Traditional enterprise offline revenue is not considerable, Q & a marketing is a good way for you to drain online
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Internet + The combination of economy is becoming more and more obvious , Use the Internet to sell products 、 Using the Internet to promote products and so on , In this way 2020 In particular, it was taken seriously . Traditional enterprise entity income is not considerable , Xu Guoxiang suggests that we should try Q & a marketing , It'll be a good way for you to drain on the line .

 The offline profits of traditional enterprises are not considerable , Your online marketing method is good

Xu Guoxiang first to take you to see the role of enterprises to do Q & a promotion

Can quickly establish a good corporate reputation , According to the needs of the users, put forward the questions pertinently , Enterprises according to the needs of users to do professional answers ; Answer as an expert , It can improve the reliability of answers , Other users search for similar questions and answers , You will see the answer from the enterprise , It can increase brand awareness and exposure . So it's a good choice to do brand marketing and drainage , It's also a way to increase the outer chain , The survival rate is also very high .

The advantages of enterprises in Q & a promotion

By selecting the target customer base , Distributed to Sina Aiwen platform , The same question can lead to discussion among different groups , Wide coverage 、 The exposure rate is also raised . Involve as many people as possible , To achieve targeted effect . If the topic is handled properly , To arouse public opinion , The effect of question and answer promotion can be brought into full play .

Increase the amount of consultation , After that, once you have visibility , You will find a problem , The amount of consultation will come up in advance immediately . Because there is a good saying , In the future, no matter what kind of users , He pays for the brand and the visibility , I won't buy it for the sake of cheap products . Because the cheaper the product is , It's relatively cheap , The cost is low , Relatively speaking, its quality will not be very good .

Keyword ranking is good : Q & a website in the respective network platform material ranking are better , It's easy to go to Baidu search engine homepage . And the longer it is , The more stable the ranking .

The content of the information is widely covered : Information content promotion service platform covered 95% About the Internet technology customers , The audience is more common , Deal with No — Sample customers , Always look for potential users .

Big data marketing of famous brands : Customers who ask questions on the Q & a website , Every problem is to discuss itself · What you want to master . People can think of each problem as a long tail word , The response of the respondent is to say that a difficult problem correctly leads to . People will be able to use this response to accurately and correctly guide customers to their websites or products .

Quickly create excellent user reviews : Customers ask questions purposefully according to their requirements , People can make technical professional response according to the requirements of customers , After the answer has been heard , When others search for similar problems , You'll see the answer , Enhance the exposure rate of famous brands , Create good user reviews .

Quickly improve the authenticity of famous brands : Because the way of Q & a marketing promotion should be real customer interaction , There is interaction between the questioner and the respondent , In general, the respondent should respond to the questioner's problem as an experienced person , The answer is more authentic , In addition, the respondents mean the famous brand of the company , So as to enhance the authenticity of famous brands .

 The offline profits of traditional enterprises are not considerable , Your online marketing method is good

The above is about the advantages of traditional enterprises to do Q & a marketing , If you have any questions, you can find Xu Guoxiang ~
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