Community operation: how to use KOL to carry out wechat group management
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2018 In the second half of , When Internet venture capital circles think , Pinduoduo's listing announced the end of the online social battle , The offline community group has entered the wechat social traffic ecosystem with a more violent trend , Reshape the new retail goods yard .

1 years , Thriving optimization 、 Meijia buys vegetables 、 Food gathering 、 Ten Hui regiment 、 Life in the same journey 、 Koala collection 、 Su Xiaotuan and other platforms have risen in succession .

There is a view that , Community group buying is an upgraded version of social e-commerce . Undeniable? , The mode of community group buying shows us what social e-commerce does not have , The potential for deep disintermediation .

 Community operation : How to use group buying in community KOL Thinking with goods , Wechat group management

According to Guangzhou red flame information , There are several similarities and differences between community group buying and social e-commerce :

1、 The logic of social e-commerce is basically equivalent to the traditional B2C Online retailers , And community group buying is done by C End drive B End ( That is, the consumer side drives the supply side ) E-commerce channel of . Although the two return to their essence, they still do relationship business , But the shopping behavior of community group buying adds extra user stickiness , The effect of centralized order also makes the logistics cost have a certain decline .

2、 Community group buying and social e-commerce operation , Also based on the user community . The difference is that the social e-commerce community is made up of scattered online users , Around the net red 、 Opinion leaders (KOL) constitute ; And community group buying is based on reality LBS community , Gather at the invitation and call of the head of the community , The relationship layer between users is thicker , To maximize the use of “ The connection between people ” The value produced .

 Community operation : How to use group buying in community KOL Thinking with goods , Wechat group management

Although the commander and KOL It's not exactly the same definition , But for the operation of community group buying , Actually KOL Patterns can also be used for reference .

How to apply KOL Pattern , Group buying and community operation ?

Community group buying enterprises can plan regular topics for community members , Invite a leader or a core member , Around the life of group members 、 feeling 、 Work 、 Travel, leisure and other topics of exchange and discussion , Extend the service scope of wechat group , Use the topic to stimulate the connection and sharing among members .

For example, the cooperative customers of Guangzhou ChiYan Information Co., Ltd , A Shandong community group buying enterprise , Every Thursday night, the head of the team will be invited , Share your experiences and insights with users within the group , The specific content involves the knack of life 、 Cooking, baking 、 Commodity brand selection and other topics .

 Community operation : How to use group buying in community KOL Thinking with goods , Wechat group management

We've seen social economy in recent years 、 The power of the fan economy , Have influence 、 Cohesive KOL Regimental commander , It's not only good for community operations , The effect of carrying goods is also better , It can be said that it is a must for all community group buying platforms . therefore , How to better attract and retain excellent leaders , It is also a problem that community group buying enterprises need to consider .

In this respect , Take the Ten Star Group as an example , Their approach is to guide from the incentive mechanism . The ten teams graded the leaders , The new head of the team , First of all, get training . At the same time, different levels of community partners , Corresponding to different assessment standards and commission ratio : There are four types of communities in the group : Preparatory group 、 Ordinary people (12% commission )、 Advanced group (14% commission )、 Core group (16% commission ). Each stage will have a corresponding task , You can upgrade only when you reach your goal . And for head community partners , The ten teams will sign the exclusive agreement .

 Community operation : How to use group buying in community KOL Thinking with goods , Wechat group management

besides , By adopting professional community group buying solutions , Provide intelligent tools to reduce the workload of the team leader , Improve the team leader's cash withdrawal experience , It's also an effective means .

for example , Community group buying app can Provide a special program for the team leader , With distribution QR code 、 Order view 、 Order management 、 After sale treatment 、 Commission wallet and other functions , It reduces the workload and management difficulty of the regimental commander , Improve the team leader's work efficiency and service quality , It is helpful for community group buying enterprises to recruit more leaders and carry out business better .

Community group buying small program system , Upholding the tradition of empowering industries with small programs , The mission of giving industry the soul of science and Technology , Help you set sail in the trillions blue sea of community group purchase .
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