How to optimize keyword weight of Taobao? Get high ranking
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Hello everyone , I'm Hanlin , It has been an e-commerce business for many years , I must remember when the algorithm of thousands of people and thousands of faces had not been launched , We want to get the search rankings by selling 、 The pit can be washed up , Simple and easy .

But after the launch of thousands of people and thousands of faces , Again Want to do a good search ranking , It's a lot more difficult , Sometimes even if the pit is washed up , But the search order is still lower . even to the extent that Sales are much worse than their own baby than their own baby ranking higher , I don't know if you have ever encountered such a situation ?

 Taobao keyword weight how to optimize ? Get high ranking

Today, Hanlin will give you an analysis , In the face of thousands of people , How do we sort the search well .

In fact, the reason why sales alone can't do a good job in search ranking is that , There are too many factors that determine the rank of the search now , It's no longer just a matter of individual baby sales .

The specific factors that affect search ranking are as follows :

1、 Key words sales weight

you 're right , For Taobao platform , Even if the impact of sales on baby's weight has been reduced , But the impact of sales on baby's weight still belongs to the top factor , So we still need to keep that in mind .

But the problem is , To do a good job in search ranking is not just to do a good job in baby sales , What we need to consider is , Baby sales under a certain keyword .

Sales under a certain keyword , It means , Through this keyword into the store visitors to deal with how much sales . The higher the turnover , Higher conversion rate , Explain that your baby is under this key word , Can maximize the flow to the conversion of good , It is the most accurate demand for users to search for this keyword, baby .

So we When building the base sales , Be sure to make sure the key words are used to enter the store . Keyword , It must be our main keyword , For our baby is enough accurate keywords to be .

But how to choose this precise long tail keyword ? First we need to know , Precise long tail words are also combined through different roots . After our product has been sold through some precise long tail word , The weight of the sales volume realized by the transaction will be distributed to each root of the precise long tail word .

If you don't know how to find the root , I'll teach you a way :

First put a full title into the search box .

 Taobao keyword weight how to optimize ? Get high ranking

After finding the baby , The words in the title of the baby will turn red .

 Taobao keyword weight how to optimize ? Get high ranking

After that, right-click on the title that turns red , Click on the review element .

 Taobao keyword weight how to optimize ? Get high ranking

On the right is the title automatically split into roots by the system .

 Taobao keyword weight how to optimize ? Get high ranking

In this way , We can clearly understand which keywords are the root of this category , Then according to the characteristics of our products to combine the root , Get the long tail words that match our products .

2、 Rate factor

Sales volume is a quantitative factor , In its present form , Besides quantitative factors , We must pay attention to the factor of rate .

There are many factors in the rate , But the main thing is , still Click through rate 、 Collection rate and conversion rate These three points .

Click through rate : Factors affecting click through rate , It is generally believed that it is mainly the main graph , But actually , In addition to the main map, the factors affecting the click through rate also include the accuracy of keywords 、 Crowd accuracy 、 Price 、 Sales and so on .

Whether a master chart is qualified or not , The business consultant doesn't have good data to judge . But we can go through the through train - Tools - Traffic analysis , Search the main core keywords of our category , Understand the average click through rate of our market under this keyword , Then compare our click through rate under the keyword .

Collection and purchase rate : Collection rate is the main factor to judge whether a product has potential , If the collection rate is high , The system will naturally favor your product , Give a higher ranking to the search .

 Taobao keyword weight how to optimize ? Get high ranking

When we judge the rate of collection and purchase , The choice should be Number of direct shopping carts and collection of treasures , Don't choose total collections or total shopping carts , That will lead to deviation from the actual data , No real judgment can be made .

Conversion rate : Conversion rate is one of the most important data in all the store data , Well, I want to do the transformation well , We all know that it's the internal force of the product , But we have to judge according to the actual situation .

 Taobao keyword weight how to optimize ? Get high ranking

For example, I recently chatted with a businessman , His products are high customer single men's shoes . In this case , Want to improve the conversion rate , First of all, we need to be clear about , Your product is so expensive , Why can users accept your price ?

There should be a selling point that can be accepted by users , Make him think your price is worth it , In order to effectively improve the transformation .

3、 Store weight

When talking about unit weight , Many people ignore the weight of the store , In fact, the weight thing , Items and stores are complementary . When we maintain the weight of an item , Store weight should also be taken seriously .

For store weight , The data we focus on are mainly data on the level of some stores .

Shop level : The shop hierarchy is based on the latest 30 Days of sales data to sort , Want to do well , We still have to go back to sales .

 Taobao keyword weight how to optimize ? Get high ranking

But don't rush sales just because of the hierarchy , If the competitiveness of store products is not going up , Even if the hierarchy goes up , It is also difficult to compete with the same level of business , It's counterproductive .

DSR:DSR It has a high impact on the weight of stores , We suggest that you can confirm the receipt of goods after the user , Place a small card on Wangwang or in the package , Guide users to give a full five-star praise , To be high DSR.

Moving rate : The turnover rate should be increased , To put it simply, it is to check whether there are 14 No traffic 、 No collection and purchase ,28 Heaven has no transformed baby . If there is, delete such unsalable products directly , Increase the turnover rate .

The main factors affecting the weight of keywords are the above , Do the above data well , Our baby when users search , To be able to get a top ranking , Get the show .

After understanding the factors that affect baby's presentation , You can see , With other factors unchanged , Maintain the sales volume of single product under a certain keyword , In order to be able to improve the search ranking of baby in the shortest time under the keyword , Get the show .

Today, it's about thousands of people , The content of keyword weight optimization is analyzed here , If you have any questions about the above , You can consult .
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