Behind Wang Hai's "crackdown on counterfeit" Simba: how serious are the problems of selling fake goods with live broadcasting and safeguarding rights?
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 Wang hai “ Counterfeiting ” Behind Simba : Live selling fake goods with goods 、 How serious is the problem of safeguarding rights ?

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The live delivery market is going through a troubled time .

After Li Xueqin 、 Wang Han live “ Rollover ” After the event , Simba team is being questioned about selling fake bird's nest , It has triggered a heated debate in public opinion .

11 month 4 Japan , Some netizens put out a video saying , Simba's Apprentice “ It's beautiful ” Mingzhi brand sold in the live broadcasting room “ The golden bird's nest sugar bowl ”, It's sugar water, not bird's nest , This caused the attention of netizens . Regarding this , Simba and Shida Meili are experimenting in the live studio , And drying out the relevant test report to prove that the product quality is no problem .

Guangzhou Rongyu Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mingzhi brand, also issued a statement ,“ The goods sent out this time are all qualified and authentic , It has passed the quality inspection process of each link in compliance with the law , There is no quality problem ”.

But it's not over , As Wang Hai, a professional cracker on counterfeit goods, joined the charge , The bird's nest is sugar water , One came from hitting a dummy 、 The tripartite tug of war between the host and the manufacturer started .

11 month 19 Japan , Wang Hai sun out of the relevant test reports show that , Mingzhi brand bird's nest ,100 Kerry contains “ efficacy ” The value of material bird's nest acid is only RMB 0.07 element . meanwhile , The sucrose content of the product is 4.8%, And the carbohydrate in the ingredient list is 5%, The protein content is 0.

 Wang hai “ Counterfeiting ” Behind Simba : Live selling fake goods with goods 、 How serious is the problem of safeguarding rights ?

Inspection report of Mingzhi brand bird's nest , Tuyuan Wang Hai's microblog

He also mentioned that , This product is a flavor drink, not a bird's nest , And does not meet the food safety standards , Consumers can ask for a refund of 10 . When the purchase price is very low , Deceive consumers to say that they are selling at a loss , It's fraud .

Next day , Simba announced that , It does not participate in any purchase and sales activities , At present, the products have been sent for inspection , Wait for the results to be sent back . Consumers can go to the tmall store of the brand to apply for refund .

in fact , This is not the first time the Simba team has been exposed to product quality problems .

This year, 7 month , Yangzhou TV station exposed Simba's Apprentice “ Little pot friend ” Thailand latex pillow with goods , Not from Thailand , It's Qingdao .

The development of live delivery , Exaggerate propaganda 、 Sell off 、 It's difficult to return or exchange goods , It's getting worse , The chaos of live broadcasting has attracted the attention of the regulatory level .

10 month 20 Japan , Issued by the State Administration of market supervision 《 Measures for supervision and administration of online transactions ( Solicitation draft )》;11 month 13 Japan's national Internet Information Office released 《 Management regulations on internet live marketing information content service ( Solicitation draft )》, according to an uncompleted statistic , It's not going down this year 10 Issued regulatory documents .

Live delivery industry will bid farewell to the wild growth , Entering the era of strong supervision .

When will live holiday sales be closed ?

This year, 9 month , Lu is now in Donglan boyue ( Some studio ) Taoshe No.1 , I ordered a silk quilt , However, it was found that the quilt was filled with inferior chemical fiber , Finally, feedback to the customer service found that the business license and the live room are not the same , After asking for a refund, he was also blackmailed and forbidden by businesses .

Cases like this , There are many complaints from black cats , attachment Insight Comb and discover , Complaints about live delivery of goods in black cat complaints , Most of them focus on false propaganda and fake and inferior commodities .

This is just the tip of the iceberg of live selling fake products .

11 month 9 Japan , News from the Ministry of public security , In accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of public security, the public security organs of the whole country shall , For live broadcast with goods 、 Launch special action for fake and shoddy goods from online stores and other channels .

In this scene called “ Kunlun operation ” In the special action of , A total of relevant cases were cracked 1400 rise . According to the introduction , One of them is in Shanghai 、 Shandong 、 Among the three large-scale fraud cases cracked in Guangdong , The total amount involved reached 8.5 One hundred million yuan .

 Wang hai “ Counterfeiting ” Behind Simba : Live selling fake goods with goods 、 How serious is the problem of safeguarding rights ?

Items seized by Kunlun operation , Picture source CCTV network

Live with goods in full swing , Counterfeiters are taking advantage of this trend , Through a series of packaging publicity , Live sales .

This year, 5 month , In a case of fraud cracked in Changshu, Jiangsu Province ,“ Longpai daily nuts ” The industrial chain of counterfeiting across Guilin, Guangxi 、 Weishan, Shandong 、 Linyi and Cangzhou, Hebei , The amount involved is as high as 2000 More than ten thousand yuan .

According to the police investigation , Such fake products mainly flow to Taobao platform , And through the form of live network sales to consumers . The police also introduced , The criminals set up the processing dens for counterfeit goods in the urban-rural fringe of other places , Through WeChat 、QQ、 Telephone, etc , Transfer payment from offline to online , Arrange delivery by express company online , Don't meet directly 、 No direct payment 、 No direct delivery ; From raw materials 、 Sales from packaging to finished products , The scope of the case involves many provinces in China .

Such a fake industry chain is no stranger , Once they sold through various online channels , Now it's in the studio .

According to the Beijing news , This year, 8 month , Liao Zhengshi, a female anchor , Taken away by some plainclothes policemen .10 month , Shanghai Hongkou police report , It's used together “ Webcast anchor with goods ” Sale of counterfeit registered trademark goods , Several luxury brand bags were seized at the scene 、 Clothing and other commodities 3000 More than , Captured the suspect who is carrying live goods with the female Internet, Hong Liao and some other suspects. 50 More than .

After the check , Liao will fake brand goods in live broadcast , The code with strong directivity is introduced . Display time , These brand names will be taped , The selling price is only dozens or even hundreds of times of the genuine goods . The police found that Liao cooperated with hundreds of businesses , Suspected of selling counterfeit luxury goods 30 home .

In this case , Anchor is a link in the chain of selling counterfeit goods , And in a lot of studios , The anchor is just a sales role , It is also difficult for them to ensure that the goods sent by the merchants are genuine .

In recent days, , Beauty blogger daximijun released a video saying , Its presence 11 month 9 Number and 10 Number , Selling lipstick in the studio , It asked the merchant to send samples , It has been verified by the selection team , It's authentic , So I decided to go live .

Because they are worried about fake goods , She also signed fidelity agreements with businesses , And let business provide business license 、 Power of attorney and other information . Three selection personnel of daximijun , The goods sent out were also sampled and inspected .

But these moves , Can't stop the business from selling real and fake goods , In the process of protecting consumers' rights , The merchant refused to refund , And said that consumers didn't receive their goods .

It's mentioned in the video , The merchant said , Her fans are of poor quality , Most of the delivery address is in the mountain village ,“ Can such people understand the truth ?”, meanwhile , The business threatened to intimidate her :“ That's the size of the circle , Let's talk outside , Are there any businesses looking for you ?”

For fake goods , Mao Zhenbin, inspector of the emergency management department of the State Food and drug administration, also pointed out that , High concealment of making and selling counterfeit goods on the Internet , Difficulties in supervision and law enforcement , It is mainly manifested in the production 、 for 、 The selling process has high concealment and cross regional crime , Illegal product production 、 Delivery 、 Information Delivery 、 The collection of stolen money and other links are separated from each other .

Live online , It has brought a new flow entrance to the business , It has also become a hotbed of counterfeiting industry chain . From a head anchor like Simba “ Sale of counterfeit goods ”, More demonstration effect , It is also a wake-up call for practitioners .

quality 、 Frequent after-sales problems

It's not just fake goods , product quality 、 After sales support is also a disaster area for complaints about live delivery of goods .

Recently, the anchor Sanda brother has been exposed , The rice sold in the live broadcasting room has quality problems . Consumers found the shape of rice incomplete , It's not fresh rice .

The same quality problems have occurred in Luo Yonghao's studio .5 month 15 Japan , Luo Yonghao United flower e-commerce brand “ Take some time. ” Selling Valentine's Day rose gift box .

Originally 520 It is a warm Festival , However, due to the late delivery link , The goods cannot be delivered on time . meanwhile , After users receive the flowers, it is quite different from the actual situation , The flowers are not only wilting , The color is also greatly reduced .

earlier , Li Jiaqi at the end of last year because “ non-stick cookware ” Quality problems on hot search , It's selling something in the studio “ non-stick cookware ” when , Ask the assistant to break in the eggs “ non-stick cookware ” after , Eggs stick to the bottom of the pot all the time , Although after the event, the pot company claimed that “ Li Jiaqi can't cook , There was a mistake in the process of breaking eggs , There is no problem with the pot ”, But this is not convincing .

After sales , The same problems occur frequently .

This year, double 11 period , Some consumers bought a brand of fashionable shoes in Li Jiaqi's live broadcasting room , But after receiving the shoes, they were not satisfied with the fashionable shoes , Request to exchange goods with brand side , But the brand said the shoes were sold out and could not be exchanged .

A few months ago , CCTV economic voice 《 Day after day 315》 Reported , Mr. Zhao of Yibin, Sichuan, bought toilet paper in a live broadcasting studio 、 Washing powder 、 Razor and other products , After receiving the goods, we found that , It's far from the products displayed in the studio .

After that, Mr. Zhao called the business customer service number , But businesses say , Since it was bought by the live broadcast platform , We should find a live broadcast platform . But Mr. Zhao contacted the live broadcast platform many times , The problem remains unsolved . Buck passing between businesses and e-commerce platforms .

It's hard to sell , After sales links disappear , This is also a disadvantage of the industry .

Many anchors want to gain the live broadcast effect , All kinds of yelling , Even acting . But when the product is sold out , Logistics and quality issues , But it has not been solved .

Zheng CE, who has been engaged in e-commerce industry for many years Insight Say :“ Live selling now , It is very easy to have subsequent additional freight 、 Logistics is not smooth and so on , There is no after-sales guarantee for the live broadcast platform , What kind of after-sales problems do you really have , They can't handle it basically .”

In recent days, , China Consumer Association also released 《“ double 11” Public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection 》, The report analyzes the big data of online public opinion through consumption rights protection , The negative news of consumers mainly focuses on live delivery with goods 、 Unreasonable rules , among 10 month 25 Japan -11 month 15 The total number of negative news of live broadcast with goods collected during the date 334083 strip . China Consumer Association points out , merchants 、 The responsibility between the anchor is not clear , In case of after-sales problems, shift responsibilities , And named Li Jiaqi after-sales products do not return .

 Wang hai “ Counterfeiting ” Behind Simba : Live selling fake goods with goods 、 How serious is the problem of safeguarding rights ?

Information volume of consumer rights protection day , Picture source 《“ double 11” Public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection 》

Live delivery should be a good product display window , But the whole industry is in turmoil , Is consuming the trust of consumers .

The industry ushers in the trend of supervision

It seems that the threshold is not high , In fact, the requirements for selection and supply chain services are not low .

Even Li Jiaqi 、 Weiya 、 Simba 、 Head anchor like Luo Yonghao , There are enough selection personnel , There will be “ Rollover ” The situation of , For more small and medium-sized anchors , It is even more difficult to control the quality of goods .

however , Live delivery will soon say goodbye to the wild growth .

11 month 13 Japan , Issued by the state Cyber Information Office 《 Management regulations on internet live marketing information content service ( Solicitation draft )》 Make it clear , Live marketing platform should record 、 Live content saved , The storage time shall not be less than 60 days , And provide live content look back function .

Prior to this, the General Administration of market supervision also issued two regulatory documents , among 《 Measures for supervision and administration of online transactions ( Solicitation draft )》 It is planned to bring new online trading formats such as live broadcast with goods into the regulatory scope , It is also pointed out that the back look function should be provided for the network live broadcast with goods ;《 Guidance on strengthening the supervision of network live marketing activities 》 It is pointed out that the network platform is the three main bodies in the network live marketing activities 、 Commodity operator 、 The responsibility of the live webcast is sorted out , The responsibilities are divided into different levels .

According to incomplete statistics , Including the above 3 Documents , This year, there are no more regulatory documents issued for live broadcast with goods 10 Share .

From the perspective of regulatory content , Legal liability of the anchor with goods at present 、 Industry standards are gradually established , Including online live broadcast with goods promotion will be applicable 《 Advertisement law 》, Live delivery merchants should comply with 《 E-commerce law 》《 Anti Unfair Competition Law 》《 product quality law 》《 Food Safety Law 》《 Consumer protection law 》 And other relevant laws and regulations , Recently, the entry threshold of live broadcast with goods 、 Data storage, etc , All these indicate that , A comprehensive 、 A multi-level regulatory system is being established .

This is a good thing for the live delivery industry , Compared with the disorderly development in the past , Through continuous regulatory pressure , Clarify the illegal cost of anchor and manufacturer , It can make the anchor more strict in the selection , At the same time, it can better protect the rights and interests of consumers .
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