Enjoy QQJOY! QQ Carnival magic three days QQ becomes the top stream platform of youth trend culture
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Enjoy QQJOY!QQ Carnival devil company High Three days QQ Become the top stream platform of youth trend culture

QQ What is it? ?

It's a goose ? It's a doll ? It's social software ? It's the product ? It's quadratic ? It's the trend. ? It's ecology ?

answer : All are !2020 year 11 month 20 Japan ,2020 QQJOY The carnival was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, which has just finished the Third International Fair .

As QQ Annual fashion and cultural interactive exhibition ,2020 This year's theme seems to have a hidden theme of the big environment —— use “ Before the tide ” It expresses the brave attitude of young people in the face of challenges .

“ fearless ” This is a fashion attitude , This year, QQ Twenty one years old , stay QQ in , Many interesting and unique young cultures are being bred and spawned .

QQ Young communication , It's not just young people who communicate ,QQ On the way of communication 、 The content of communication is young , stay QQ On the interactive exhibition of fashion culture, the second-dimensional culture loved by light people 、 Trendy goods 、 A new generation of stars are waiting to be performed together , In front of young people .

Younger and younger QQ It's aiming at the pulse of the youth , And pay more attention to the younger ecology , Continue to improve the ecological layout of young content , Young people are welcome to join us Enjoy This happy world QQJOY.

Enjoy QQJOY!QQ Carnival devil company High Three days QQ Become the top stream platform of youth trend culture

Forever young “ Inverse growth ”

In the time scale of China's Internet ,QQ Through all the stages of the whole industry from scratch , The user base it serves , It has gone through many generational changes , from 80 after 、90 After the 00 Even after 10 after .

from 1999 So far this year , from QQ Show to centimeter show , From stepping on each other in space to being warm , From watering the flowers to keeping the fire ,QQ Several iterations , But the upgrading of products and playing methods are all around young users , This makes QQ Wantonly “ Inverse growth ” get up , And become a platform for young culture —— A forever young “ penguin ”.

Take the centimeter show as an example , The predecessor of CM show is QQ Show , In those years when the entertainment and social ecology was not rich ,QQ Show is a user in the network world a visualized variable logo , A hairstyle 、 A suit of dress , All of them show the cool of that era , Even become the trend enlightenment of many young people . And now in the centimeter show , Grooming is still one of the most popular features for users , Combined with this QQJOY, Cm show has also launched a virtual dress up with participating brands , The new design is more youthful and energetic , But there is also a trace of respect for the youth of that era .

Enjoy QQJOY!QQ Carnival devil company High Three days QQ Become the top stream platform of youth trend culture

Enjoy QQJOY!QQ Carnival devil company High Three days QQ Become the top stream platform of youth trend culture

“ The circle of ten thousand circles ”

American sociologist Manuel · Castel thinks “ Internet Society ” It's not an emerging social structure , It's the only social structure , in other words , All the age and class divisions , It's going to be like a mirror , In the world of the Internet .

And it's constantly being studied 、 Under analysis , The salient features of the new generation of young people have long been summed up , That's the pursuit of novelty 、 Personalization and interest first .

In new media 、 Short video 、 Secondary yuan 、 Under the impact of the collision of fan circle and other cultures , The unique expression of vertical interest circle is becoming the trend of the younger generation .“ Interest in ” It's always been QQ Create a guide for young content Ecology . The introduction of social links on the basis of interest , Let users integrate into the diversified cultural ecology .

For this generation of young people , Social culture is one circle after another , For example, language C circle 、Pia Drama circle 、 Shoe ring 、 Pen circle 、 Skate ring, etc , There are even more avant-garde baby circles 、 Valley circle 、 Animal circles and other circles .

stay QQ In the world of , Anyone who has a hobby can use the same kind of “ World language ” communicate , And find your own share of happiness .QQ It seems to be worthy of “ The circle of ten thousand circles ”.

for example QQ The group gathered over a million favorite words C Young people of , They use language C In a way that mimics a character you like , And the main position is the group , Members communicate with each other, understand their roles and evaluate each other's plays 、 Play and social interaction .

In the language C In the group , They play 《 A dream of red mansions 》《 Water margin 》, Also play 《 Fairy sword legend 》. language C It satisfies the young people's strong desire to share and “ persona ” demand , Through words C A new interpretation of culture , Young people are recognized by others in certain circles , Get more spiritual satisfaction .

In this year's QQJOY The scene , Skateboard 、COS Cartoon characters 、 Young people in Hanfu can be seen everywhere , They're here for the first time 、 Grab the tide and play the new co branded style 、 Play with the giant egg machine , Users from different circles can gain a sense of cultural identity in an immersive emotional environment .

Enjoy QQJOY!QQ Carnival devil company High Three days QQ Become the top stream platform of youth trend culture

Enjoy QQJOY!QQ Carnival devil company High Three days QQ Become the top stream platform of youth trend culture

QQ everywhere

As the most important social platform for young people in China ,QQ Continue to welcome and absorb young lifestyle , To cater to young people's social interest 、 Gameplay 、 The demand trend of content . Tide culture has become a common context for more and more young users ,QQJOY Provide a platform to extend users' emotions offline , And give users more interaction and expression space .

Different from the previous orientation of dimensional exhibitions , This year's QQJOY A new upgrade ,QQ To the role of the platform to enter the fashion market , It brings together a series of young interest elements .

One side QQ Hand in hand with many fashion brands , On the other hand ,QQ Also launched a series of self-made products , Try to pass through “ Platform aggregation + Self made products ” These two means to break through the industrial chain , create IP Closed loop of ecological industry . meanwhile , Users can also go online QQ Applet “QQJOY App main venue ”、“QQJOY The official surrounding mall of the Carnival ” Purchase the relevant brand and game products at the same time .

Enjoy QQJOY!QQ Carnival devil company High Three days QQ Become the top stream platform of youth trend culture

QQJOY The scene ,QQ The starting line-up QQ21 Anniversary of the QQJOY Limited tide geese 、QQ Chinese food blind box 、 Brother is a goose (GODISQ)、 QQ×KAKAO FRIENDS Wait for the tide to play . actually , In recent years QQ Around the penguin image launched a number of QQ Doll , And officially launched the sale this year , Sales are booming , There was even a “ goose ” Difficult scenes .

Besides ,QQ And Venom、DC Known as IP Co branded Dolls , It is well received by the public . at present ,QQ The film has been co branded 、 Comic 、 game 、 Variety show 、 Celebrities, Superstars 、 Sports Events 、 Fashion trends 、 Special planning and other eight series of systematic planning .

Besides the doll ,QQ Also with Zhou Shengsheng 、Moleskine、 BMW mini To launch a number of cross-border cooperation products , And this year, we will release the trend branch line QQ COOL LAB, And BE@RBRICK、FAEMER BOB、 Return force and other fashion brand cooperation , make “ Trend culture , Liancheng brand ”.

from 11 month 20 The date of , Current QQJOY Will continue 3 God .QQJOY Fashion night also invited Alfred Gini 、Code-A、GALA philharmonic orchestra 、 Meng Meiqi 、 Penicillin 、 Qin Xiaoxian 、 Fruit planet 、Tizzy T、Vogue5 Wait for the guests , Work together to create influence 、 Fashion stage with attitude .
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