How to make high quality short video?
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Short video works in the Internet time control in five minutes is better , If it's too long and the video author is not famous , Very few people want to read it in its entirety . If there is a certain accumulation of works or high popularity , Then video over ten minutes is OK . We still recommend 5 Minutes of short video production ha ~ If you have friends who want to learn, just keep reading ~

First , We should be familiar with the content before shooting , Get ready to shoot . For example, if you want to photograph the process of folding a thousand paper cranes , First of all, you have to practice it yourself a few times , So you'll know every detail , What to do at the key point , We should know what we have in mind , So that you don't waste unnecessary time in the shooting process .

 How to make high quality short video ?

Short video capture

If the shooting process is not familiar , Because the time is not compact, the shooting time is too long , Or the point is not prominent , Even forget the important shooting node and then make up the shot , It's not good . It's better to sort out the content before shooting , In case of delay .

During filming , For the quality of the recording , Avoid outdoor noise interference , Make sure you shoot in silence . For example, the prompt tone of the mobile phone , It's best to mute the phone while shooting , In order to avoid the interference of wechat prompt tone or phone ring tone on the mobile phone .

You can close the doors and windows to reduce the noise while recording , Make sure the explanation is clear during the recording , If the recording volume is low , In the later stage, it can be increased , So don't worry about , Just make sure the sound is clear and fluent .

 How to make high quality short video ?

Tiktok platform

When shooting , There should be plenty of light , Make the subject visible . Also try to shoot in the daytime , If it's cloudy, make good use of the light , But also be careful not to use flickering light sources .

Set up a good background , Don't mess up . It's better to have a simple and generous background , The camera should be fixed with a mobile phone holder , Also pay attention to the range of views that can be shot , Avoid crossing the visible range during shooting , Pay attention to the timing , Make sure the time doesn't exceed the online time .

Because short videos are usually 1-3 minute , At most 5 About minutes , So you can't just shoot , Arrange the speed , Practice the copy of the commentary . If it's baking teaching and other operational videos , That needs to be explained , You should speak at a moderate speed , Keep your voice clear , Language should be concise and clear . Be clear about what should be said , What should be omitted should be mentioned in one sentence , Practice in advance , And then shoot .

 How to make high quality short video ?

Take a video

For repeatable operations , You can rehearse it a few times , After the time and effect are satisfied, start shooting , By rehearsing in advance , In terms of time control , Or in terms of language interpretation , All of them should be adjusted well , When it's official, it's all in one shot .

Use the pause function and delete function of the shooting software , The most important thing is to use the pause function , for instance 3 Minutes of short video minutes 3 A clip shot , Every clip 1 minute , Or break it into smaller pieces , Which segment is not satisfied with , You can delete and re shoot . But you can also use your own camera , Just shoot the material in sections , After shooting and browsing the materials together, we can edit and make them in a unified way , The advantage of this is that you won't lose your files or miss something important .

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