Jingzhou: electric business live delivery PK
People in Beijing 2020-11-24 20:36:33

 Jingzhou : Live delivery of e-commerce pk

Jingzhou media center 11 month 23 - ( correspondent Peng Ying Flying fox )11 month 20 Japan , Jingzhou Fuling science and Technology Industrial Park Fuling Processing Trade Center , The anchors are carrying out live delivery .

 Jingzhou : Live delivery of e-commerce pk

same day , The county held “ Jingzhou agricultural products shopping season ” Live delivery of e-commerce PK " , this PK The competition includes two major events: live online shopping and short video praise , The product that publicizes sale has crystal sugar orange 、 Grapefruit, etc , Promote the sale of agricultural products , Drive farmers to increase their income .

source : Jingzhou media center

author : Peng Ying Flying fox

edit : Zou Jiawang

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