Sorry to cry! In fact, it only takes 3 minutes to do these three points well, and then the powder will rise rapidly
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There have been some changes to the headlines recently , The original rights are divided into “ Thousand powder rights and interests ” This column , It means , Whether you write well or not , Is it original , To get the original logo , First of all, it's over “ Millettia powder ” this .

It's hard to break the vast number of creators ! Some people leave messages everywhere , I hope I can interact with people , Some people also go online to buy powder …… But these methods , The efficiency is too low , The fans I got , It's not a fan of precision , On the contrary, it will affect the weight of the account .

Actually , It's easy to get pink , The key is to see if you have done a good job : Personal brand building .

 Sorry to cry ! It turns out that just 3 minute , Do this 3 spot , It's going to get a lot of powder

Tom, the famous management leader · Peters said something :

“ Regardless of age 、 Status and occupation , Each of us should understand the importance of brand effect ; If we compare ourselves to a company , So each of us belongs to this company CEO. In the age of business , One of the most important things for each of us is to create a name called ‘ I ’ The brand of .”

What is a personal brand ?

Personal brand , Simply speaking , When it comes to you , What people will think of .

for instance , What I do is we media , My headline name is “ Freelance gas stations ”, You mentioned me , I'll think of , The main content I share is how to make money without working .

So if you don't want to go to work one day , Is it the first time I want to see my share , To find some inspiration ?

therefore , Now you know , Your nickname , It's part of your personal brand .

 Sorry to cry ! It turns out that just 3 minute , Do this 3 spot , It's going to get a lot of powder

What are the benefits of building a personal brand ?

Before I answer that question , Let's start with a question : You go shopping in the supermarket , If the price is the same , You'd like to buy it with packaging 、 Brand name , Or buy it in bulk , I don't know where it's made ?

I'm sure everyone would like to buy packaged , Because they look more formal , More reliable .

The same is true for our personal brand : Make yourself easier to remember 、 Let fans trust us more , At the same time, it can convey our value vividly .

Personal brand , The first stage that everyone can do well , Contains 3 A content : name 、 Head portrait 、 Personal profile .

 Sorry to cry ! It turns out that just 3 minute , Do this 3 spot , It's going to get a lot of powder

Your online name , It's part of the personal brand

Some people say , The title decides whether to open it or not , Content decides whether to share . A lot of times , personal IP My first impression is the name .

that , What are the characteristics of a good name ?

1. Names are easy to accept , It doesn't make people wonder 、 An uncomfortable feeling .

I've seen some names on the Internet , Maybe it's the owner who deliberately seeks to be different , What are their names “ Yin ”“ die ”“ fierce ” And so on. , To be honest, I feel cold on my back when I look at it , Just like meeting the plague God, I quickly closed the page , So attention is impossible to pay attention to .

2. The name is easy to understand , There are no rare words .

It's easy to understand . If your name is awkward , There are also rare words , Every time someone enters your name , It's going to take a lot of effort , There's a good chance that he won't be your fan either .

occasionally , Due to the difference of education level of individuals , For what is “ Strange words ”, Understanding is different . But in order for you to be remembered by more people , I suggest that names be as easy to understand as possible .

Easy to understand , There are two simple criteria :
  • 1. Can you simply type it out ?
  • 2. Can you guarantee that most people know ?

If you think both of these are true , There is also a must kill technique : Put the name , Take it to your dad 、 Mom 、 Let's have a look , If they all know , You can read it all at once , It's better to remember immediately , So that's a good name .

 Sorry to cry ! It turns out that just 3 minute , Do this 3 spot , It's going to get a lot of powder

Look at the face age , The head picture is very important

The name already exists , Next, I'm going to talk about the head portrait .

This is an age of looking at faces , On the network , Your first impression of you , A lot of it comes from the head portrait .

Your head , It's your personal business card on the Internet .

What kind of head portrait is better ?

Simply speaking : real 、 Related to your industry 、 It's enough to make people feel comfortable .
  1. For example, you're a beauty blogger , You can just use your head with your make-up .
  2. If you're keen on fishing , Then the fishing photos are very good ;
  3. If you're a rural Creator , So simply pull up the trouser legs and stand on the ridge , It's the best portrait .
  4. Other , If you are a doctor , Then put on the white coat photo , It's a lawyer , Then use a professional photo in formal dress !

Some misunderstandings of the head portrait , To avoid

1. Don't use scenery photos .

People can't tell if you're a man or a woman , How old , You're in his eyes , It's a strange, cold picture , He doesn't have the slightest idea of connecting with you .

2. And don't use star photos .

Although they are beautiful and famous , Bring a lot of fans , But you used their pictures , First, I lost my sense of reality , Secondly, it is easy to cause the disgust of black powder and fans diss!

3. Avoid meaningless photos .

It's going to make you feel like you're not even thinking about it online , So there won't be any quality sharing , There's no need to focus on you .

 Sorry to cry ! It turns out that just 3 minute , Do this 3 spot , It's going to get a lot of powder

What is the standard of a good head portrait ?

In fact, the standard of good head portrait is very simple : Clear 、 unique 、 It's connected to your own industry .

If it's a professional field , Then highlight your professionalism .

If it's a non professional field , Then try to fit your personality , It makes people feel relaxed 、 Just be comfortable .

I believe there's another question to ask : What is a head portrait that fits your personality ?

I like to put this , be called “ People are like one ”.

in other words , The person behind the head , With this head portrait , It's natural 、 Coordination of relations .

A simple example :

If you are careless , He is a sunshine boy who loves basketball , Then don't use a picture of a cute girl as your head portrait ;

If you were a treasure mother , What we share is the daily routine of parenting , It's better not to make a picture with heavy makeup , Make people think you're an actor .

The avatar is set up , I've got a nickname , Then there is a treasure land of geomantic omen , A lot of people miss , Or not getting enough attention .

This place is a profile .

in addition , What we need to remind you of is , Don't change your head picture often .

Because there's so much information on the Internet , It's hard to remember you , You change your head every day , It's easy to forget who you are , Naturally, it's easy to turn off .

 Sorry to cry ! It turns out that just 3 minute , Do this 3 spot , It's going to get a lot of powder

Pay attention to your profile

Personal profile this place , It's a piece of gold .

A netizen , I just saw your article on the Internet , And then came to your home page , Now , The first thing he saw was , It must be your profile .

Personal profile is the identification code of the Internet world .

High quality and proper introduction , It can make people who just know you trust you , To focus on you .

The profile must be refined , Highlight the most important information .

People are selfish , If you can't let people see your message at a glance , I don't know what it's good for them to focus on you , What kind of knowledge can be acquired , They will close the page and leave soon , You lose another potential fan .

 Sorry to cry ! It turns out that just 3 minute , Do this 3 spot , It's going to get a lot of powder


Personal brand building shared today , In fact, they are the simplest operations . Basically, as long as you spend 3 Minutes to sign up , You can use it immediately !

 Sorry to cry ! It turns out that just 3 minute , Do this 3 spot , It's going to get a lot of powder

Sum up , Namely

3 Big dimension :

name 、 Head portrait 、 Personal profile

10 A note :

name 3 Be careful : The name is easy to understand , Easy to remember , It doesn't make bad associations ;

Head portrait 4 Be careful : Clear and true 、 Related to the industry 、 Don't use meaningless photos ( Like the scenery 、 Stars, etc ) And don't replace it often

brief introduction 3 Be careful : Be concise 、 Write the advantages 、 Build trust

What about? , Have you all learned ? Welcome to leave a message , I also welcome your comments on my personal brand !

Well said , There's a surprise !

I am a @ Freelance gas stations , Focus on sharing growth dry goods 、 We media operation skills and freelance stories , Let's pay attention to it ! MoMA Moda

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