What are the most common development methods for applet development?
Kick the farmer 2020-11-25 04:54:43
As applets become more and more popular , Today's enterprises have chosen to build small programs , Each enterprise has different requirements for its own small program development , So the functions are different , In other words, different development methods are needed for development , What are the most common ways to develop small programs ?

One 、 Develop your own source code

This approach is suitable for experienced programmers , This requires you to download the official wechat developer tool . After installed , Create a new applet project , Fill in your own applet AppID( If not, you should register a wechat app on the wechat public platform first ), Click on “ establish QuickStart project ”, You can start making your own wechat app . What do not understand the problem according to the official text document operation . It's basically zero cost , But it's not suitable for the less technical Xiaobai , And it's a waste of time .

Two 、 Third party applet development tool template

At present, the most common way to make small programs , It's suitable for people who don't know technology and small and medium-sized enterprises . Choose a small program development tool , Choose the template you need , Can quickly generate a small program , Depending on the template function , The price is different , The development cost of more complex e-commerce programs is usually around 10000 , And some simple function article reading class applet template is free to use .

3、 ... and 、 Self built technology development team

This is a small program development method adopted by many large companies , This kind of development cost is much higher , After all, what a development team needs is probably a product manager +UI Design + front end + Development Engineer + test + operating + Maintenance, etc , At present, the prices of these positions on the market vary according to different regions , The specific cost needs to be calculated according to the local salary and different positions . therefore , This development method is more suitable for large Internet enterprises, focusing on the development and operation of their own products .( Beijing Product Manager +UI Design + front end + Development Engineer + test + In operation, equivalence is almost the same 1.5W+1.2W+1.5W+2W+1W+8000)

Four 、 Looking for outsourcing team to customize development

If the enterprise itself does not know much about technology , I don't have my own technical staff , And there's not a lot of cost budget for team building , You may choose to find the Internet outsourcing team for customized development , Generally, customized small programs are developed by a professional outsourcing team , The cost is between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands , The development cycle is usually from weeks to months . Can satisfy to the small program request high , Enterprises with complex requirements and functions . Of course , The more complex the requirements are , The technical requirements of outsourcing team enterprises will also be higher , The longer the development cycle , The higher the price .

The above is the most common way to develop small programs, which suggestions

 What are the most common ways to develop small programs ?

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