Bottom logic of tiktok live with goods
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 Bottom logic of tiktok live with goods

I've been in contact with a lot of businesses , Most of them said they didn't want to do live broadcasting , But I don't know how to do it . Today we mainly focus on the essence of live delivery 、 Where does the live traffic come from 、 The steps and success factors of live delivery 4 Let's share them . I hope through this sharing , You can at least make sure that you are in the right direction , My efforts are not in vain .

The essence of live delivery

Live broadcast by businesses , I always ask him to think about the most basic problem first , It doesn't matter online or offline , How do you complete a deal ? Let's think about it , The market itself has demand , This demand may be some products 、 service , Through the right channels , Reach the right crowd , Then through some of your marketing skills to form a transformation , Finally, it led to a deal .

however , Not all kinds of products can be sold through live delivery , Including Li Jiaqi and Weiya , It's not something for them , Can be sold into explosive products . The underlying logic here is , What live broadcasting brings is an improvement of channel efficiency , It's not goods that can't be sold offline , You can sell it on the tiktok. .

therefore , Selection is particularly important . We did a test , In the same studio , The emergence of an explosive product will increase the flow in the live broadcasting room , The recommendation of ordinary brands will make the flow decline significantly . This shows that , In the whole process of the Live Room , Goods and supply chain occupy a very large weight , This is also the first step to do a good job with live delivery .

Where does the live traffic come from ?

There are two main sources of traffic in the live broadcasting room , Public domain traffic and private domain traffic .

And headlines 、 Kwai Fu is different. , Tiktok is very large in public domain traffic. , This has led many businesses to think that , We must make short tiktok in order to do it. , It's not . There are three entrance tiktok live areas. .

The first public domain traffic entrance , It's short video traffic . That is, we can see tiktok with short video. , The highest proportion of people entering the live broadcasting room through the live broadcast tips of the Avatar , reach 60% above . therefore , If you can make short videos , You must have tiktok in the live broadcast of the sound. , It must be easier to do than others .

But if you're a businessman , I didn't do short videos before , You can tiktok live, too. . This is the second largest public domain traffic portal for live broadcasting : Live recommendation stream . Live recommendation flow tiktok will continue to rise. , Gradually increasing the weight of the live recommendation stream means that , Even if you don't have fans , From the live recommendation can also be done . These are the two largest flow inlets , I want you to pay attention .

The third largest public domain traffic is the live broadcast square . For example, you have a certain number of fans or you have many vertical fans , Or are you the anchor of a trade union , Or you used to sing , Some fans have accumulated before this , We can start with live broadcasting square , Put in some live front pages of the square , This input-output ratio needs to be tested by ourselves , The same is true for city pages .

The second source of live broadcasting room traffic —— Private traffic , This is what I want to focus on . Private domain traffic may not be as deep as the perception of other platforms , But from the data point of view , You will find the value of fans . Maybe it's just started live , It's all non fans , But slowly. , Some people who have bought will continue to buy back and become fans , And these re purchase behaviors will continue to increase the number of recommended live rooms and their accounts . in other words , Private traffic is of great value in tiktok. , Pay attention to accumulating fans . such as , It's more about directing attention in the live room , Guide to join the fan group , Only in this way can the long-term value be higher .

secondly , Do live broadcast is to do short video preview . It was said that , Short video is the biggest traffic entrance of live broadcast , How many videos we shoot will determine the source of our live traffic , So when someone with a special head like Luo Yonghao does live broadcast , It will be three days ahead of schedule 、 One day ahead of time 、 Three hours in advance 、 Warm up the short video one hour in advance . That's the only way , When it's on the air, it's going to be in front of the crowd , You can only sell it first or make it lively , It's possible that there will be traffic coming in , So we should grasp all the flow entrance . It's OK to edit live clips and make short videos .

Last , Personal account creation . Some businesses like to do drainage in their personal homepage , Drain to your own wechat or some other places , This is actually an illegal act , It's good luck not to be caught . The diversion can be detected backstage , You will be punished during the live broadcast . We'd better make a live broadcast of this place , Form the user's mind , Don't do diversion here .

Steps of live delivery

The three most important elements of obtaining traffic in live broadcasting room are drainage 、 To retain and transform .

here , It's easy to focus on drainage . But I usually tell businesses , Even if I give you a lot of traffic , You can't do it either . Why? ? Because you can't keep the traffic , You can't let these people switch to buy your stuff . This involves a very important point that I mentioned earlier : Selected products . First of all, we need to find a product that is easy to transform , At the same time dig out its selling point and pain point , You have to make sure that at least 70% of the people who need it will buy it from you , Most people want to buy your goods when they see them .

Retention is in the whole live broadcast process , We should improve the basic ability first , For example, how to interact with you , How to make fans stay more in the live room 10 Second , Instead of sitting around waiting for someone to come in and ask . Tiktok as a way of Lotour , People don't come in to buy things , It's probably random , And then I saw you sitting there alone , He can't have been here for you , It is impossible for the platform to recommend this kind of studio to more people . So how long does the user stay in the studio , It largely determines whether the platform will recommend your live broadcast , This is a very low-level logic . If you really don't know how to improve retention , Let's go and watch some live broadcasting with strong cargo carrying capacity , Write down what the anchor said , You can use these scripts in your own studio .

therefore , Live broadcasting when there is no traffic , We should do these three steps first , The first choice is the ability to choose , The second is the ability to stay in the live room , Finally, it's the ability to drain . Tiktok head account “ Baibei rabbit ” For example . Beibei rabbit's ability to carry goods is very strong , She'll start warming up the video three or five days before it starts , And in her entertainment video, she constantly guides the live room , But here's the thing , Don't always show your own brand in the video Logo, Otherwise, the video may not be released .

Success factors of live delivery

Four elements are required for a successful live broadcast with goods :

First of all , Warm up video must be done enough . Under normal circumstances , Before a live broadcast , It needs to be three days in advance , One day ahead of time , advance 6 Hours 、3 Hours 、1 Hours …… It's been on the air , More than a dozen gags will be posted , Because at this time, people can directly enter your live room when they see your video , More traffic, more exposure .

second , Drain where flow can be obtained . exactly , Now many new stores are supported , But for businesses without platform support , It's better to have their own communities . Business is doing business at the same time , We should also pay attention to the accumulation of communities , Including Weibo 、 official account 、 Xiaohongshu and so on , If you have fans , That must be used , Don't waste it .

Third , Live test . Sometimes we do short video and live , It's going to break some rules , It's just that there's no traffic , But I don't know what the problem is , You can tiktok in a small range. . Tiktok, for example, is not pushed at all. , That means the platform doesn't think your content is appropriate , In this case, your live content will change direction ; If your quiver is consumed tiktok quickly , The platform thinks your live content is very good . Here's a tip , The consumption of vibrato is positively related to the health of tiktok and the degree of affection. .

Fourth , Tiktok live editing . Live video and tiktok , You can take a screenshot 、 Clip editing , And then make a short video , In order to have a look at it when necessary , On the other hand, it is also a drainage method for the live broadcast room .

High quality case sharing of home digital industry

Here are some examples .

The first is the selection of honey buds , This account was from 1 Million fans started to do it , Or a private account . He also sends out more than 20 preview videos a day , The price of the selection is relatively low , Plus a long live broadcast , It's a quick head . What is worth learning is this anchor , You'll be attracted to her as soon as you go in . The proprietress started her own business for many years , There are a lot of supply chain resources , Her own character is also very straightforward , Such a distinctive character can get traffic in the live room , It can keep people , Gradually, a group of fans will accumulate .

The second account is Feng Ge, and he's here again , This can also be used for reference . His short video style is obvious , It's just playing with the eye . Such video is easier to acquire traffic on the tiktok itself. , We should have this perception , What kind of content is easy to get traffic , But we must grasp the content of e-commerce , Don't exaggerate marketing . Selection , They are daily necessities , As long as you enter the live broadcasting room, you can basically form transformation .

The third account is a brand merchant —— Luolai home textile . The first live broadcast of Luolai home textile , What is the turnover 260 Ten thousand yuan or so , Of course, it's advertised a little bit . But I only suggest the brand to do so , Because if you're a new business , So much investment in the early stage , And did not test out which is more popular , It's easier to lose money . I don't recommend that .

At that time, Luolai home textile used a name called “ Mr. Wang ” Account number , The anchor of the account is an executive of rolai home textile , He knows his character very well . So when he gets every product , Can tell it in great detail , He can also answer other people's questions very well , Plus some of the person's unique personality traits , Both pleasing and professional , Naturally, it's easy to build trust , Plus the ad from the live broadcast , Their input-output ratio is very good . Whether it is brand side or advertising side , Can try to do this live , Make scene 、 Professional shopping guide anchor and some brand advertising , Such a live broadcast will be easier to succeed .

Another possibility is that , You have a big fan base , Tiktok is easier to get traffic than other people in this way. , For example, mother and baby master —— Thick hair, small and . He had it all along 400 Wanvertical mother and baby powder , It's very easy to cooperate with him , In fact, his first live broadcast was sold 200 More than ten thousand yuan , And he didn't bring a lot of them before , The brand side likes to cooperate with such people very much . If we are in the brand side or our own brand is also relatively strong products , We can connect with the government more of these vertical talents , They are also more willing to cooperate with businesses .

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