Through train correct layout operation method, fundamentally solve the problem, improve the store flow conversion
Zhu Zhen 2020-11-25 05:06:57
Many people are not optimistic about this year's double 11 , Think it's affected by the epidemic this year , Bad market , There's not so much profit to make , There are many businesses waiting to see , Or the trial phase , Can you actually make money , You have to ask the head store , Because no matter what industry , You ask people who don't make money , He would tell you not to do it , This industry is not going to work .

 Correct layout and operation of through train , Solve the problem fundamentally , Improve store traffic conversion

But it is also true that we have paid 100% effort , Friends who want to be serious in the e-commerce industry , As for whether the effort can be rewarded , It depends on how hard you work , And whether the direction of the effort is correct , Although double 11 is over , But the busy delivery atmosphere , It still exists in many shops .

The temperature is gradually falling in the north , The temperature is rising in the south , Temperature varies with nature , But the enthusiasm of the e-commerce industry will never disappear , There is not much time left for the double twelve , No matter what the results of the double 11 , We should all calm down , Welcome to the next big promotion .

Through train is Taobao's earliest paid promotion , until 2020 Today of , When everyone is playing with the mechanism of thousands of people and thousands of faces , There are also many friends for the through train is a lack of awareness , So the main content of this article is the through train

One 、 The difference between the data feedback of main promotion and other products , Divide the promotion direction flow

Many people don't have a complete idea of how to make a shop , No change , I don't know how to test money , Finally, it's a random product , If you can't do it, you can say that the through train is not good , You know, there are a lot of products on the market , Any product , Those with higher prices tend to sell the most , On the contrary, the low price can not get the flow .

The reason for this phenomenon , It's because of the price war products , They don't pay attention to details , And high positioning products , Pay more attention to the buyer's shopping experience , Put everything in place , The quality of a product , We can't rely solely on price to drain , We should also pay attention to whether the drainage population is consistent with the product price , Otherwise, the price of the product will be lower , Buyers will still be too expensive .

Two 、 The data index of through train testing

Through train to test the quality of the main , Especially the mobile phone case , clothing , Beauty makeup , Clothing accessories and other products , Guarantee the new rate , From the new model to measure the quality of , In order to push a single pop , Drive the sales of the whole store .

 Correct layout and operation of through train , Solve the problem fundamentally , Improve store traffic conversion

In addition, the measurement indicators of each category are also different , For example, the click through rate of mobile phone case testing needs to reach 5% about , The click through rate of diapers has reached 5% about , The click through rate of Auricularia has reached 4%, Down jacket female click through rate reached 5%, Pajamas also need to hit 5%, The click through rate of tissue needs to reach 8%, The click through rate of the dining table only needs to reach 3%, According to the different products , There must be some difference in the data of the measurement .

3、 ... and 、 The way to choose words for the through train test

Generally, the test money has its own way , Using the through train keyword , intelligence , Super push can be used to measure money , But many people's test data is not ideal , I think it's a product problem , It's good to have a few models a year , The rest of the time is constantly looking for money , Test money .

In fact, the choice of words when testing , It's also about the crowd , Product consumers who are positioned by themselves , It's not necessarily the people who enter the store , This person should not understand , That is to say, all the words in the early stage were wrongly selected , It's certainly not possible to cause the product to not match the crowd . Or precise words are too precise , It leads to too little display , Too little crowd data capture , Use a wide range of words , A lot of searches , But there's no show , Will affect the follow-up free traffic crowd matching .

 Correct layout and operation of through train , Solve the problem fundamentally , Improve store traffic conversion

Now the platform captures more and more people , For example, two shops of the same type , Put in the same consumer group , The amount of display is different , In addition to setting the premium for the crowd , People show or divide the weight , Shops with high weight , Have priority to display .

So when you choose words for the test , We will refer to some system recommended words , Like hot words , Industry competition words , This type of word with a long tail , You can effectively avoid competition , At the same time, it has increased the accuracy of keywords , Often words work better , Avoid direct use. It looks like data is good , In fact, it is not suitable for your own store .

3、 ... and 、 Through train key words nutrients and card skills

Previous keywords have hidden points , On 10 Points are easy , Now the hidden points have been gradually eliminated , Now 10 Points are easy , Generally speaking, those unstable words are missing , It's not really staying in 10 Standard of score , If you can't even get the key words 10 branch , Then we have to look at the data , Lack of summary 10 The reason for this is .

 Correct layout and operation of through train , Solve the problem fundamentally , Improve store traffic conversion

1、 Key words nutrients : The reason for losing points , Basically, it fails to meet the following standards , Early stage depends on click through rate , In the middle stage, we have to collect and buy , The later stage depends on the conversion rate , If it is during the test period, the conversion rate is slightly lower , The problem is not too obvious , If the later conversion rate can't keep up with , It's also easy to lose points , In meeting these indicators, you can easily score , Many people say that these indicators are not easy to achieve , If that doesn't work , Can you make money when you open a shop ?

2、 Key words card position : The card is suitable for shops with high traffic , It's mainly to save promotion costs , More traffic , Don't control it early , The higher the cost , When operating the card position, it is also necessary to avoid burning out the cost and go offline in advance , But also more suitable for another situation of the shop , The actual deduction of keywords , To be lower than the industry keyword bid , It's also easier to get stuck .

So for a high amount of presentation , There are a lot of hits , It's better to delay the price every time 1%-2% about , Because the tardiness is to master certain experience , It's easy to affect the traffic if you don't pull it well , Some friends are inexperienced , After tardiness, the data gets worse , You need to adjust it right away .

Four 、 The method of putting through train crowd

Crowd premium has to be done , If the crowd doesn't make a premium , So all the people we promote , There will be no advantages , That is, we can't get it , Like keyword low bid , The crowd is high premium , It's aimed at a certain part of the crowd . And the key high bid , The crowd has a low premium , We're showing people who are used to searching for these keywords .

 Correct layout and operation of through train , Solve the problem fundamentally , Improve store traffic conversion

For example , There are a lot of people searching for down jacket women , Do keyword high bid , The crowd has a low premium , Although it will also show the product , But if the product positioning is 20-25 year , Woman ,350-650. But down jacket for women is for all female groups , It will definitely put the product , Show it to an imprecise crowd .

If you change direction to operate , Key words low bid , The crowd is high premium , What we're showing is the crowd we've set up , Then we can put down women , Show it directly in 20-25 year , Woman ,350-650 In front of buyers of , It's also a way for people to play .

So when we put in keywords , We should also combine with the crowd to launch , For different people , Set different premium ratios , To show the products to the high conversion people recently , To improve product conversion , In the early stage, we should analyze the crowd characteristics of the products , There must be sufficient data support , There's a lot of background data , There are more directions to optimize .

5、 ... and 、 How to improve the production of through train

First of all, avoid the place where the product is produced , Many people will encounter peer malicious click , So we should first understand the advantages of the product , For example, according to the weather , Urban consumption , Put it in areas where the product is dominant , Or avoid the place where the product is made , The cost of postage and so on , Avoid the disadvantaged areas of the launch , So there's a plan , Launch in a planned way .

 Correct layout and operation of through train , Solve the problem fundamentally , Improve store traffic conversion

In addition, the peak browsing time of each category is also different , For example, the peak browsing time of toys is at night 20:00-22:00 about , The peak browsing time of the cabinet is in the morning 9:00-10:00, The peak browsing of office products is usually on weekdays , The peak browsing time for food is Saturday, Sunday and morning 10:00-11:00 about , The peak browsing time of bed products is at night 21:00-22:00 about , The peak browsing time of pajamas is at night 22:00-23:00 about .

 Correct layout and operation of through train , Solve the problem fundamentally , Improve store traffic conversion

So in terms of launch time , According to the characteristics of the product , According to the different time points to launch the primary and secondary , During peak browsing hours , Bid appropriately to get more traffic , If there is little traffic at a certain time , Can reduce the time discount , It's time to stop .

6、 ... and 、 The through train drives the search flow

Many friends will say that the through train suppresses search , Before I started driving , There are still some search traffic , Search traffic decreases after driving , Only paid traffic is left in the store , This situation has also been mentioned in previous articles , When the through train ranks , When the ranking position of search traffic is close , Priority will be given to the ranking of through trains

In addition, search traffic is the mechanism of thousands of people and thousands of faces , The display mechanism of the through train is to see the keyword bid , And the crowd premium , So the positions of these two rankings are not fixed , Inevitably, there will be a high proportion of paid rankings , There are, of course, solutions , Try to improve your search ranking , Let the system distribute more accurate traffic .

 Correct layout and operation of through train , Solve the problem fundamentally , Improve store traffic conversion

Some people will find it easy to say , Hard to do , Just watch the search rankings all the time , According to experience, you can check the corresponding data , According to the characteristics of thousands of people and faces , You can roughly determine a relative position , When you find that the incoming traffic changes , Paid traffic has a lot of visitors , When search traffic is low , You need to reduce your keyword bid immediately .

This method of operation also has certain risks , For example, the search ranking itself is very low , Less than one or two thousand traffic a day , Through train does not bid to do ranking , Once the conversion of search traffic appears to decline , Then the weight of the link will be very low , Search traffic will also be less and less , At this time, we must use the through train to drive the transformation , To achieve the support standard of search traffic .

That's the end of today's sharing , The whole article is not quite the same as before , Is to take you to understand some of the operational ideas of things , A lot of people set the through train too much without deviation , It's just the idea of operation , No fundamental solution , Can't analyze the data , Don't open your mind , Adjust the store frequently , It's no use going in the wrong direction .

Taking advantage of the promotion of the double twelve, there is still a period of time , I told you about these operation methods , If you don't fundamentally change the problem , Misuse optimization , The store will not have a positive promotion .
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