Why short video counter attack long video?
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Tiktok and Kwai Tai IPO An aura of , A showdown between men and women in the field of short video .

Especially the tiktok. , leverage 6 One hundred million days to live , Seems to be telling us , Short video is the king of traffic in this fast-paced society .

However , Let's take a closer look , Short video is becoming “ Longer and longer ”: Tiktok and Kwai, for example, extend the video shooting time. , No longer limited to 1 Within minutes ; Watermelon video announced March “ Chinese video ”, support PGC Professional content creation ……

Why short video counterattack long video ? Let's share today ~

Video duration classification standard

at present , The industry roughly divides video into 3 class :

1 Within minutes is called short video ,1-30 Minutes is called medium video ,30 More than minutes is called long video .

But the classification criteria are not necessarily so fixed , Tiktok 15 Second short video , its 15 Minutes of video is called long video .

 Why short video counterattack long video ?

We will follow the above 3 Kinds of classification , Watch the short video 、 Chinese video 、 How does long video develop .

Short video : The competition of user shooting time

Tiktok and Kwai in short video area “ race each other ”, In addition to the number of active users , It also continues to extend the length of video shooting .

Tiktok can only be shot at the very beginning. 15 Second short video , To open 59 Seconds of video rights , The number of fans should reach 1000 above .

2019 year 3 month , Tiktok opens to some knowledge science content. 5 Minute video rights ;4 Monthly open to users 1 Minutes video capture rights ; here we are 8 month , Tiktok gradually opens 15 Minute video release capability .

Kwai Fu on the other side , Also in the 2019 year 7 Small scale measurement started in the month “ Long video ” function , The duration is limited to 57 More than seconds ,10 Within minutes, .

after , Ordinary users can only record at most 11 second 、57 The second video .

 Why short video counterattack long video ?

From the initial 10-15 second , To the later 10-15 minute , Why does the length of short video become longer and longer ?

 Why short video counterattack long video ?

This is related to microblogging from 140 The word is open to an unlimited number of words , Short video must be 「 short 」 To quickly attract traffic , And with the increase of the number of users , Short video platform needs thinking How to enhance the value of content .

For knowledge 、 For the master of emotion , The video time is too short to be fully expressed , Therefore, extending the video duration can make this part of the content more displayed .

Summary : From traffic to content , Short video is experiencing a similar development track with pictures and texts . From entertainment that constantly ignites climax to video , To the pursuit of depth of knowledge video , The audience's demand for content consumption is higher and higher . Tiktok and fast hand after the competition for Kwai live users , It will face the next threshold from quantitative change to qualitative change .

Chinese video : Speed up PGC Content development

This year, 10 month , Watermelon video is the first to come 「 Chinese video 」 New concept of , In real time 1 Minutes to 30 Minutes of video content .

meanwhile , Watermelon video president Ren Lifeng announced , At least one year from now 20 Hundred million yuan is used to subsidize excellent video creators .

It means , Watermelon video “ Homology ” Tiktok , Official launch of China video track .

Compared with short video , The vast majority of video is horizontal screen , And PGC( Professional production content ) More creators , It's going to take more effort from the creator to make it .

So , Watermelon video will also tiktok together. 、 Video editing tools in cutting and mapping .

And it's always been PGC Content based B standing , Also known as a mature Chinese video player .

stay B On the site , Created by professional users PGC Content , Account for the user's viewing 91%.

Content creators in B The station is affectionately called “UP Lord ”,B Active every month UP Lord 190 ten thousand , Monthly contributions 600 ten thousand .

 Why short video counterattack long video ?

UP Create high quality video content , High quality video content attracts loyal fans , Loyal fans motivation UP Master continues to create , In order to form a stability 、 Positive trigonometric cycle .

Besides watermelon video and B standing , And Weibo 、 WeChat 、 Baidu 、 Zhihu and other Internet players , They also joined in 「 Chinese video 」 War situation :

2020 year 7 month , Microblog launches video number program ,5 100 million cash sharing to support creators .

2020 year 9 month , WeChat Online 1 More than minutes video upload function .

2020 year 10 month , Baidu launches independent video App Look at Baidu , Zhihu is added on the home page “ video ” Prefecture .

 Why short video counterattack long video ?

The field of short video and long video has been solidified , However, there is still a broad market space for Chinese video .

and , Medium video has more advantages than short video in depth content presentation , It is easier to retain users and control costs than long videos .

Give me a chestnut , Take a picture of 7 Minute video , And clap 7 strip 1 Minutes of video , Is it easier to control costs ~

Summary : Short video needs a lot UGC( Ordinary users ) Content replenishment flow pool , Medium video needs a lot of PGC( Professional users ) Content brings high quality nutrients , Long video needs OGC( Official team ) Content enhances platform discourse power , Expanding commercial liquidity .

On the track of China Video , Major players actively run , Acceleration through subsidies PGC Content development . In addition to this track B The station has a stable seat , Who will be next ?

Long video : Hovering on the edge of profit

As can be seen from the table below , Iqiyi 、 Tencent video 、 Mango. TV、 Youku 4 In the parent video media platform , Only mangoes TV Of 2019 The annual net profit is positive , rest 3 Home platforms are struggling at the loss stage .

 Why short video counterattack long video ?

And others 3 Home video platform comparison , Mango. TV The greater advantage lies in the self-made content of variety show .

 Why short video counterattack long video ?

One side , Variety show has higher marketing value . Film and television plays often limit the audience because of the theme , The viewing threshold of variety shows is low , The audience is very wide , Especially young women , Higher marketing value .

On the other hand , Variety content is easier to control cost . Film and TV plays need professional actors , And variety shows can enable more ordinary people and non flow artists , Lower personnel costs , The production cycle is often shorter than the film and television series .

Except for advertising revenue , Another important revenue segment of long video is 「 Member income 」.

From above 2019 Financial data of older video sites can be found , Iqiyi 2019 The member's income is from advertisement 1.7 times .

As early as 2018 The three quarter of 2014 , The income of iqiyi members exceeds that of advertising .

 Why short video counterattack long video ?

However, the growth of member income is difficult , The main reason is that it is difficult to increase the number of members .

Member income = Number of members × Member income per user (ARPU value )

With the number of iqiyi members announced to exceed 100 million , Access to new users is becoming more and more difficult .

Iqiyi 2019 year Q1 What's the growth rate of subscription members 58%, And by the end of this year 3 month 30 Japan , The total number of subscribers increased year on year 23%.

therefore , Increase member income per user (ARPU value ) Become the most direct way to increase the income of members .

This year, 11 month 13 Japan , Iqiyi announced its implementation 9 The first price increase in years —— To gold VIP members 、 Student VIP Member subscription service fee is adjusted .

however , If other 3 Big video platform doesn't follow price rise , Iqiyi has the risk of losing users .

Summary : Aiyou tengmang 4 Big video giant , On the edge of profit , At present, there are only mangoes TV Relying on the advantages of variety show resources linked with Hunan Radio and television , Achieve positive profit growth .

however , Long video “ Gold absorption ” The ability is considerable , With mango TV《 My sister 》 For example , From this year 4 Month to 6 Monthly total business cooperation from 28 It's growing to 98 individual , Deep ploughing in the long video or the future .

Short video traffic , Keep the medium and long videos .

Short video is more eye-catching , Medium and long video can cultivate user stickiness .

When short video is no longer the pursuit 「 short 」, signify ,「 Traffic is king. 」 It's no longer the only value standard for video development .

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