The qualification of construction enterprises should be postponed. These two points must be kept in mind
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Unlike some personnel certificates , The qualification of construction enterprises is time limited , It's not a matter of dealing with it once and for all . Generally speaking , Construction enterprise qualification certificate only 5 The term of validity of years , If the qualification is about to expire , Companies also want to continue to do business , We must handle the renewal of qualification in time .

 The qualification of construction enterprises should be postponed , We must remember these two points

When dealing with the renewal of construction enterprise qualification , There are two key points to be grasped :

The duration of the application is

According to relevant regulations , Construction enterprises should be in the expiration of the qualification period 60 Before the day , Submit a renewal application to the competent authority . But considering the unexpected circumstances that may arise , For example, the certificate of construction engineer and other personnel of the enterprise needs to be reviewed again , We suggest that enterprises start to prepare half a year in advance , In order to avoid the failure to deal with it in time, it will lead to the expiration of qualification , Affect the normal operation of the company .

 The qualification of construction enterprises should be postponed , We must remember these two points

Application materials for continuation

After the construction enterprise applies for the renewal of qualification , The competent department will check whether the business activities within the validity period of the qualification conform to relevant laws and regulations 、 technical standard , Is there any record of bad behavior in the integrity file , registered capital of an enterprise 、 Whether the personnel still meet the existing qualification standards , This requires enterprises to prepare corresponding materials .

# Construction enterprise qualification extension application materials

1、《 Construction enterprise qualification application form 》 One copy and electronic document ;

2、 Copy of certificate of enterprise organization code ;

3、《 The business license 》 A copy of the original copy ;

4、 A copy of the original qualification certificate of construction enterprises ;

5、 A copy of the financial audit report of the previous year or the current period for the qualification application ;

6、 Factory certification required by the standard , A copy of the property right certificate issued if it belongs to its own property right ; Belonging to renting or borrowing , Issue a lease ( borrow ) Copies of party property right certificate and lease contract or loan agreement of both parties ;

7、 Purchase invoice of main equipment required by standard ;

8、 Copy of work safety license ;

9、 Identification of personnel with intermediate and above titles 、 Professional title certificate ( Proof of education ) copy ;

10、 Identification of site management personnel 、 Copy of post certificate ;

11、 Identification of technical director 、 Practice qualification certificate 、 Title Certificate or skill certificate ;

12、 Identification of skilled workers 、 Copy of vocational training certificate or vocational skill certificate ;

13、 Before the declaration of key personnel of the enterprise 3 A month's social security certificate ;

14、 Enterprise self evaluation form .

in addition , If the application is not for renewal of the lowest level of qualification , The competent department will also assess the relevant performance of the enterprise , Therefore, performance proof materials must also be prepared .

 The qualification of construction enterprises should be postponed , We must remember these two points

It is not easy to deal with the qualification of construction enterprises , If it is about to expire, you must apply for renewal in time , Otherwise, the certificate will be invalid automatically . If the enterprise still wants to carry out engineering construction activities , You can only re apply for qualifications , It's too late to regret .

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