Why is there no traffic on your website? It's because users can't find you
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Website to have traffic , The premise is that people can find you in search engines . How to increase the probability that search engines will find you ?

 Why there is no traffic on your website ? It's because users can't find you

The website has no traffic ?

First , home page title Be sure to put key words .

home page title Put the key words , It's important for others to find you “ label ”. But be careful , Not too many core words , Just one . such as , The customer case we are going to talk about today is about office decoration , So the front page title Be sure to put [ New house decoration ] The word , This is a very important label .

second , Website keywords 、 Description should be integrated into the core words .

such as [ New house decoration ].

Generally, the description should have 3-5 A key word will do , Don't be too much , More words Baidu will determine the keyword is too dense , Will face the possibility of website descending right .

Third , Keyword density on the front page of a website is equally important .

Usually a web page should at least show 6-10 Key words . The key words in the page ensure a certain number, which is conducive to spider crawling .

Fourth , Focus on the special needs of potential customers , We should expand on the needs of users .

such as , This client is doing new house decoration , When designing a website, we need to increase keyword density in terms of expanding user needs , This is also important for keyword ranking .

in addition , People who want to do decoration ,80% Can see the effect picture , Then in the layout of the web page, you need to put the renderings on , And a lot of people like watching video programs , You can also set up a video page , Enrich the different needs of users .

The fifth , The keywords to be popularized are identified in bold form

One of the skills is , Search engines are easier for bold recognition , To do the word Bold will be easier to be captured by Baidu , The better the ranking .

There are a lot of websites that don't have traffic , The reason they don't do SEO at all , Only actively promote their own website and products , To make people understand you .

I Believe , No business owner wants to see , Build your own website at your own expense 、 Spend money to promote , The final result is that . but , If you don't start from yourself , To find problems in time , And make adjustments and changes , There is no traffic problem on your website , Even God can't save .

There are a lot of techniques to improve website traffic , Today, I'd like to introduce you to so many coconut kings, and I will continue to dig treasures and share them with you !!!

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