Live broadcast + interpretation "Chang'e five" launches Kwai Kong to create a new position for space knowledge dissemination
Fantastic 2020-11-25 04:42:30
The moon and the vast Star River , Spring and Autumn . Explore the vast universe 、 It has been the dream of Chinese scientists to pursue and strive for it .11 month 23 Friday night , Major scientific and technological projects of lunar exploration project in China “ Around the 、 fall 、 return ” The three-step strategy will implement the third step ——“ Chang 'e no. 5 ” The probe will be launched that night , And perform the lunar surface sampling return task .

In order to let more people understand China's space process , This time “ Chang 'e no. 5 ” launch , Official account of Kwai Fu “ Kwai Kong Aerospace ”(ID:40300172) It will be broadcast live for the first time + Participate in the launch of the probe in the form of explanation . When the , There will be 10 Master Kwai to Hainan Wenchang launch site , For the majority of netizens to bring the launch live broadcast , The platform will also invite senior military commentator Du Wenlong , And Yu Jie, host of CCTV's military channel, explained the launch live in Beijing , Multiple perspectives 、 All round for the netizen this time “ The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon ” Grand occasion .

China's lunar exploration project 2004 From the year onwards , It has been 16 years , Five battles and five victories under the exploration of generations of Engineers , Fruitful results . As a lunar exploration project in China “ Chang'e project ” The end of the war , It will be launched this time “ Chang 'e no. 5 ” It is responsible for bringing the lunar sampling back to earth . According to the plan , The probe will sample the moon's intended landing area , Scientific exploration of the lunar surface and comprehensive analysis of lunar samples . according to the understanding of , The exploration is expected to take place during the formation of the moon 、 New scientific cognition on geological evolution has been achieved , It can provide data for manned lunar landing and site selection of lunar base in the future 、 Lay the technical foundation .

 live broadcast + commentary “ Chang 'e no. 5 ” launch Kwai to create a new position in the dissemination of space knowledge

in fact , In today's context of civil military integration , Space technology is not just simple “ god ”, Its uses are also diversifying , And gradually into the lives of ordinary people . In recent years , Except in the weather 、 Mapping 、 Communication and other fields of national economy play an important role , The development of civil aviation and aerospace is also entering a period of vigorous growth .

This live broadcast , By presenting the state-of-the-art technology in a way that you like to hear and see live in front of you , Draw attention by immersive live broadcast of platform talents , Plus the space science popularization of professional commentators , Great close to the vast number of netizens and used to look “ Out of reach ” Space dream of 、 Distance of science and technology dream , Let more people understand the profound space knowledge and the achievements of China's lunar exploration project , Enhance national pride .

“ Embrace every life ” The value of Kwai Tai platform. , Relying on its own huge content, social ecology and national influence , Encourage short video creators to change from observer to participant , Record and participate in every major goal and small progress of China's space engineering from its own unique perspective .

according to the understanding of , With this live broadcast “ Chang 'e no. 5 ” Launch as an opportunity , Kwai will continue to open up new positions in aerospace knowledge. . future , The Kwai will also aim at Tian Q detector. 、 Tiangong aircraft 、 Ask the sky space station 、 Shenzhou 12 launched a series of activities , Create a periodic series of aerospace brand programs , Use short video and live broadcast to call for more people to know and understand China Aerospace , Close to China Aerospace , Participate in the process of China's space engineering with our own strength and wisdom .