Baidu live departure, do you want to go?
Nanjing Zhang Chengcheng 2020-11-25 04:54:45
Contrast Kwai 、 Tiktok 、 Taobao live broadcast and other video platforms , Baidu live seems to have been a very weak existence , Now the authorities finally have a new move !

recently , Baidu announced the launch of “ Thousand broadcast project ”, From now on 11 month 30 During the day , Baidu will be in 3 Take out... Within months 100 Billion traffic 、 5 Billion subsidies , recruit 1000 A pan knowledge anchor . The live host completes the live broadcast task , You can get the highest amount of 1 Ten thousand bonus , This support sounds a bit tempting .

 Baidu live start , Do you want to go to ?

according to the understanding of , This is Baidu fali live 、 Another important measure behind the establishment of ecological business . Baidu live hope that through the official support and guidance , Continue to expand the group of high-quality live broadcast creators , So as to further strengthen the competitiveness of the platform .

Baidu live monthly coverage of users more than 100 million

So Baidu live really have a play ? Let's take a look first Baidu live broadcast development process .

Baidu live broadcast has been online more than a year ago . Baidu App、 Nice video 、 The national small video and Baidu Post Bar have the entrance of Baidu live broadcast , The main content is show mode , But it didn't stir up any waves .

This year, 3 month , Baidu began to test the live broadcast function in baijiahao .

4 Month begins , Baidu live broadcast has launched a series of self-made high-quality live programs , Include 《 Cloud roaming of earth roaming project 》、 Industry talent live show 《 Master, please give me your advice 》、 Live debate show 《 Super alignment 》 etc. .

5 month , Baidu in “ 2020 Mobile ecology Conference ” Start the “ Energy gathering program ”, Announce that it will take out 5 Billion subsidies , Discover and cultivate high-quality live broadcast creators , So as to actively promote Baidu's live broadcasting business .

This year, 6 month , Baidu live broadcast is exposed to be in contact with a large number of well-known big V, Health related 、 Culture 、 Technology 、 Many people in the field of Finance and Economics , Academician Zhong Nanshan in the field of health 、 Academician Li Lanjuan , The city of maweidu in the field of culture 、 Fan Deng et al , Host Hua Shao 、 Entrepreneur Lei Jun is also on the list . This is also considered to be another key action of Baidu's live broadcast .

And now , Baidu live monthly coverage of users more than 100 million , Now focus on Pan knowledge 、 Service scenarios , The traffic increased month on month 200%, The average daily seeding volume increased month on month 500%.

hit “ Pan knowledge live ”+ Combination boxing with goods

So Baidu live and other live platforms have and different ? Which part of the population is more suitable ?

Baidu live ecological entrance includes Baidu App、 Nice video 、 National small video and Baidu Post Bar , Including Baidu App The live channel only shows and recommends the live video of baijiahao . This time “ Thousand broadcast project ” It is to focus on supporting and encouraging high-quality creators to open live broadcast .

Log in to Baidu APP, You can see that the live channel is currently divided into recommended 、 current affairs 、 education 、 health 、 Finance and economics, 、 emotional 、 game 7 Plates , Tiktok 、 There are indeed differences between Kwai Fu and other live broadcast, which are mainly entertainment .

 Baidu live start , Do you want to go to ?

according to the understanding of , At present, Baidu has chosen to enter the way of live broadcast , The official position is to provide “ Information and knowledge ”, Cut in from more subdivided areas , It is different from the current live broadcast with goods as the mainstream form .

Shen Shuo, executive vice president of Baidu group, once said , What Baidu does is a live broadcast with information and knowledge as its core , Because search users have more specific information and knowledge needs .

Baidu has a huge creator Ecology , Existing products know 、 Encyclopedias 、 The library belongs to the category of knowledge content . According to the data provided by Baidu , More than 100 creators 300 ten thousand , Baidu knowledge vertical class has 2. 2 100 million content creators . This group is good at creating content , If you give them a platform to show , Somebody's going to get involved .

From this point of view , Baidu live broadcast is more suitable for knowledge anchor and has the ability to create knowledge IP The institutions of , The current good policies are worth MCN The guild and the anchor have a try .

Although the live content focuses on the segmentation field , Tiktok 、 Well quickly 、 TaoBao 、 Jingdong and others are different , But it doesn't mean Baidu gives up using live to bring goods .

In terms of live delivery infrastructure , Baidu launched a live with goods function for individual anchor users , Users can participate after real name authentication , At present, we support Taobao 、 The goods of Jingdong Hedu shop . among , Du Xiaodian is an e-commerce realization tool provided by Baidu for creators .

 Baidu live start , Do you want to go to ?

We can see , In the education 、 Finance and other sectors , There are institutions or individual bloggers broadcasting , Many of them have links to buy in the live room , Through Baidu live with goods or worth a try .

according to the understanding of , Since Baidu power pan knowledge live broadcast , Many live programs related to jade and jadeite are online on the platform .

Enter Baidu APP After the live channel , You can see that jade video accounts for the majority of , In addition, there are more health preservation 、 Emotional live video .

 Baidu live start , Do you want to go to ?

According to netizens , Some jade merchants sell the live account with real name authentication to a third party , The price is as high as 8 Ten thousand yuan . In recent days, , Baidu has launched a special crackdown on illegal trading of live accounts .

at present , The broadcasting rights of Baijia have not been fully opened , Only some of them were invited , But the commercial value of its live account is beyond doubt .

Use Baidu search for live streaming

Another opportunity brought by Baidu live video is : Use Baidu search for live streaming .

We know , Baidu's core ability is to search , Its live broadcast service is characterized by being able to meet users' information and service needs more specifically .

at present , Baidu live is Baidu APP A sub column in the mobile phone , Live channel , The call in this channel is the content of live broadcast of Baijia .

That means , If we use the baijiahao to open the live broadcast , Its content will be recommended and displayed in Baidu mobile terminal .

in addition , Live video can participate in Baidu mobile search results page ranking . The biggest advantage of this is , Through mobile search for live streaming .

We tried to search for food 、 game 、 Keyword discovery in science and technology , Baidu mobile search results page can see the relevant live video .

 Baidu live start , Do you want to go to ?

To search for seasonal fruits 、 starcraft 、 Artificial intelligence and other key words for example , Can see the search home page shows with this keyword related Baidu live video .

From the present observation , Baidu Live Search recommended display location , Or lower than Baidu short video recommended display , The general order of presentation is : Encyclopedias > video > live broadcast .

As long as the live video can be displayed in Baidu mobile search results page , There is an opportunity to improve the exposure of the studio .

How to open Baidu live ?

The entrance of Baidu live broadcast is placed in Baidu mobile ecology App、 Nice video 、 National video 、 Baidu Post Bar and other applications , Supported by a four terminal platform , The four carrier products cooperate with each other .

You can post it through Baidu 、 Nice video 、 National video 、 There was no. APP, According to the platform guide to open Baidu live .

But the real problem is , Baidu mobile search show and recommend live video only support 100 live video . therefore , If you want to do live ranking on Baidu search , Then we need to open up the live broadcasting rights of the 100 family number .

Get to know the stationmaster , There was no. APP Although the live broadcast function has been launched , But only for some creators, the rights application entrance is open , As a result, there are still many authors who have not yet acquired the live broadcast function .

 Baidu live start , Do you want to go to ?

How to open the live broadcasting rights for the 100 family numbers that have not been officially invited ?

under these circumstances , You can try to apply for opening to the official contact of the 100 family number , But this kind of operation process is more complicated , And there's no guarantee that you can pass through .

Webmaster's home information through Baidu live internal operators to learn , 100 family number opens Live Broadcasting Authority to need to accord with certain condition , As follows :

1、 According to the content published by the author's hundred family number, whether or not you have professional knowledge in a certain field 、 Skill , Determine whether the live broadcast permission is enabled .

2、 The author himself has an account number outside the station ( If in B standing 、 Tiktok 、 Kwai, etc ), Be able to prove that you have knowledge and ability in a certain vertical field , You will be given permission to open live broadcast .

3、 The author himself has the qualification or certification of vertical field industry , For example, if you want to open a live food broadcast , It has been certified as a gourmet expert on a certain platform .

Of course , For those who want to try to do Baidu live broadcast, there is a new opportunity , That is to apply to join the baidu mentioned above “ Thousand broadcast project ”, Enter a name 、 There was no. 、 You can submit the application with information such as the type of live broadcast .( Application link :


From the current action of Baidu , Live delivery is not the point , The focus is on how to... In the search business , Maximize the value of existing traffic and information .

meanwhile , At Baidu App Mobile , The entrance to the live broadcast is also deep , The main “ Live broadcast of knowledge “ How to attract more high-quality anchors and content , Enrich the live broadcast Ecology , It is also the problem that Baidu sends force to live broadcast next step to need to solve .

Finally, let's make up a soul question : Baidu broadcast the car , Do you want to go to ?

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