Clean out all the dead corners of your through train and teach you how to get out of the profitable car!
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Hello everyone ,.

Today's article ! As long as you have a through train or you will drive a through train later , You should have a look !

In this article, I will directly introduce the whole process from the beginning to the profit of the through train , Translated into the shortest text ,

Let's sort out our own train of thought , And we have to teach you how to do each step in detail .

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

Chapter one : Test preparation

One 、 Test money

Assessment data : Collection rate 、 Additional purchase rate

Baby, can you do it , Survey and mapping are very important .

Especially for non-standard products , Good or bad style is very important .

So we need to use the test money , To check a baby's good and bad , Then decide whether to invest money to push the baby .

The whole process of testing :

1) Create a new plan or 14 There is no plan for operation , Name it XX Testing plan

2) Time is full time

3) Regional delivery , Except for remote areas

4) Launch platform , Only mobile . close PC Directional and off station channels

5) Keyword selection 10-15 A precise long tail word is enough

6) offer : Just show it . Don't use the first card

7) How to match : The big categories are accurate ; There are a wide range of small categories

8) Be creative as much as possible , Don't think too much about the title , Cover the keyword correlation

9) Join the first level population test at the same time

10) Test cycle : achieve 200 Clicks , Better not to exceed 7 God

11) Test data assessment : The rate of additional purchase is mainly , At the same time, we should also take into account the performance of the click through rate

12) The budget : According to the industry PPC For reference , If you're going to 3 The sky is over , Daily budget = The number of babies promoted * industry PPC*200/3

After setting up the measurement plan , Let the plan run naturally ,

We got 200 After the number of hits , First of all, look at the click through rate and purchase rate of the data .

Then we can judge the rate of additional purchase from two aspects .

One is to judge by experience .

We are in the commodity effect of our business advisor , The overall purchase rate is in 7% within , You don't have to think about pushing , Give up directly .

The increase rate is in 7%-10% about , You can look at the competitive environment , Consider whether to push , In the later period ROI The direction of .

The increase rate is in 10% The above , This product is a very good quality product , This kind of product is worth spending money on promotion , Make a nutrition plan 、 Write off plan 、 Hit the money plan .

The second is to judge by the industry's purchase rate .

You can directly increase the purchase rate of the industry 60% As a standard line .

Or in the market professional version of the product analysis , Open product analysis . Find similar products from your peers , And according to the number of additional buyers to estimate its rate of purchase . Then according to his purchase rate to compare his own rate .

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

Two 、 Mapping

Assessment data : Click through rate

The quality of the main map can determine the click rate of baby

In the same way , How much traffic can you get , So it's important to be intuitive

Good pictures will affect the click through rate , Click through rate will even affect the keyword quality score and plan behind the through train PPC

therefore , There must be no carelessness in the mapping

Mapping operation steps :

The key words are no more than 10 individual , It has to be an exact match

Creative design uses 4 Pictures ,4 Creative title , Show it in rotation .

Creative map shows the amount of running in rotation , Maybe every picture is needed 1000 A show

Keyword system recommended bid location and data requirements :

1. Non standard products

Bid position : Top three

Your click through requirements need to reach the industry 1.5 More than times , And the premise is to open the crowd .

Bid position : The top ten

Your click through rate needs to be above the industry average , And the premise is to open the crowd .

2. Subject matter

Bid position : First article

Your click through requirements need to reach the industry 2 More than times , And only if there's no crowd .

Bid position : Top three

Your click through requirements need to reach the industry 1.5 More than times , And only if there's no crowd .

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

3、 ... and 、 Test plan

Assessment data : Recommended bid

Usually, we listen more about the measurement and mapping , We may have heard little about the test plan

Let's start with a picture :

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

About driving through trains , Key words have weight , The crowd has weight , Creative map has weight , We all know that .

But in fact, every plan we launch has a basic weight

Plans with high weights , Keyword bids can be ranked higher at a lower price .

To put it bluntly , It's a test plan that can drive more cheaply

Operation steps :

First of all, we choose two plans in the through train , Named as “ test plan 1” and “ test plan 2”.

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

We put the same set of keywords , Add in separately “ test plan 1” and “ test plan 2” in

So as like as two peas, we have made two almost identical through-train schemes

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

Here comes the point ,

We started to do weight comparison .

We randomly open two plans for any of the same keyword mobile bid , such as :“ Baseboard wall stickers Self adhesive ” Keyword .

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

What problems will we find ?

The bids for the two plans to reach the same position are not the same !!!

In other words, we have a plan 3.63 Yuan can go up to the first , Let's change the plan 2.6 You can get to the first one !

A simple little test , This proves that the weight of each plan is different , Weight will affect the price . You use a high weight plan , The first one can be found in 3 It's cheaper if you have more 1 More than yuan .

Now many friends suddenly find that they lost a lot of money on the through train ?

We use this method , You can test several plans at the same time , Find the one with the highest weight , It's the cheapest way to drive .

Four 、 Test the crowd

Assessment data : Collection and purchase rate 、 Conversion rate

2018 It's a year for precision people , Now Taobao's revision makes the importance of accurate flow of people more and more high

It can be said that if you master the accurate flow, you will master the weight

So, how to optimize the crowd ?

The best way is to test the crowd !

Practical steps :

Pretest 1 Grade words , Add... Directly after the large category 2 Grade words , Small categories cover less people and can be used directly 1 A word test .

First of all, look at gender . Generally, if there is no significant difference between the coverage of men and women , So we both need to be tested .

If the first-class population covers too few people , Only a few hundred , Then we can directly test a class of people .

So the number of people covered is normal , Around a few thousand , Then we can test the first and second class people together .

for example : I chose the gender female 、 Age 18-24 year , Cover the crowd in 750 people . This crowd can be tested .

If the secondary population is added, there are still many people covered , There are thousands of them , Then we can add 3 Class one .

We have to ensure that there are enough people to cover , Choose as many people as you can to test .

Run full 200 Hits , You can roughly measure the quality of the crowd .

If 2 I got a good one , We'll combine the labels of other first-class people and continue to test .

in addition . When testing people , We can also compare whether our regular customers and industry groups match

Regular customers can be viewed from two places :

1、 Customer operation platform - Customer analysis

2、 Business Consultant - Traffic is vertical and horizontal - Visitor analysis

The industry crowd is viewed from the industry customer group and search crowd with market insight .

Second articles : Through train optimization

One 、 Nutrients

We should all know the importance of keyword quality score in keyword plan for through train ,

Through train Click deduction formula is : The next bid * The quality score of the next place / Your quality score is +0.01 element

Take a closer look and you'll see that how much money is deducted from a single click has little to do with your bid

What matters most is the quality score

So if you want to save money through the train, you must raise the quality score to the full mark

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

The operation methods are 2 Kind of :

1、 On the night train

key word : choice 5-10 Key words

How to match : Precise matching

Operating time :0-2 spot Time sharing discount is directly set to the top

offer : Keywords of the network average price of 1.8 times

Set daily limit :300-500, Make sure you burn it in two hours

2、 Divide the crowd up

key word : Add your baby's core keywords and drop-down box words

How to match : Precise matching

offer : Industry average price 1.8 times

The crowd : Industry people , Combine 3-5 individual .

Use your core keywords in the business advisory market professional edition , Search for portraits of people , Combine 3-5 Personal groups

Crowd premium :100% above

Daily limit :500 about

Use these two methods ,3 Heaven must divide !

So three days 10 The current mainstream is the operation of these two points .

At present, these two methods are suitable for most categories

But now there are several very extreme expansion operations about crowd segmentation , Besides a lot of top up play .

Nutrient considerations :

1、 Car maintenance stage , Don't incrementally

2、 Guarantee the number of keywords 5-10 about

3、 Click through requirements 30-50 individual ( The sum of all the keywords )

4、 Regionalism : We need to optimize through this section . Early selection 8 About provinces , It's the display capability we can get from the sub bureau to , if , In the early stage, we 50 Hits , Relatively speaking, the less territory, the easier . But not less than 3 provinces .

5、 Nutrient stage ROI Not very good , To prepare

6、 The click through rate we require , It has to be above average . The better the click through rate , The faster the nutrient cycle

7、 Don't worry too much about the quality of your keywords , We should know that quality points are cultivated , It's not selected , But the bottom line 7 branch .

8、 Don't introduce traffic , No traffic is introduced , Quality scores can also be maintained ,50 About the number of hits . It's hard to raise , Don't drive big cars

9、 The stage of cultivating words , The early stage can not bring transformation , But be sure to pay attention to additional purchases and click through rates , Colleagues analyze the reasons for not converting .( Early downturn ROI Stage )

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

Two 、 Reduce PPC( Average click cost )

First look at the renderings :

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

Optimizing PPC In the process of , Maybe the general category should at least 10 It's only in about days PPC To a certain extent .

PPC We should all know how important it is , We do paid traffic , The lower the average click per click , The lower the cost of a through train

It is a fundamental condition that determines to a great extent whether the through train can be profitable

Reduce PPC There are three main steps :

1、 It's a good word . That is to say in the previous paragraph to improve the quality of key words score

Simply speaking , Increase the click through rate to the industry 1.5 times -2 times , And then for a few days , The weight will gradually rise .

2、 Oriented by positive data feedback , Optimize our keywords

These positive data feedbacks are mainly : Click through rate . Collect and buy .

We need to gradually eliminate those keywords that are not positive in data feedback , Put in better keywords for data feedback .

3、 Key words of metabolism

That is, for you to have more stable PPC And stable presentation , Each stage has to be replaced with new and different types of keywords

Put this 3 Step by step , You can plan your through train PPC To a very low standard and keep it going .

Reduce PPC Key points of operation :

1 Meet the requirements The click through rate is higher than that of the industry It is best to 1.5-2 More than times

2 Don't have too few hits , Suggest a single keyword 15 More than , Single plan 45+

3 Whether the click through rate of the crowd is too low ? You need to test and screen your own group of people

4 The core operation is to raise the weight first , The quality score is up to 10 To divide and add other words at will is basically 10 Points are enough

5 Operation core : Lower price, higher premium . By increasing the premium of accurate people and reducing the price of keywords to reduce PPC Purpose

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

3、 ... and 、 Optimize the crowd

The importance of the crowd has become more and more important in the revision of Taobao in the past two years

In the future, Ali's mother's algorithm for Taobao shopping will become more and more accurate , Sellers who don't pay attention to the crowd will no longer have traffic

So it's not hard to optimize the crowd ,

The easiest way to optimize crowd tagging , It's about testing people

Except that we can run data step by step , Test out the crowd tags ,

We also need to know , There are several places to look directly at the label of the crowd

1、 Customer operation platform - Customer analysis . Here you can see the crowd tag of the deal

2、 Business Consultant - Traffic is vertical and horizontal - Visitor analysis . Here you can see the crowd tags of visitors entering the store .

We pass the label bias between the two groups , It can be roughly judged that

Who are our target groups , Which groups of people are highly transformed , Who has high traffic , Through these tags , We can continuously optimize our crowd tags

3、 Business Consultant - Market situation - Industry customers . Here you can directly see the crowd tag of your category

4、 Business Consultant - Search for people . Here you can see the keywords you are searching for , Population labeling , More refined , More accurate .

Use these aspects to get accurate crowd tags about their own categories , Combined with the combination of crowd tags to test the running data

The crowd will become more precise , The higher the conversion of incoming traffic .

Four 、 do ROI( Input output ratio )

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

Everybody knows , The ultimate goal of making a through train is to do ROI, Input output ratio .

The only direct indicator of whether we can make profits by driving through trains is only ROI.

So how to put ROI Do high ?

Take a look first ROI The formula :ROI= Customer unit price * Conversion rate /PPC

From the formula , In fact, there are two main aspects , Reduce PPC And improve the conversion rate

Reduce PPC The above paragraph has explained

So about improving the conversion rate , On the one hand, it is to enhance the competitiveness of the product itself , On the other hand, it improves the accuracy of traffic

1、 Improve product competitiveness

What are the main factors related to the competitiveness of products :



Picture shooting

Detail page making

Buyer show

Ask everyone

Product selling point

I won't elaborate on the above points , mainly “ Product selling point ”

Mainly from their own and top Look for in the store's baby evaluation

When you find it, add what you can do in the baby details

2、 Improve the accuracy of traffic

First of all, the accuracy of keywords is very important , We all know that the accuracy of Pan words is not high .

In addition, the selection of precise matching and extensive matching will also affect the accuracy of keywords

Not all word choices match exactly , High accuracy

And the precision of the crowd , This is very important , So how to make our crowd as accurate as possible

That is, how to optimize the crowd , It's actually a long-term job ,

By testing people over a long period of time , Running data , Then update the iteration population according to the data , Constantly optimize the accuracy of the crowd , So as to improve the accuracy of the flow .

Third articles : Through train program

One 、 Keyword plan

Drive a through train , The standard plan is keyword plan

so to speak , As long as it's a through train , Basically, it's all about keyword planning .

The through train operation steps mentioned above , It is mainly about the through train program

in other words

Want to make a keyword plan from creation to profitability

It is to operate step by step according to the above questions

Test money


Test plan

Test the crowd


Reduce PPC

Accurate crowd

do ROI

In the actual operation process, because of the different operation 、 The difference in knowledge reserves 、 The difference in Category , There will certainly be many specific problems

Detective, welcome to ask me , Have a craigslist , I will be enthusiastic to help you to provide solutions .

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

Two 、 Targeted planning

Directional plan is actually want to get hand Taotao home page guess you like the flow of sellers

Separate from the key word plan, do hand Taotao home page orientation plan alone .

There's one thing I have to tell you about .、

If you want to do the orientation of the home page , That must not be targeted in keyword planning !

It's about having a separate orientation plan !

It's about having a separate orientation plan !

It's about having a separate orientation plan !

The important thing is 3 All over .

What's the reason ?

1、 Targeted click through rate is much lower than keyword plan , Will drive down the click through rate of keyword plan

2、 The separation of the two plans also facilitates the control of daily limits in both areas

3、 During the operation of directional planning, various premium should be adjusted to solve different problems , It will affect the key words

These are the reasons

The practical steps of directional planning :

1、 First check whether the category is suitable to guess what you like . Business Consultant , List of commodity stores .

2、 Set up a new plan , Do the key words first , Divide the quality up , And stabilize , Pull the weight of the plan .

3、 Separate the flow of keywords . Open targeted launch , But the keywords don't need to be deleted , Lower bid

4、 Tag people - Add shopping intention crowd pack . In the beginning, you can set all the premium 1%-10%, Run the data first , Post screening

5、 Mobile end hand Taotao home page - Guess you like to open . The premium can be drawn directly to 300%.

6、 Regulating prices , It's the bidding for smart delivery of the people who put it in , It's a targeted bid .

Don't mess up the price at the beginning . When you bid, you should always think about this bid, put it to guess what you like and 300% A premium of , So don't be too high .

7、 The creative map of directional grasping is the first one 5 A creative picture , Don't put too much creativity in the text

8、 If you open a bunch of shopping intent crowd packs , It is found that the click through rate and conversion rate of orientation are relatively poor

9、 Directional plan call fee proposal :1000 element / God .

If you want to spend only a few hundred dollars a day on a plan , So Orienteering doesn't necessarily work for you , Think carefully .

3、 ... and 、 Low price drainage plan

Low price drainage plan is a special play method derived from the keyword plan of through train

Purpose : Get lower price traffic , Don't pay attention to our quality score , Don't pay attention to our collection 、 sales 、 Ranking and so on .

result : Generally, we can improve our ROI, This ROI The numbers are relatively considerable ,

Low cost drainage programs can generally improve our ROI, This ROI The numbers are relatively considerable ,

Many small and medium-sized businesses will not operate in the early stage , Or when you have no energy to operate , The earnings are high .

Some friends even ROI It can be done 1:10 above .

It's a lazy welfare program , There is no need to operate the long, complicated and expensive steps ahead of the through train

Just set up a low-cost drainage plan , You can get through to the key points ROI.

Practical steps :

plan : Standard plan , Don't open lots ( Take all categories )

Daily limit :

We can add properly , When it's good, add .100 start , If it is put into production, it will be gradually increased , You can reach the upper limit .

We must choose intelligent uniform delivery ( It's not standard delivery )

plan : All the babies with low price drainage are under the same plan , The suggestion is not the main product , You can choose a large number of secondary push or no flow products .

Drop the device : Open it all , Inside and outside the station 、PC、 wireless , All on

Time sharing discount :100% , You can also press

regional : In addition to the freight can not afford far away , All open .

originality : Simply express the characteristics of the product .

key word : As much as possible 200 individual .

How to match : All in all

The crowd : Not set up

offer : Add in the default bid

For example, you start with a unified offer of 0.8 element . It's the same as the daily quota , Increase by adding , It can be increased by effect , Don't be too high in the early stage .

Think in addition , Bid early Set the daily limit .

The keywords can be basically recommended by the system , Promotion Glossary download industry hot word list ( Long tail words related to search words ) To add full 200 Word .

For a wide range of reasons , Don't be so meticulous .

Why vote for 2-3 A baby

Because now baby has a click , Have weight on another baby , So don't just put in one .

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

Four 、 Search traffic

 Clean out all the dead corners of your through train , Hand in hand to teach you to drive a profitable car !

The through train is a tool to get paid traffic , You know that

But the through train has an added function , Is to use paid traffic to bring sales to baby at the same time , It can also bring free search traffic

When search traffic increases , More benefits , It also improves the through train in disguise ROI

It can be said that if the through train does not start to search for traffic , It's white .

How to search traffic ?

Do incremental .

utilize 5-10 The output value is increasing every day , You can pull the search traffic .

It's the same way you usually know how to measure .

So about all the steps from just starting the through train to driving it all the way to making a profit

I've explained it to you in detail , I suggest that you can collect them and take a look at them .

After absorbing all these basic contents , There are many through train problems , Everyone will know how to solve it .

If you understand all the contents of this article today , It doesn't matter if you don't enjoy it , Later I still have a lot of advanced operation paste .

Hello , I'm the headlines today “ E-commerce detective ”, near 10 Over the past years, I have been struggling on Taobao tmall platform , Is also a Taoxi Department of senior business !

After seeing some of my opinions, it can help or inspire you , Please also like 、 forward . Thank you for your attention and support .

If you are a Taobao seller , You can contact me to study together 、 communication 、 discuss ;

I replied by private letter “ Study ” that will do

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