Join 270 groups a year, drain 10000 + wechat precision powder, and my 9 ways to add groups and increase powder
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Let me ask you a question , What's the most important factor in making money ?

Some people say work hard , Some people say it's money , Some people say it's a product , Some people say it's skills , In fact, these are only standard configuration , The most important thing is whether you have enough customers , No customers , No matter how hard you try , How rich , How good the product is , sorry , You wait for the door to close .

In other words , There is no money to borrow , Products can be sold for others , Skills can be outsourced , You can learn by yourself , But no customers , You really can't do anything about it ,

And now the cost of getting customers is prohibitively high , You go 58 Set up an advertising space in the city , Or find someone to promote it for you , It's too expensive , Results drainage is not as effective as fart .

This article today , Everyone can watch , You can learn , As long as you need to make money , Need marketing , Need sideline business , Need to start a business , You have to know where to find customers .

And where is the best place to find customers ?

It's not what you think is the webcast room , It's not a special promotion website you think , It's not even what you think is going to be a single ad everywhere .

In fact, the best marketing method depends on you alone , This method costs nothing , It's also very accurate , If used well, you can deal with customers in batches .

 Join in a year 270 Group , drainage 1 ten thousand + Wechat precision powder , my 9 The method of adding group to powder up

This method is to mix the community , Go to the community to find your customers , Find your partner , Realize resource integration . Why? ?

1、 Community can deal in batches

Other drainage methods you need to add one by one , One by one , Efficiency is too low .

Communities can chat one to many , Your content and ideas can spread to countless people , Quickly attract partners who are interested in you , Point to face to deal with customers .

2、 Communities can quickly find topics , Pull in Relationship

Do you have a situation , It's not easy to add people , I don't know what to talk about , It's hard to go any further .

But the community can steal the red envelope , Make fun of each other , Up to astrogeography , Down to firewood, rice, oil and salt , You can talk about anything , Participation and topics will be high , Get in touch with others quickly .

3、 Community can enhance fans' perception of the brand

Some people may have heard of you , I've seen your name , But I don't know you that well , I don't have a chance to be a big fan , But communities can make up for that .

In the community , You can make a difference by making a statement , Red envelopes at the right time , Share activities from time to time to attract fans' attention .

And the community may have a bunch of loyal fans , Through the influence of these fans , Some people who don't powder you will be infected gradually , After all The most powerful influence is social identity .

Through community effect , Can create a distinct impression in the hearts of fans , Infect fans through personality charm , Deepen fans' perception of brand , Give fans a window to get to know you , Approaching you , And become a real fan of you .

 Join in a year 270 Group , drainage 1 ten thousand + Wechat precision powder , my 9 The method of adding group to powder up

4、 Communities are more conducive to integrating resources

A community is bound to be inseparable from a variety of member groups ,70% It's the average user ,20% It is a top-notch person in various industries ,10% It's a big guy or a person with great social influence , Interact in the community , It's easier to link with different people , Realize cross domain resource integration .

For example, in a circle , A lot of partners can make an appointment to push each other , Or what do not understand the industry problems can be consulted with professional partners .

Community is like a melting pot , There are all kinds of people , It's easy to replace effective information or contacts here .

that , Where can we join so many communities , To achieve the purpose of powder swelling and drainage ?

1、 Join the readership of big names

The official account of many big coffee has a two-dimensional code of readers , You can find it in the menu bar .

Because I like the same idol or role model and come together , It's easier to have a feeling of empathy , Feel like each other is the same kind of people , By chatting, you can quickly establish a circle relationship . If we can publish some insights , Or apply to become a group administrator , It's easy to attract people to join you .

2、 Join the membership group of the platform

For example, some image websites or audio websites have their own membership groups , Generally, the QR code will pop up automatically after purchase , With assistants, they will be pulled into the group , This is a circle based on some common need .

We must join this circle , Because all the members in the group are aware of paying , And most of them are young people with strong spending power .

Just follow the topics you are interested in , It'll be together soon , Form a unique circle culture , Just mix it up , There is trust , For the future transaction to lay a good foundation .

 Join in a year 270 Group , drainage 1 ten thousand + Wechat precision powder , my 9 The method of adding group to powder up

3、 Change groups with friends

If you have rich community resources , You can exchange with friends who have a lot of contacts , But the group you join must be more relevant to your positioning , Only in this way can the fans be accurate , Don't add any messy groups ,1 The value of accurate fans is higher than 100 Pan powder .

For example, I am a self media positioning , I'll find some reading, writing or movie groups to add , Even the industry exchange group will do , But I won't join the group of some shopping coupons .

Because it's full of Baoma , Willing to spend so much time every day looking for all kinds of coupons , Spending money must be careful , This kind of person is not suitable for our high price market , It's hard to get them .

We should also add women who join the female boss group or subdivide the field KOL Groups .

4、 Join various seckill course groups

Second kill course group generally has a relatively clear positioning , Friends who are willing to participate have very specific and specific motivations or needs .

After joining such a group , Can share relevant content to attract the attention of friends , If someone else is interested in your content , You will take the initiative to pay attention to your official account. , Or I'll add you . These people are likely to be potential customers .

5、 Join the high quality author group of the platform

Like headlines 、 There was no. 、 Platforms such as bamboo slips have set up internal author exchange groups , The authors who can come in are excellent on the platform , The update is relatively stable , And the number of published papers is large , There are also many fans .

Such an author is not your client , People with equal energy are all cooperative empowerment , You can find authors with similar energy to push each other , And through deepening the link , Turn them into your partner or industry intelligence agency .

 Join in a year 270 Group , drainage 1 ten thousand + Wechat precision powder , my 9 The method of adding group to powder up

6、 Join the sharing group of the platform

Many platforms are designed to enhance the author's loyalty and sense of belonging , Will specially build a group to train new authors , Help the author from the beginning to master rapid growth , Get stable income from the platform , In order to bind the interests of the author and the platform .

People come to a circle for the same purpose of learning or making money , Will be in the process of learning collision more topics , And in the later stage, it is easy to establish long-term relationship due to industry communication .

If you can actively share your learning materials or resources in the community , Give professional advice on questions asked by others , Soon , You can be the leader of the community , Harvest a large number of fans love and trust .

7、 Physical store customer group

Last time I went to Guangzhou to eat hot pot , When ordering, a little sister took wechat group and asked us to add , If you join the community, you will get a snack , And discounts .

If you've looked at the business model of the entity , Will find , In recent years, various physical stores have tried their best to add customers to wechat , And played community marketing , Why? ?

This is to lock in the customer's lifetime value , If business is a one-off deal , The shop was soon finished , In order to attract customers, among the many choices , Love you alone , It is necessary to maintain customer relationship through the Internet , Constantly strengthen the link with customers .

And after building communities , Can be the first batch of customers to inform what preferential activities , And guide the old to bring the new into the store for consumption , therefore , Go to the store for consumption later , Especially those more upscale places , Remember to join the store's customer base , These group members have high development and marketing value .

8、 Contributors

Many official account numbers have a large demand for soliciting contributions. , Some big platforms have a lot of contributors , Hundreds of people are few , These people want to contribute to the platform , But it is only a few people who can achieve the goal , Then why do you have to pull these little whites in ?

One is to stimulate Xiaobai's demand by announcing the time and amount of payment , The second is to pave the way for training through the works of high-quality authors , Third, let the author exchange and learn from each other .

Some platforms hold up a number of authors , Let these authors hatch these new people , Don't say it's routine , Even if you don't, others will .

Business is dimension reduction , Fast, slow , The strong eat the weak , The big ones eat the small ones , This is the law of the game in adult society .

In the contributors group , Have your customers , Your role model , And your fellow travelers , Make different links according to different energy levels .

Many authors have made their personal brand bigger and stronger , Will choose to start a business , At this time, they will find partners to share the risk , Where do these partners come from ?

It's the author who links from the platform when he's new , Everyone is growing fast , And often contact , Trust each other , Appreciate each other , Yu Qiangqiang contact , Make the cake bigger together , Through strong influence, contract copywriting or outsourcing operation projects to students .

Don't think networking doesn't matter , The more you do something , The more we need to know how to integrate resources .

Whether you are Xiaobai or Dabai now , As long as you have a heart to make money , Be sure to build your network consciously , Small money depends on technology , Big money depends on contacts .

9. Join the high-end payment circle

Many big names have it “ Self product ”, The model is the course + Double fist combination of community , If you have the need to grow and link customers , Joining the high-end pay circle is the most efficient way .

Through high price screening , Those who are willing to spend tens of thousands of students are entrepreneurs , The pattern of such people is large , A wide network of people , Strong learning motivation , The more expensive the circle, the more they like it .

If you are of high value , Be sure to join more of these communities , Show your values and strengths by polishing labels and achievement Events , Make people think you're amazing , Willing to be friends with you , Looking for opportunities to cooperate in the future .

believe me , As long as you get a boss , Serve them with heart , You can transform thousands of bosses behind him .

above , I joined in a year 270 Multi community approach , I have nothing to share with you , If the content helps you , Remember to share it with your friends , Help others grow , Is to pave the way for yourself .

I'm Su le , Winner of Qingyun project , Headline authentication quality account , Read... A year 200 This book , Output 50 Efficient actor of Wanzi , Focus on sharing we media dry goods and growth thinking . The whole network has the same name : Su Le AI's writing .

If you like writing, too , Welcome private message “ read ”, Give you a set of values 3999 Yuan's marketing realization package , Include 15 This classic eBook + Contribution resources + Writing class + Recommended books list

Private message is not a message area .

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