Xuancheng website construction: how to build a "small and beautiful" website for small and medium-sized enterprises in Xuancheng
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Information age , Xuancheng small and medium-sized enterprises have to build a website awareness , But too complicated a website , It doesn't use so many functions, and the charge is high , Too simple website and damage corporate image .

What kind of website does Xuancheng small and medium-sized enterprises need ?

Before looking for web design companies , Ask yourself a few questions first :

What do we build a corporate website for ? Is it display or brand , Positioning should be considered first .

What is the main content of the website ?

What features does the website need ? Whether users really need these features ?

Finally, how much money is the enterprise ready to invest to build this website ?

After thinking about the above questions , Then find Xuancheng network company to build a website , You can express your needs clearly , To draw up a website construction plan that meets the needs of enterprises .

 Xuancheng website construction : How to build a small and medium-sized enterprise in Xuancheng “ Small and beautiful ” Website

Some small and medium-sized enterprise owners are asking for it , You'll say vaguely that you just want one “ Simple ” Website .

But this simple back is also to pay attention to design , Baidu search engine interface is also very simple , A search box with a few buttons , But its core algorithm is not easily known .

Even small and micro enterprises , Its website should also consider the display effect , Login status determination , Prevent malware attacks and other issues , Sometimes a simple function , It also needs to be carefully designed .

 Xuancheng website construction : How to build a small and medium-sized enterprise in Xuancheng “ Small and beautiful ” Website

Now there's a “ Small and beautiful ” The concept of , Compared to big companies , Small and medium-sized enterprises can build a “ Small and beautiful ” Website , The impact is not that big , But it can leave a good impression on users .

The most common is the display website , Simple and direct display of enterprise information and product details to users , Click in and you'll see at a glance , More suitable for educational institutions 、 Factories and other entities .

Xuancheng Centennial HuiFu distillery , With the help of professionals in Xuancheng Dibao company , Build your own website , Click into the website is the introduction of the company and the display of various honors and qualifications , You can see the whole picture without unnecessary operation .

If you feel that the display website is not fully functional , Consider a deal site , Each section is very clearly planned , If the user needs to consult or purchase the product , You can quickly find the corresponding button , In terms of user experience, it should be convenient and fast .

 Xuancheng website construction : How to build a small and medium-sized enterprise in Xuancheng “ Small and beautiful ” Website

Dibao network is the website of Xuancheng automobile transportation company of Anhui transportation group , The function is very complete , Telephone 、 Shuttle bus inquiry , Booking bus tickets online , Each has its own button , Users can quickly reach the corresponding page .

There is another case , Simply want to do a website to show the corporate image , Building enterprise brand , So it's a test of the designer's aesthetic , Whether you will use the design elements of high-end atmosphere , We have to work hard on the matching of pictures and copywriting , Convey corporate image and culture to users .

The last thing to say is this , The price of a website is determined by its value , The more beautiful the website is , The manpower needed 、 The more technology and money , Sometimes it's not a good website to spend a lot of money on , It's best to fit in with the scale and development stage of your enterprise .
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