Cooking food, playing and singing Old people get lots of young fans in tiktok
gentleman 2020-11-24 22:26:03

The United States 《 Wall Street journal 》 Website 11 month 18 Press reporter Amy · Nakamura's title is 《TikTok Teenagers are chasing new stars : aged 》 Reported that , Many old people in Europe and America are in TikTok Cooking food on the website 、 Bodybuilding 、 Entertainment video , And I've got a lot of young fans . The full text is excerpted as follows :

Earlier this year ,82 Stephen, a year old · Austin is here TikTok Become a star on , Because he uploaded a video of himself cooking in an elderly apartment near Fort Worth, Texas .

In Austin is famous for its colorful hats 2 The month recorded the process of making scrambled eggs and toast .《 Cooking with Steve 》 The series now has millions of views .

Austin's Theory :“ Young people want me to be their grandfather .” He does it every day 140 Million fans shooting videos . In the latest video , He performs magic , And dance to the accompaniment of the latest pop songs . He also browsed the Internet , Buy some trinkets , Like a decorative metal Ladybug and a toy banana , In just a few minutes of video opening to fans .

Old people find , Their achievements in social media applications are often related to young people , It can bring happiness and overcome loneliness when interpersonal communication is limited . In the video about flat supports and haircuts , They are connecting with people who are decades younger than they are .

, 17 Lexi, who is 12 years old · Talbot looked at Austin's account , Like watching videos of him talking about his collection of weird lunch boxes . Talbot said :“ His smile 、 His jokes 、 The way he talks reminds me of my grandfather . A lot of comfort to him , Let me know , stay TikTok There are some things to remember .” His grandfather died three years ago .

According to the social media management company “ Follow each other ” The data of ,55 Old people over the age of TikTok The United States 9800 Million users 4%.TikTok Declined to comment on the demographic status of its users .TikTok Creator community director Kutz · Chikambu said :“TikTok It's everyone's place —— from ‘Z A generation ’ Grandparents to the Internet —— It's encouraging to see different generations connected .”

Fitness enthusiasts in Germany 、 , 80 Erica, a year old · Richko is in TikTok It's very popular , Because she released her own flat panel support and 81 A video of her husband performing dance movements . Her account number is more than 8.1 10000 fans . In a video , She followed 31 One year old pop singer Jason · Druro sang 《 Savage love 》 Rhythm is flat support . Druro said in the comments that :“ Oh my god ! It's inspirational .”

Several surgeries have been done 、 Still able to do eight minutes of flat support, says RISKO , She is honored to inspire the younger generation . Richko said :“ Now , The older generation sometimes miss that respect .”

From Salt Lake City 67 The year old Archie · Bowles recorded videos of himself playing guitar and singing . A Boris singing band “21 pilot ” Song 《 Nervous and tense 》 Of the videos obtained more than 100 More than a million times , And connect her to young people around the world . Comments translated from Russian on applications include “ I've never seen grandma play the guitar , She's so cute ” and “ When I became a granny , I'm going to learn to play the guitar , I want to be like her ”!

Powers said :“ I learned three Russian words : cool 、 Grandma and beauty .”

Donna, an associate professor at the University of Oregon · Davis said ,TikTok And other social media applications allow users to understand the views and demographics of different generations . She said :“TikTok The difference is that , Generations are educating each other in really interesting and creative ways , Connect with each other .”

source : Reference network