taobao can live without worry , contrary , With Kwai 、 Jitter speeds up the layout of tiktok business , Taobao live broadcasting is facing the situation of powerful enemies . According to the prediction of Ali Research Institute and KPMG ,2020 Domestic live e-commerce scale will exceed 1 trillion yuan in , What follows is more intense industry competition .

 Taobao live : Taking advantage of both 11, Squeeze the anchors a little bit more

In the anchor training 、 Content production , It's hard to say that Taobao has an absolute advantage , After all, Kwai Fu 、 Tiktok as a content platform has enough early accumulation. , What Taobao live can fight against is its huge business resources and e-commerce after years of polishing 、 Supply chain system .

At this stage , The live broadcast of talent is undoubtedly lively and eye-catching , However, the self broadcast and service provider acting broadcast, which are mainly located in the live broadcasting room of merchants, are gradually undertaking the promotion of trading volume and GMV The important task of .

Xuande, the person in charge of Taobao live broadcast, also stressed the importance of self broadcasting in brand stores ,“ It is a long-term cooperation between brand and talent , But talent can't bring you goods every day , Finally, it is necessary to return to the fans of talent anchor to become fans of their own stores .”

For Taobao live , This change can tap the potential of businesses , At the same time, it can further strengthen the check and balance of the talent anchor 、 Promote the diversified development of its own live broadcasting system . And want to drive that relationship to change , Nothing is more than “ Determine the owner's business in a year ” The double 11 It's a better time .
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