What are the reasons for the website's lack of traffic - top push
Xia Mu Jin Su 2020-11-25 05:07:00

 What are the reasons why the website has no traffic -Top PUSH

Many novice webmasters often face a problem , This is the website, although the keywords are ranked , But the traffic is only a little bit , What are the reasons for the traffic ? Let's have a look .
First , The main reason is that the keywords are too popular . Because there are so many people who use popular keywords , Naturally, it's too competitive , So the chances of getting traffic are very small .
secondly , One of the reasons why the user experience of the website is not so friendly . Some people do optimization, only focus on search engine optimization , It ignores the user experience , Bad user experience , The natural jump rate is too high , So you want to get steady traffic , That has to be from the user's point of view .
Again , The choice of keywords is also important , Choose key words to analyze Baidu Index , Baidu Index is right , Natural flow rise , For most webmasters , Choose some long tail words to do , The effect is also very good .
Last , The server is too bad to open the site, which is the most impact on website traffic . So novice stationmaster try not to save money , And choose some cheap unknown servers . Because even if your website is rich in content , Website cannot be opened , It leads to poor user experience , There will be no traffic on the website .
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