Short video era: four short video title copywriting formulas
Tian Han 2020-11-24 20:36:36
If your TikTok title is well written, , Even if your video is not good , Can also attract users to browse like .

The title is the eye of the video , The short video title copy is good Increase the probability of video being recommended , Get a lot of hits .

Here's the picture , An ordinary father and son , Take the children to play happily by the sea .

The title copy is “ It is strongly recommended that men bring their children to the seaside , Personal experience . Children are brave enough to test waves , My wife is happy ……!”, Copywriting reflects the happy life of a family , It also expressed the voice of accompanying children more .

This video gets 46.5w give the thumbs-up , Comments also reached 1.5w strip , It has attracted many fans Emotional resonance .

 Short video era : Four short video title copywriting formulas

This article summarizes 4 Writing skills and rules of short and large video titles , The content is full of dry goods , Share with you ~

1、 Character status + Emotional catharsis = Emotional resonance

Want to be hot on your own video , Be sure to have emotional resonance with fans , Only in this way can the fans like it 、 Comment on 、 forward .

The text title in the video below : Mom, I'll cry , You can have a rest . This passage tells a young mother's sorrow , Give everything for children , The weakness of the hearts of the public .

 Short video era : Four short video title copywriting formulas

2、 event + suspense = Be curious

When we brush the video a lot , You'll see these headlines .

“ I choose the last one ”、“ And the last one laughed me ”、“ Make sure to see the last ” etc. .

Such titles will arouse fans' curiosity , Watch the video , To find out , So the video gets longer page time , The rate of complete sowing has been greatly improved .

The text title in the video below : What do girls think every day , Which one stabbed you .

 Short video era : Four short video title copywriting formulas

3、 figure + scene + put questions to = Interaction

We usually use questions or rhetorical questions to interact with you , such as :“ High blood pressure and heart disease ”、“ Do you agree with ”、“ What do you think ” etc. .

 Short video era : Four short video title copywriting formulas

4、 key word + Point of view = Expressing emotions

No matter which platform , Each has its own algorithm mechanism . Usually the first step is machine audit , The second step is manual audit . Machine audit generally grabs accurate keywords to classify and recommend , therefore , Key words also directly affect the effect of playing .
such as “ novel coronavirus ”、“00 after ”、“80 year ” etc. . such as “ The old man with white hair went bungee jumping ” and “‘80 after ’ The old man went bungee jumping ” comparison ,“80 year ” The old man's view is even more explosive .

 Short video era : Four short video title copywriting formulas

Finish up 4 Copywriting skills of the title of the big hit , According to the corresponding formula, combine the content , Is it clear ? On the other hand , Here's the title , We also need to pay attention to the following parts , Don't step on thunder .

1、 Avoid cold doors 、 Rare words
It's not hard to find that many popular videos have a feature : Old people and children You can understand , A video can be seen clearly before we can express our views , Videos that only specific users can understand , Others saw it and brushed it , The possibility of becoming a blockbuster will be much lower .
2、 Avoid abbreviations
One is that users can't understand , You won't click on the title . The second is that platform robots cannot recognize , It also reduces the number of recommendations .
3、 Don't have too many words in the title
Title Control in 10-20 One word is enough , Display on the mobile phone is one to two and a half lines . Too many words can affect the visual experience , Uninterested content users 1 Seconds passed , There's no time to look at the headlines . If in 2 Seconds can't attract users' attention , So this title is a failure title .
4、 Avoid the title party
there “ Title party ” It mainly refers to two types :

One is that the title does not match the content ; The other is out of context , Take a shocking or exaggerated title . These two kinds of “ Title party ” It's easy to make the platform “ Special attention ”.

Want to be a good short video producer , Stick to the principle 、 It's essential not to touch the platform red line , Creative content , The title is eye-catching but not exaggerated , Is the long-term way of short video operation .
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