Hongliao Technology: what problems should be paid attention to in Taobao shop drainage?
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The original title 《 Hong liao Technology : What problems should be paid attention to in Taobao shop drainage ?》

The store wants to operate well , High sales are necessary , Sales should be high , There has to be traffic . The drainage work of the shop is very important , If you drain , There are preconditions , The weight of the commodity itself must be sufficient , So that we can introduce traffic , To transform , So what problems should be paid attention to when Taobao shop drainage ?

 Hongliao science and technology : What problems should be paid attention to in Taobao shop drainage ?

The main way to get the flow of goods is natural search traffic , The main is to search the keywords in the title of the product to find their favorite products , Only the weight of commodities is high enough , Only then has the opportunity to show in front of the consumer , So Taobao shop drainage the most critical first step is to improve the quality of keywords, sub weight .

One 、 Improve the quality of keywords sub weight operation process

When businesses do the preliminary data accumulation work , You have to screen out the right keywords first , Find the gold long tail keywords of commodities , But make sure the keywords are relevant to the product .

Businesses can launch 6-10 Key words , Check the initial traffic of these keywords 、 Show and click , Then pick out the keywords with better data , And increase the investment , To improve the quality of these keywords, decentralization and ranking .

Two 、 Focus on the analysis of commodity factors

1. Click through rate

After selecting the key words of the product , We should focus on the click through rate of products . Because the data represented by the click through rate can show the popularity of your product's main map , Whether it can be loved by the public . Only the click through rate is up to the standard , The initial sales volume of the product is guaranteed , After that, we can further enhance the weight and flow of commodities .

2. Collection and purchase rate

After the click through rate reaches the standard , That means the flow of goods is enough , The collection and purchase rate of commodities should also attract the attention of merchants . The collection and purchase of goods can reflect whether your product style is the demand of consumers , If the click through rate is high enough , Collection and purchase rate is low , Then the business should check whether the problem appears in the product details page .

3. Conversion rate

The conversion rate of commodities is an important factor that directly affects the sales volume of commodities , How good the front is , The ultimate goal is to look at the commodity conversion rate , If the commodity conversion rate is low , All the work ahead is in vain .

3、 ... and 、 Through train promotion considerations

1. Word choice

The key words of commodities don't need to be put in too much , We should pay more attention to quality than quantity , choice 2-3 High traffic 、 It's OK to transform the high keyword into the input , In the early days of the store , Focus on improving the search weight of keywords .

2. Strengthen product labels

as everyone knows , Taobao through train promotion can strengthen the product label , Improve the accuracy of consumers , In this way, we can improve the product search ranking under the premise of , Accurate flow Introduction , With hands-on Amoy flow and commodity turnover volume weight .

3. Maximize value

When businesses open the through train , Can put a few more key words of commodity , Make the best use of the through train , So you can segment your product line , Expand the coverage area of commodities , To get more traffic .

Taobao shop drainage is the dream of every business , Good store drainage , In order to make the store have better development in the follow-up , So as to open the shop bigger and bigger .
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