Why do Taobao have to drive through train, this article will tell you
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 Why do Taobao have to drive through train , This article tells you

This article is to share the dry goods of e-commerce operation , From this article, I will analyze with you the knowledge about the through train system . Many students love and fear the through train , What brings you the opportunity to make money is it , It's also possible that you'll lose money . Then I expect to share a series of content through me , At least it can make you understand how the through train is , Be able to get an introduction to “ A driver's license ”, In this article, we first solve the problem of why we drive ? Can't we do a good shop without driving a through train ?

Can your baby's new product flow after it's on the shelves ?

Is your product really what buyers need ?

Is your product's picture click through rate high ?

Is there a bottleneck in the flow of your product ?

Do you have any of the above problems when you run your shop ? If there are any of the above puzzles , Then you need a through train to help you solve these problems . The through train is more than just a tool for getting traffic , It's also a mapping 、 Tools for measuring money . From offline to online , You may have always thought that your product is very powerful , But the product is not good , You has the final say . I can admit that , Your product is really great , But if your target group's buyers don't like , So everything is empty , You can't sell it .

 Why do Taobao have to drive through train , This article tells you

Taobao is just a platform , Or e-commerce is just a channel . Sales is the essence ! What I expect you to think about is , How to meet the needs of your buyers , This is the thinking we need to change when we do e-commerce —— We want to serve the consumers !

For the moment , Through train is the biggest shopping search engine . We can lock in keywords and people , Find potential consumers of our products , Push your products to them , It's up to their behavior under their fingers to decide whether we need to push this product . This is the principle that we use the through train to test money .

If you don't use the through train , Then you can also choose to drill and show . The ultimate goal is the same , It's just that the tools are different . When you choose a good product , You don't have to be able to make a profit by selling . On the Internet , The carrier of selling goods is pictures and copywriting . Good wine is afraid of deep lane , If there is no good picture , Buyers don't know how your product is different from others , I don't know why I want to buy your product . Take advantage of the through train function , We can find the people we need , Let them help us decide which picture is good , Which picture is not good , Let them vote for us . It's similar to the catering industry , Restaurant owners are thinking about making meals that will make more people like them , As long as the customer likes , It doesn't matter whether the boss likes it or not . What we need to solve now is the problem of profit , If the company doesn't talk about profits, it just talks about feelings , So how does the company continue to operate , How do you support your family ?

 Why do Taobao have to drive through train , This article tells you

There's one thing that makes you and me miserable —— After the new products were put on the shelves, there was no sales , No traffic . Where should our traffic come from ? The through train is a good entrance , But it's also a very dangerous entrance . The operation of the through train is very simple , But because we've never learned systematically , No exam. “ A driver's license ”, So it's very easy “ There was an accident ”. It's not good , We haven't sold many products yet , The through train costs a lot .

If you've been stuck in this situation , Well, I hope you'll have a good look at my next article on through train , What I share in these articles is enough to make you a qualified “ Driver ”.

Besides the reasons above , Through train can also bring us more product flow . chart 1-1 I started to open an account for one of our members since last year , The through train cost of the shop in the past six months is 18 Ten thousand yuan , The through train brought the store 140 The effect of ten thousand , The self resolving flow is 55 ten thousand , The effect of such a through train is very ideal .

 Why do Taobao have to drive through train , This article tells you

chart 1-1 Home decoration category through train data

The following account is also our member's escrow account , Over the past eight years , The production ratio is 13, The cost of the through train is 27 ten thousand , The total deal is 364 ten thousand , Bringing natural search deals is 189 ten thousand . This data will look a little bit more beautiful , But to be honest , I'm not here to publish the data . In fact, the production ratio is , For this student, it is just right to guarantee a small profit . No loss of money , But it doesn't make much .

 Why do Taobao have to drive through train , This article tells you

chart 1-2 3C Category through train data

The purpose of choosing through train is no more than the following : Mapping 、 Test money 、( At a low price ) Pull the flow 、 Do sales 、 Improve ROI(Return On Investment, Return on investment ). As a tool , The through train is the same as the means of transportation you usually come into contact with , Don't reject it , If it can help your store operation , So use it . If it doesn't help your store operation , Don't use it .

Don't go with a fluke idea “ Driving a car ”, I think I'm driving a through train , Taobao platform will not check our products , That's not the case . auditing 、 Search for 、 Paid promotions belong to different departments , Do you need the through train , It has nothing to do with whether your product has been taken off the shelf . If you spend 30 element , It's better not to open it , One day 30 element , At the end of a month 900 yuan . Since I want to spend this 900 element , Not so good 300 element 1 God , branch 3 The smallpox goes out . A small amount of data doesn't work !

This is before I started to write the through train section , I'm going to give you an idea of why we're driving , This is a systematic review . The basic content looks like , But it will decide what mentality we will use when we read the article next , And how we think about driving . So I personally think it's more important .
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