Is the pure promotion mode reliable? Charging standard of tmall agent operation
Horse and pony 2020-11-24 22:26:09
People who have been in contact with the generation operation industry , They have a general understanding of the charging method , The charging mode of tmall's agent operation industry , There are three main types : Pure service fee mode 、 Basic service fee + Sales promotion mode 、 Pure sales promotion mode . Faced with so many choices , Businesses will be hesitant , Which one should I choose ? Today, Haina e-commerce is talking about pure promotion mode , Is the pure promotion mode reliable ?

 Is the pure promotion mode reliable ? The charging standard of tmall's agent operation

Is the pure promotion mode reliable ?

Compared with the other two charging methods , This model omits the most worrying service charge for the business , But the proportion of raising points has also increased a lot , This makes many businesses don't know how to choose .

Some swindlers also use pure point mode to charge , In order to earn service fee , Regardless of business interests , No bottom line of money burning Promotion , When using through train and other tools, they don't care about the promotion cost , In the station platform also put a lot of unnecessary advertising . Or to minimize the price of online platforms , Don't care about the profit of the business , Just for sales performance .

So in the use of the point model and acting companies to cooperate , Be sure to clearly mark the price fluctuation range in the contract , And the cost range of promotion , Through the contract to prohibit fraud on behalf of the operation, not through the daily operation of the drainage behavior . This way, though, is not foolproof , But it can also largely avoid the irresponsible behavior of fraudsters acting on behalf of operators .

If you want to ensure operational efficiency , The company needs to cooperate with other companies carefully . The real strength of agent operation, no matter what charging mode is used , Will use the lowest operating costs to maintain maximum revenue , Let business and agent operation win-win , Instead of harming the interests of one party , The other side benefits from it .

Is the pure promotion mode reliable ? The main thing is to see whether the acting operating company is reliable , If you are not sure , That is to mark in the contract the floating range of any cost related issues in the operation process , Minimize risk .

The number of tmall agent operating companies in the market is numerous , On the market, the price of agent operation is not uniform , The charging standard depends on the project , The service charges are not the same .

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