Interpretation of the first live broadcast e-commerce industry standard in Zhejiang Province
Chencang River Valley 2020-11-25 00:12:11
stay 11 month 17 When day , according to “ Netcom Zhejiang ” The content of wechat official account , Based on full consideration, Zhejiang E-Commerce Association launched 《 Live e-commerce management standards 》, This document is the first live e-commerce industry standard in China .

Han Cong through to 《 standard 》 We can see that , Its content is based on the perspective of live e-commerce industry chain and ecosystem , And the different roles of live e-commerce have made corresponding behavior standards , And regulate it .《 standard 》 It is also clearly stated in the , The platform needs to create a resident qualification audit mechanism for anchors and merchants . The platform also needs to collect business contact information and address and other real information , To create a registration file .

besides , Hancong also learned that the platform needs to create an anchor authentication mechanism , It requires the anchor to provide contact information and identity information . At the same time, standing on the platform itself , Need for video and graphics and audio content platform identification information .

 Interpretation of the first live broadcast e-commerce industry standard in Zhejiang Province

《 standard 》 In view of the live broadcast room monitoring angle also has the corresponding request .“ The platform needs to monitor the live room by means of personnel inspection and background monitoring , And deal with the illegal content in time . In the platform should also set up a user reporting channel , So as to ensure the smoothness of the reporting channel .”

However, in view of the violation of various requirements, the host and the business as well as the platform can use the disposal measures , The measures adopted include but are not limited to :(1) Make a notice to correct (2) Remove and block or delete illegal content and goods ;(3) Restrictions on the content and products released by businesses ;(4) Turn off the live broadcast function indefinitely ;(5) Deduct the deposit from ;(6) Cancel the anchor account , Get rid of the business ;(7) To the relevant law enforcement and competent authorities ;(8) To the judiciary .

For the rights protection of live e-commerce ,《 standard 》 In the clear business 、 Based on the responsibility of the anchor , The platform responsibility is also emphasized . It is stipulated that the platform should establish and improve the credit evaluation system , Public credit evaluation rules , Provide consumers with a convenient way to evaluate the business or anchor services ; We should establish a smooth channel for users to report and complain . One caveat ,《 standard 》 Will also be the anchor “ Negative behavior ” List it out , For example, publishing bad information and illegal information , Recommend fake and restricted products to fans , Guide users to conduct offline transactions, etc .

“2019 The overall scale of China's e-commerce live broadcasting industry has broken through in 4338 One hundred million yuan , The consumption pattern during the epidemic period has also made a breakthrough in the development of live e-commerce , Forecast on 2020 By the time of the year, it could reach trillions .” Hancong e-commerce believes that , future , Live e-commerce as a consumption channel , It will also be more guided and regulated , There is a more comprehensive development .

 Interpretation of the first live broadcast e-commerce industry standard in Zhejiang Province

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