Prescription drugs on the Internet should be released if necessary! How to ensure the authenticity and reliability of electronic prescription has become a hot topic
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11 month 12 The date of , The State Drug Administration just 《 Measures for supervision and administration of drug network sales ( Solicitation draft )》 Start asking for public opinions . The reporter of Henan business daily noticed that , Judging from the current public feedback ,“ It is planned to allow the online sale of prescription drugs with conditions ” Cause a lot of attention .

This time 《 Comments 》, It's also followed by 2019 New revision of 《 Drug Administration Law of the people's Republic of China 》 after , Once again, it shows the feasibility of online sales of prescription drugs .

【 present situation 】 The main way to buy prescription drugs : We need to rely on the electronic prescription after consultation

About prescription and over-the-counter drugs , Yan kuipe, deputy chief physician of heart center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of traditional Chinese medicine, told Henan business daily , In a more standard way , Should be OTC Drugs and prescription drugs . Prescription drugs are mainly used to treat some diseases , Prescription drugs must be prescribed by a doctor . Over the counter drugs refer to the drugs that can be purchased and used without the prescription of the licensed doctor or the assistant of the licensed doctor , For example, some health products .

that , How are prescription drugs purchased today ?

“ Generally, antibiotics need to be prescribed , For example, amoxicillin 、 Cephalosporin , But now some medicines for colds and coughs need to be registered .” Zhang Zhongjing pharmacy ( Future road store ) One of the staff members said . And for some customers who don't have a prescription , Henan Business Daily reporter visited several drugstores and found that , Pharmacies usually have pharmacists sitting around to ask . Or scan the QR code , Fill in your personal information on it , Through a form similar to interrogation , Form an electronic prescription and buy it .

And for the online platform to buy prescription drugs , Mr. Chen, a citizen, told Henan business daily , He buys prescription drugs on the Internet in two forms . One is the form of consultation , For example, Ping An, a good doctor APP, There are professional doctors on the platform . After the consultation, the doctor will issue an electronic prescription , With this prescription, you can buy drugs on this platform .

The other is before confirming the payment , An interface will pop up , You need to fill in the medication information and upload the medical certificate , After the platform is verified by pharmacist's call and inquiry , We can only collect and deliver the goods .

 Prescription drugs on the Internet should be released conditionally ! How to ensure the authenticity and reliability of electronic prescriptions has become a hot topic

【 Hidden worries 】 How to ensure the authenticity of electronic prescriptions ?

stay 《 Comments 》 After the release , Identifying the authenticity of electronic prescriptions has become a hot topic for many people .《 Comments 》 Two of the messages , The premise of online sales of prescription drugs is clarified . First , To ensure that the source of the e-prescription is authentic 、 On the premise of reliability , Allow prescription drugs to be sold online ; secondly , Allow drug retail enterprises with the conditions for online sales of prescription drugs to display prescription drug information to the public .

Because of the characteristics of the Internet itself , Regulatory audit is more difficult , E-prescribing is used many times 、 Random opening often happens . Nanguo Metropolis Daily once exposed some drugstores “ Remote prescribing ” Service for , This service is perfunctory in practical application . Customers log in to the online consultation client and fill in their personal information , Less than a minute of video communication with the doctor , I just got one “ The prescription has been prescribed ” Information . With this message, the customer issued an electronic prescription , Did not get the doctor's detailed inquiry about the condition .

meanwhile , There are also loopholes in the audit of electronic prescriptions on some online drug selling platforms ,“ Pass on the picture ” There is a problem with .

besides , As for the current hot “ Take out medicine ” Pattern , The reporter of Henan Business Daily also made an attempt . Buy from a takeaway platform named “ Cefixime granules ” The medicine , You need to fill in your name before you pay 、 Phone number 、 Personal identification number and other personal information . The Internet hospital to carry out follow-up consultation prescription , Saying “ have a sore throat ” After the symptoms of , The doctor quickly prescribed an electronic prescription , And to allergy and adverse reaction routine inquiry , After that, there was no other inspection . This model , There is too much room for operation , There is a certain risk .

 Prescription drugs on the Internet should be released conditionally ! How to ensure the authenticity and reliability of electronic prescriptions has become a hot topic

 Prescription drugs on the Internet should be released conditionally ! How to ensure the authenticity and reliability of electronic prescriptions has become a hot topic

 Prescription drugs on the Internet should be released conditionally ! How to ensure the authenticity and reliability of electronic prescriptions has become a hot topic

Electronic prescription as a part of drug circulation , stay “ Internet + Medical health ” The rapid development of today is particularly critical . Conditional online prescription drugs , It doesn't mean that electronic prescriptions can be abused . For this point ,《 Comments 》 Article 10. , Clear the obligation of network seller . Selling drugs to individuals , We should also establish an online pharmaceutical care system , Equipped with licensed pharmacists , Guide the rational use of drugs .

【 Discussion 】 Is online medicine reliable ? It needs to be discussed on a case by case basis

When shopping online for this special category of drugs , It is easy to produce the hidden danger of medical safety caused by poor communication . A person in charge of a drugstore surnamed Yu thinks , Compared with online shopping , Pharmacists tell customers face-to-face that it is more clear , It's easy for customers to remember . A lot of drugs like roxithromycin 、 Azithromycin , The measurement above is in milligrams , A lot of people don't know the dose to take , Excessive consumption can cause safety problems . besides , Some prescription drugs are prone to conflict with others , Take a bunch of medicine at the same time , It's easy to have problems .

 Prescription drugs on the Internet should be released conditionally ! How to ensure the authenticity and reliability of electronic prescriptions has become a hot topic

For advice on whether to buy medicine online , Chen Xiaoyong, deputy director of Nephrology Department of Henan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, believes that , At present, there are two main situations . If it's a chronic disease , Take a medicine for a long time , If it's cheap online, you can buy it online . But if the patient doesn't go to the doctor to determine the diagnosis , Just look at the drug instructions for yourself , I think the symptoms on the manual are consistent with my own symptoms , For these patients , It's still not recommended to buy online , It's better to go to the hospital for the doctor to diagnose .

You need to pay attention to the properties when you buy prescription drugs , Chen Xiaoyong said , When you buy over-the-counter drugs at the drugstore , It's also important to note . So , Chen Xiaoyong put forward some suggestions . The first point , Pay attention to the expiration date of the medicine 、 Shelf life and production date ; Second point , Pay attention to the exact size of the drug . Some healthy brands 、 Food size sign , It's not medicine , You need to know more about ; The third point , Before taking the medicine , If possible, it is best to consult a doctor before taking it .

Henan Business Daily reporter learned from the relevant people of drug supervision ,《 Measures for supervision and administration of drug network sales 》 Still asking for advice , Correspondingly, the supporting measures have not come out yet .

【 industry 】 Prescription drugs are sold online “ Gate opening ”, Pharmaceutical e-commerce will enter the fast lane

According to AI kunwei data forecast , With the separation of medicine and medicine , The scale of prescription drug outflow from medical institutions is about 4000 One hundred million yuan -5000 One hundred million yuan , The retail market is about 3000 One hundred million yuan . This has been more restrained for the pharmaceutical e-commerce , There is going to be a big good time .

11 month 18 Japan ,2020 year ( The sixth ) The annual meeting of China pharmaceutical trade was held in Guangzhou . Lin Jianning, director of the Southern Institute of medical economics of the State Drug Administration, reported at the meeting that , Under the epidemic situation, the pharmaceutical e-commerce platform ushered in a peak .2020 During the Spring Festival , Affected by the epidemic , The number of active medical e-commerce days is more than that in ordinary times , The number of people who live on the peak 148.21 ten thousand people , The highest year-on-year growth rate is 10.11%. During the epidemic , Pharmaceutical e-commerce platform has become an important way for consumers to rush to buy protective articles .

Ali and Jingdong, who have already joined the medical e-commerce Bureau , Both active users and revenue increased significantly . recently , The official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosed the information collection of Jingdong health Co., Ltd. after the hearing , It has been approved for listing in Hong Kong . According to the post hearing data set , By 2020 year 6 month 30 Six months from the end of the day , The total amount of Jingdong health transaction reached 339 One hundred million yuan , Gross income 87.77 One hundred million yuan . By 2020 year 6 month 30 The end of the day is twelve months , Jingdong health co owns 7250 Million years of active users .

And Alibaba health, which is similar to JD health business ,5 Released at the end of the month 2020 Results show that , By 2020 year 3 month 31 Japan , The number of active consumers in online stores exceeds 4800 ten thousand , More than half a year ago 1100 ten thousand . The business income of pharmaceutical e-commerce platform is 11.70 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 69.6%; The revenue from the pharmaceutical self-employed business is about 81.33 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 92.4%.

( Editor of Henan business daily Wu Bing Shi Shangjing )

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