Tiktok Kwai live broadcast skills, how can fans order in 5 minutes?
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2020 In the second half of the year , Will live delivery continue to be popular , Look at Luo Yonghao 8 month 7 The tiktok was created by the live broadcast of the sound. 4 Hours 2 A record of 100 million , And in the 8 month 16 Japan , Lei Jun in Xiaomi 10 The anniversary is tiktok, and the live broadcast is carried with you 2.1 Yi broke teacher Luo's record , In a matter of 10 Time in less than days , Tiktok broke the record .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

Those who advocated live broadcast with cool goods before V They were beaten in the face , Therefore, both the platform and the participants are full of confidence in live delivery , The frequency of video updates in the last month is more than that in the past six months , So for ordinary people , It's worth doing for a long time , Keep in mind that content is king , Don't be a giant of language , A dwarf in action .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

So what Mr. Guo Ren shared with you today is Quick hand live Kwai skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ? Here's a description , Kwai live goods are not only the tiktok. , In the future, there will be live video with goods , And these live delivery methods and techniques are universal , The underlying logic is consistent , So we should understand the spirit , Don't limit yourself , Thinking must be open , Grasp the core competitiveness .

A lot of new people start to live with the goods , Select a lot of products carefully , Each live broadcast introduces the product dry mouth , A meal operation as fierce as a tiger , When I step down, I feel bitter , A few hours of deal a lonely , Even doubted life for a time . Actually , Why did this happen , There are three reasons : There is no live script , There is no live broadcast planning and marketing , The staffing is not prominent , Poor audience trust .

First of all , How to do live script ?

Live script refers to the live broadcast process of the anchor , Design what products should be talked about in each time period , How to interact with the audience , How to guide the audience to order , How to draw a lottery , Only the live script is designed , Then the live broadcast can be orderly , Just follow the script .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

The normal live script can be divided into pre live 、 Live 、 Three stages after live broadcast :

What needs to be done before live broadcast is preheating , The general means is to take a short video to warm up , Official account 、 Micro blog and so on , The goal is to let fans know you're going to live , What products are broadcast live , You can save your studio if you need it , It's easy to buy .

Live broadcast is to introduce the product clearly , What are the functions and benefits , How can you impress others , There is also a reason for the audience to place an order , For example, the price is low , Grabbing is making money and so on , The planning and marketing in the back will also explain in detail .

After live broadcast, it is to maintain fans in time , Feedback fans' opinions to businesses , Pave the way for the next live broadcast , Of course, it's all part of a normal team .

second , How to do live marketing planning ?

It's like that , How do you make the audience willing to place an order with you , After all, there are not tens of thousands of people live every day , The audience doesn't have to buy it from you, does it , So we need to plan a marketing plan , Make the audience willing to buy your product .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

At present, there are several kinds of common live activities with goods :

Limited sales ——

Inform users in advance , How many products are there in this event , It will stop when it is sold out , Give users a sense of scarcity 、 Sense of urgency , Impulse to place an order .

Deposit inflation ——

This is similar to many activities of Taobao ! refer to , Advance payment of goods deposit in the event , The deposit can be used several times of its own amount , At the end of the transaction, the remaining balance will be paid .

Before the live broadcast 、 The audience can make a deposit in the live broadcast , Targeted customers in advance , Promote conversion rate . This way can also effectively improve the volume of trading .

Whole point seckill ——

Some products specially used for seckill activities are prepared in advance in the live broadcasting room , The price must be low . This kind of second kill , It can create a sense of scarcity and urgency , Greatly driving transaction conversion .

Second kill time generally choose the customer's free time , Selection of products generally choose high-value or strong second kill products , In order to attract more people to watch the live broadcast , Enhance popularity , Make a transformation .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

Deduction voucher ——

Send coupons in advance 、 Deduction voucher , Lower the consumption threshold , Motivate potential customers to buy , Combined with second kill, the effect will be better !

Super buy free ——

In Li Jiaqi's live room, we often use this kind of live marketing mode with goods . Just buy one product , But the number of giveaways is enormous , You can't help chopping your hands .

Third , How to highlight the staffing ?

It's a long-term process to set up elites , Li Jiaqi was broadcast live for three years before she became famous , More than ten hours of live broadcast every day , Do ordinary people have the will to do it ? So don't just watch one anchor now , The real invisible effort behind them is the fundamental reason for their success .

Compared with we media , Live delivery has greatly reduced the number of people building IP The process of human establishment , Like writing articles to make people remember you , At least a few hundred more , Others can see your article every day , Will have a little impression on you , Live delivery is the system that pushes you to many people on the platform , As long as you have your own characteristics , The audience likes to watch , Like to share , Then you may add tens of thousands of powder overnight .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

So how can we highlight our own people's design , What are some quick ways to make others remember you ?

1、 The skill of carrying goods by personal experience

In the studio , It's easy to use 、 Live broadcast tube 、 The roughest 、 The most effective way , Show the design of the product to the user through the live camera 、 Product material 、 Product technology and use scenarios , Hit the consumer pain point , So as to promote sales .

2、 Building trust style of carrying goods skills

By showing a third-party test report 、 Customer's evaluation, blueprint and enterprise's trust endorsement , So that customers have a sense of trust in your products , So as to promote the commodity transformation in the live broadcasting room .

3、 The technique of carrying goods in a similar way

Through identity exchange , Scene brought in , Quickly shorten the distance with users .

for example ,“ I visited my sister-in-law who had a second child yesterday , By the way, I was a father for a long time , It's not easy to be a woman , Busy housework , And take care of the kids , Tutoring children's homework , Take care of the new baby , The whole day is busy , If you don't eat well, you can't sleep well , Exhaustion of body and mind .”

How to do live broadcasting operation ? Master this 3 A key point !

about “ Live operation ” This word must be familiar to all of us , So what do we need to pay attention to most when we are doing live broadcasting operation ?

I think there are three main points : people 、 cargo 、 site .

today , Let's talk about these three points !

1、 people

In fact, many people will “ people ” Automatically corresponds to “ The host ”, There is nothing wrong with that, of course , Because the anchor is the most important person in the live broadcast , It's also the core of a live broadcast .

It's easy to make a live broadcast , But it's hard to make a live broadcast !

Why is it just three months after the new anchor , Some people already make tens of thousands of dollars a month and you still have a minimum guarantee of 3000 yuan ?

Why do some people have so many different kinds of people , And you don't know what to say when you're on the air , Live broadcasting room frequently jammed cold field ?

Why is he also an e-commerce anchor , Your source is the same as that of a major anchor , The price is even cheaper , The anchor sold thousands , And you didn't give a single ?

It's simple , Because people can't , Talent is the soul of the studio .

For most live broadcasts , Whether it's live 、 Live game or live e-commerce , The anchor is the one that decides the winner .

such as :

This year, 1 The Star Live week planned by Taobao in January , Actress Su Qing in a short time 1 Hours of live broadcast 24 Ten thousand fans watching , And bring to the brand 25 Million sales , The conversion rate is as high as 25%.

Su Qing is not one of the top stars , And this is her first live broadcast , But the final live broadcast effect is no less than other head anchors , Even beyond some of the head anchors .

Speaking of live selling , Of course, lipstick King Li Jiaqi, who is popular all over the network , It's as hot as a first-line star .

In his signature “OMG! Buy it !” In the cry of , Li Jiaqi was broadcast live on Taobao 5 Minutes to sell 15000 lipstick , And live 10 minute , sold 40W Amazing performance of bottle Foundation , Equivalent to half a month of counter sales

And Ma Yun at the same time Taobao live selling lipstick , More so 1000:10 Absolutely excellent , Beat father ma ……

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

Let's go back to the game 、 The history of Huya , In fact, it is the history of the game live industry .

From the earliest 55 The legend of the first brother, the anchor and the prisoner , And then the snake brother 、 Hi, etc , It can be said that the live broadcast platform's digging anchor war has not stopped .

At that time, King glory anchor hi's breach of contract , The judgment of the second instance of the former owner Huya live job hopping Betta case , Hi will eventually have to pay Huya live 4900 A huge breach fee of ten thousand yuan , The total amount of nearly half a billion yuan also created the highest record of liquidated damages in the live broadcasting industry .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

At the beginning of this year , The panda live broadcast created by Wang Sicong is closed , It also has something to do with the high salary of the anchor . And that's exactly what it means , The importance of anchor in live broadcasting industry .

that , When the operator selects the anchor , What should be considered ?

1、 The service ability of the host

There are many aspects of the anchor's business ability , For example, the anchorperson's segmentation industry popularity 、 Live broadcast attitude and live broadcast skills .

Why does Li Jiaqi do live broadcast every time , Can create the myth of selling out lipstick repeatedly ?

· Li Jiaqi's high reputation in lipstick industry

· Good live broadcast attitude

· Unique live broadcast skills

We should know that the attitude and skills of live broadcasting are directly related to the quality of live broadcasting .

Attitude is the foundation , An anchor without a good attitude , The operator can consider eliminating ; Skills determine the income ceiling .

So we often find good anchors , I'm always honing and improving my live broadcasting skills . A look , An action , A little routine of live broadcasting , Practice repeatedly and keep improving .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

2、 The cultivation of anchor

Many companies may not have the resources or funds to cooperate with the head waist anchor , You can only train yourself .

Cultivate an anchor , It takes a lot of energy .

First of all, look for a good seedling , Then determine the culture direction , And constantly polishing skills in practice , Through the whole process , Finally, to polish and improve the anchor's ability .

So how to train anchors ?

· The beauty of the anchor

We were watching a live broadcast , The first thing I saw was the anchor's face , Therefore, we need to start from the appearance 、 attitude 、 Comprehensive consideration of speech and other aspects .

· The interaction ability of anchor

Live broadcasting is actually a one to many interactive game , The interaction ability of the anchor directly affects the atmosphere of the live broadcasting room , The atmosphere determines the rate of prize or purchase .

· Anchor's expertise

The anchor wants to break through , If you want to make more profits , Accumulation and precipitation in the field of professional subdivision is essential , Only professional enough , To be convincing , Only then can we have high transformation 、 High yield .

Except for the anchor , There's another one “ people ”, That's the user .

Whether it's traditional pan entertainment live broadcast , Rely on users to reward , Or live e-commerce , Depending on user purchase share , Users are an important part of the live broadcasting room .

that , Operations need to layer users , Targeted docking .

2、 cargo

The concept of goods is very easy to understand , And different types of live broadcasting , There are different goods .

Show live , The talent of an anchor is a commodity ;

Live broadcast of the game , The game the anchor plays is the goods ;

E-commerce live broadcast , What you sell is goods .

Goods are the survival foundation of live broadcasting room ! Not available , No matter how good an anchor is .

Here we will focus on the products of e-commerce live broadcast .

About live broadcast of e-commerce , The most important thing in operation is to get more favorable products , Better quality goods , Or I can get customized products that only I have that others don't have .

As long as you have a unique good product , Then the user will naturally be attracted by your studio , gradual , It's your label .

So how to do it ?

· Pay attention to the latest product consultation abroad

· Pay more attention to various product exchanges

· Run more product source areas , Establishment of supply chain , Not overnight , It takes effort and opportunity

About goods , What is the focus of operation ?

1、 The quality of

There is no need to say more , Quality is the foundation of everything .

If the quality is not good , Even if the anchor sells it all , Waiting for endless returns , So try to choose big brand counter products , If it's a product you're not familiar with for the first time , The goods must be inspected in advance .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

2、 Price

Low price is advantage .

The same anchor , The same thing , Same script , In the end, I still can't escape the price . It's cheap here , It doesn't mean to choose the lowest price regardless of the quality , But on the premise of the same quality , Get the best price

3、 Matching degree

Between product and anchor , Operators also need to consider a matching degree .

Under what circumstances should we consider ?

When your anchor resources are fixed or limited , You need to consider .

Is the host familiar with this type of product , Have your own cognition and understanding , Can the anchor simply and clearly put the selling point of the product effective in a short period of time 、 Express clearly to customers , And produce demand and then consume and even spread .

for example : The product that Li Jiaqi's team received for him , It must be about make-up , It won't give him other products , Such as clothing 、 Drinks, etc .

The last thing I want to say is , Master the supply chain, you have the absolute advantage .

 Tiktok Kwai live broadcast operation skills , How to keep fans in 5 Order in minutes ?

4、 site

People on the air 、 cargo 、 In the three key points of the field , The field is not that important .

for instance :“ Lipstick brother ” Li Jiaqi , Just sit in front of the camera , There are hundreds of lipsticks .

Everyone's attention is attracted by him and the goods in his hands , No one cares where he's on the air .

Whether he's at the counter , Or in your own studio , Or some online store on the street , As long as the live broadcast effect can be guaranteed , People don't care too much about where he does the live broadcast .

therefore , about “ site ”, Operators also need to pay attention to the following points :

· To fit the live broadcast content

Different types of anchors , The field needed is also different .

such as : Pan entertainment live , It's arranged in the style of Pan entertainment ; E-commerce live broadcast , According to the style of e-commerce live broadcast .

Let the anchor be grounded , If you sell fruit , So the best place to live must be the orchard .

· Always change the field

immutable and frozen , It will make users lack of freshness , So a good anchor always changes the studio .

Only in this way can the live broadcasting industry belt base achieve greater success . therefore , people 、 cargo 、 The field controls the rapid development of live broadcasting !

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