$3.6 billion for acquisition! Baidu to do live, but also rely on YY
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On the increasingly calm surface of the live water , Baidu throws down a stone , It's rippling .

2020 year 11 month 17 Japan , Baidu announced 36 The price of 100 million U.S. dollars, a wholly-owned acquisition of huanju group's domestic live broadcast business ( namely “YY live broadcast ”), It is expected that 2021 Delivery completed in the first half of .

Upon completion of the transaction ,YY Live broadcast will join Baidu , In the future, both sides will be in technology 、 Traffic 、 Ecological and other aspects of mutual empowerment , Form a scale effect .

 To spend 36 US $100 million acquisition ! Baidu makes live broadcast , It depends on YY

For this acquisition , Sure “ each takes what he needs ” Four characters —— Baidu buy YY To activate live energy , Get together and sell YY To focus on overseas markets .

Get together and sell , Focus on overseas

YY Founded on 2005 year , It is one of the live broadcasting platforms of the happy gathering times group , The latter also has BIGO LIVE、HAGO、Likee Products such as , Focus on Overseas Development .

From the development of domestic live broadcasting industry ,YY It can be called an old live broadcast platform , Got the first one “ Show live ” Take advantage of the wind , Experienced “ Thousand broadcast battle ”, Grow up to be the leader in the show live and game live track .

however , Tiktok 、 Rise of short videos such as Kwai Fu , In addition, the popularity of e-commerce live broadcast led by Taobao is increasing , Attention loss of live show . thus ,YY Market share has been severely squeezed , User growth is sluggish .

The latest year's financial data show that , since 2019 year Q3 To 2020 year Q2,YY The growth rates of paid users of live broadcasting are respectively 14.4%、9.8%、-3.6%、-2.2%.

Except for limited growth , It's a live show YY No new export has been found in the realization of profits , Depending on the “ Reward ” The first mock exam lost the support of traffic growth , Revenue has also shrunk .

By contrast , The performance of overseas business in the era of reunion is much better .

According to the time of gathering 2020 year Q2 Results data , Its global average mobile terminal monthly active users increased year on year 21.0 % to 4.571 Billion , among 91.0% From overseas market .

 To spend 36 US $100 million acquisition ! Baidu makes live broadcast , It depends on YY

in addition , Analyze companies based on third-party mobile application data Sensor Tower released 《 2020 Short video of China going out to sea in the first half of the year / live broadcast TOP20》 List data ,Likee The second largest app download in the world , Second only to Tik Tok; stay APP income ,BIGO LIVE It is firmly at the top of the list ,Tik Tok After ,Likee Ranked fifth .

obviously , In the era of reunion, domestic and foreign business presents a polarization development —— Domestic business in bottleneck , Overseas business is blooming in many aspects . and YY As the main player of domestic business , In the era of reunion “ Fall out of favor ”, In the end “ sacrifice ”.

From the outside , For sale in the age of reunion YY Domestic business is not just about focusing on foreign business , And it needs to pass YY Sell to get a lot of cash flow , To support the development of foreign business .

It is worth mentioning that , This is not the first time in the gathering era to replenish ammunition for overseas operations , Only this year , There were two sales of tiger tooth stock in the happy gathering era , Get together 10.73 Billion dollars .

 To spend 36 US $100 million acquisition ! Baidu makes live broadcast , It depends on YY

From the amount of Baidu issued ——36 Billion dollars —— Can be said to be a very sincere amount ; After all , The market value of the happy gathering era is about 77 Billion , The purchase price is close to half of the market value .

although YY The business performance in recent years has not been satisfactory , But it has the advantages of live broadcasting in the show and the long-term accumulation of anchor resources 、 A complete set of process system from anchor training to user payment transformation 、 Operational capabilities remain valuable .

For Baidu , Especially so .

Baidu buy , Leap forward live broadcast

On the live broadcast , Baidu seems to be a bit of a maverick —— No special application platform , The entrance is scattered in Baidu App、 Nice video 、 National video 、 Baidu Post Bar .

 To spend 36 US $100 million acquisition ! Baidu makes live broadcast , It depends on YY

Compared with the previous Baidu in the short video track devotion , It even launched two short video apps App( Good looking video and national video ), Baidu's attitude to live broadcasting seems to be just playing .

It's not .

Although there is no specific application , But since this year , Baidu in the live track is riveting enough force .

First, set the tone at the Vientiane conference , It emphasizes that live broadcasting is the key development direction of mobile ecology in the second half of the year . Then , Baidu CEO Robin Li is personally on the platform. , Launch personal live show . Recently, there has been news , In the third quarter of this year , Baidu set live as the battle to win .

Enough to see , Only at the strategic level , No specific product form of live broadcast business has been more important than most other business .

that , What medicine does Baidu live cucurbit sell ?

 To spend 36 US $100 million acquisition ! Baidu makes live broadcast , It depends on YY

At the Vientiane Conference , Baidu group executive vice president Shen Shuo officially made clear the direction of Baidu live —— Live broadcasting with knowledge as the core , More clear about user requirements , It's a targeted live broadcast .

Compared with the more popular e-commerce live broadcast 、 Show live 、 Live broadcast of the game , Baidu chose another way , That is, live broadcast of information and knowledge . And through Baidu's frequent measures on this track this year, we can find that , The end of the road , To Baidu APP.

This March , Baidu starts recruiting , A large number of recruitment and live related positions . According to Tencent 《 Deep net 》 Pointed out that , Most of the jobs related to live broadcasting come from the video innovation business department , And the department belongs to the mobile ecology business group .

6 month 30 Japan , Baidu announced the introduction of Gu Feng, the founder of the former tiger tooth ( His real name is Chen Luojin ) Head of live broadcast team , To Baidu App General manager Ping Xiaoli reports . meanwhile , Baidu confirmed that the mobile ecological business group has completed the construction of live broadcasting platform .

It's not hard to see. , The live broadcasting business is closely linked with the mobile ecological business group . From the perspective of entrance presentation , Baidu's idea of doing live broadcasting is divided into two lines —— Serve Baidu APP Information knowledge class live broadcast and service good-looking video 、 Pan entertainment live broadcast of national small video .

From Baidu's positioning of live broadcast , Baidu live broadcast, which focuses on information and knowledge, is to serve in the final analysis “ Search business ”, It's about achievement “ Baidu Plus”, A set search 、 information flow 、 Small programs and live in one APP.

On the other hand , Based on Baidu App Good algorithms and traffic accumulation , Live broadcast is late , But it can step into the live broadcast market and get a share of it .

however , Tiktok 、 Well quickly 、 Taobao and other competitors , Baidu's lack of live operation capability and anchor resource accumulation is not short-term “ Make up a missed lesson ” It can make up for it .

And these , It is YY What we see .

obviously , Baidu hopes to make up for the missing section again through acquisition .“ Baidu's algorithm 、 Traffic + YY Operation and anchor accumulation ” Can you play the king's fried effect , Remains to be seen .

But there's no denying it , Live broadcast market , Baidu has entered the board strongly .

Live broadcast market , The beacon rises again

Announced acquisition in Baidu YY A month ago , There's another big business story about live broadcasting —— Driven by Tencent , Two leading players in the live game industry “ Tiger teeth and fighting fish ” Announce a merger , And the merged company is Tencent holding company .

thus , Tencent occupied “ Live broadcast of the game ” This mountain .

Internet giants are waiting for the opportunity , Current live broadcast market competition , It can be said that it is not complicated and lively .

 To spend 36 US $100 million acquisition ! Baidu makes live broadcast , It depends on YY

Last time, there was a lively scene in the live broadcasting industry , We need to go back to 2016 Year of “ Thousand broadcast battle ”. At the beginning of the peak ,App Store At the same time 300 Multiple mobile live broadcasting App Provide download .

Under the grand occasion , Live broadcast market ( Live on show 、 Live games , Pan entertainment live broadcast platform ) Rapid saturation . And then , It's a fierce homogenization competition , And a series of negative problems , Including live broadcast content “ Edge ball ”、 Water filling 、 The reward mechanism touches the red line of supervision .

from 2017 Year begins , Live broadcasting industry —— Capital enthusiasm no longer , Fewer entrants ; Under tight regulation and competition , There was a surge in takeouts , Live broadcasting industry enters rapidly “ First round shuffle ” Stage .

It is worth mentioning that ,YY、 Tiger tooth 、 Bettas have been through “ Thousand broadcast battle ” And the surviving head players .

When the live broadcasting industry is declining , The rapid rise of short video , Grab users' attention , It's also accelerated to a certain extent “ Live broadcast of winter ” The arrival of the .

in addition , Pan entertainment live broadcast platform mainly uses reward as the main way of traffic realization , As attention cuts , Even if they survive , Old brand live broadcasting platform also fell into growth fatigue .

At a time when the live show and the live game are bleak , The rise of e-commerce live broadcasting , Break through the barriers between traffic and trading . Take Taobao live broadcast as the leader , Tiktok 、 Well quickly 、 JD.COM 、 Duoduo and other platforms followed closely , The popularity of e-commerce live broadcasting .

Even , Even Baidu and Tencent, which don't have the e-commerce gene, have joined in one after another .

According to the interface news report , This April , Baidu e-commerce live broadcast has started a small-scale test . For live broadcasting of e-commerce , Baidu's attitude is ——

E-commerce is an industry with great potential , With users and traffic, there is consumption , Baidu should make good use of traffic , Providing e-commerce services to users , It will bring goods through short video and live broadcast to cultivate e-commerce .

so , Only live broadcast of this segment of the track by e-commerce , They gathered together, including Ali 、 Baidu 、 tencent 、 JD.COM 、 Bytes to beat 、 Kwai, and other new and old Internet forces .

In the other two directions , One of the head players of the live show YY It has been paid into Baidu bag , Momo is changing ownership ; Head player in the field of live game fighting 、 All tiger teeth belong to Tencent .

And either direction is enough to show , Live traffic is more and more tend to the head platform .

The current live broadcast competition is different from “ Thousand broadcast battle ” The elimination mode of class , It's about integration , More like “ Big fish eat small fish ” The process of .

According to this development trend , in the final analysis , The final battle of live broadcasting , Maybe it will return to Baidu 、 Ali 、 tencent 、 byte 、 Between Kwai .

Ripples , After all, the water is not calm .

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