The anchor capsized with goods, and the sales volume of live broadcast declined as a whole
Yuxuan Xiaoqing 2020-11-25 04:42:34
In recent days, , Released by China Consumer Association 《“ double 11” Public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection 》, Yes 10 month 20 Japan —11 month 15 Public opinion analysis of online big data on relevant consumption rights protection between dates . According to the report , During this period, the negative consumption information mainly focused on live delivery 、 There are two aspects of unreasonable rules , Among them, Wang Han 、 Li Xueqin's live delivery “ Rollover ” Live studio with Li Jiaqi “ Not allowed to change after buying ” Waiting for quilt “ Roll call ”. Similarly, ,“ Professional dummies ” Wang Hai's anchor on Weibo “ Simba ” The team's sale of ready to eat bird's nest in the live room is suspected of sugar water .

After double eleven , Live delivery has obviously entered a tired period , Last week, the major platforms with cargo data overall showed a downward trend , Let's have a look at the live broadcast of last week .

Tiktok live platform :

 Anchor dumps with cargo , Overall decline of live broadcast sales

(11.16-11.22 Zhou Bang , The data comes from the data of feigua )

Lao Luo returned to the tiktok in the last week's shaking list. , The biggest feature of last week's list was that half of the stars occupied the list , Since Zhang Ting founded his own brand , To seize the market through various channels , The frequency of live delivery is increasing , It's getting longer and longer , But on the whole , Last week's sales were basically at the same level , Compared to the data from previous weeks , Last week was obviously a lot worse .

Kwai live direct delivery platform :

 Anchor dumps with cargo , Overall decline of live broadcast sales

(11.16-11.22 Zhou Bang , The data comes from the data of feigua )

I don't know if it is affected by public opinion , Simba “ Bird's nest gate ” The event continued to ferment , Quick Kwai change , Simba and his team's top anchors all dropped out of the list , Instead, Wu Zhaoguo, the dark horse, did not play tricks “ True transmission ” The theme of , With a final 1.2 Kwai billion sales are top of the list. , Last week, the only anchor of Kwai billion. .

Taobao live delivery platform :

After the weighted reorganization of the anchor objective data, it is sorted according to the sales volume

 Anchor dumps with cargo , Overall decline of live broadcast sales

(11.16-11.22 Zhou Bang , Data from Zhigua data )

The top three of Taobao's list are still by Weiya , Li Jiaqi , Sydney , Everything comes to him who waits , Tmall supermarket, which broadcast several times a week, ranked fourth last week , Set a new record for ranking , There are also two new faces on the list : Huawei terminal and Hu Ke .

Major platforms with cargo anchor troops continue to grow , But the anchor rolled over with the goods , The malpractice of carrying goods is constantly emerging , The public also had a period of fatigue , Where to go with live delivery ? Facing the pressure of public opinion , Network anchor as the first responsible person , We should uphold professional ethics 、 Improve business level 、 Improve the operation process , Let traffic become a career 、 Water carrying boats for the benefit of society .
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